Happy Friday!


Happy Friday loves!  I had to choose the above pic for this post because it looks just like Jeter when he was a baby.  Although Jeet doesn’t sit with his eyes closed by the window smiling.  He stares at birds he wants to hunt and cries loudly for us to let him out.  (Which we don’t because he is an inside cat.)  I hope you guys have some fun plans for the next few days!  T has her first soccer game of the season and the hubby and I are heading into the City to celebrate our anniversary.  It should be a pretty good one.  

Today I am linking up with April, Amanda and Della for Friday Faves.  Let’s jump right in…


BCBG Francis Dress.  Both Saks and Bloomingdales are having fabulous sales this week so I took the opportunity to grab a new dress.  I am wearing it to dinner Saturday night.  I might do a nude heel but not totally sure yet.  What you think?  Nude or black?


Shopaholic to the Stars by Sophie Kinsella.  I have been on a roll with my reading lately.  There are so many great books out.  This one has not gotten the best reviews but I could not pass it up because I love the series.  So far I am about 25% of the way through and I love it!  It is light and funny and easy to read.


Silk Pillowcases.  I keep reading that silk pillowcases are better for your hair and skin.  Can anyone confirm this before I jump on board and order a few?

Churros_RellenosNutella Filled Churros.  Yup.  I just saw someone post these on Instagram and now I am totally obsessed.  It doesn’t help that the restaurant that made them (Boqueria) is right across from my eyebrow threading salon and I need to go there soon.   

A GIVEAWAY!  Last but not least…don’t forget to enter for a chance to win a $200 Lululemon gift card below!  Good luck!  

Spring Training $200 Lululemon Giveaway

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!  xo

Review: Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

Big Little Lies

 I started reading Big Little Lies months ago but quickly lost interest.  This book (like The Husband’s Secret) is told from the alternating perspectives of three different women.  When I first started reading it, I found it difficult keep up with who everyone was.  There were so many different names being thrown around that I would find myself referring back to previous chapters.  I finally got fed up and just stopped reading altogether.

The other day I decided to give it another shot because I absolutely adored What Alice Forgot so I knew Liane had the ability tell a good story.   I am actually really glad I did.  Once I was able to learn the names of the characters and get a handle on everyone’s situations and the supporting characters in each I started to really enjoy Big Little Lies.  

The book is about three suburban Moms – Celeste, Jane and Madeline.  Their children are all in the same Kindergarten class and the story starts on their way to orientation.  I found the parts about some of the crazier Moms (and the school politics in general) to be both funny and relatable.  Any one with a child has dealt with a version of these people at some point.

Once I got in to the book I couldn’t put it down.  There were certain parts of the plot that I felt really invested in and I read non-stop to find out how it all ended.  I enjoyed this one and I would definitely recommend it.  I would urge anyone interested in reading it to stick with it.  It can be a bit confusing at first but If you do you are bound to get sucked in.

Has anyone else read Big Little Lies?  I would love to hear your thoughts!

Weekending {+ A GIVEAWAY!}

Good morning!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  I am linking up with Biana today for Weekending.  Let’s just jump right in…
The weather on Saturday was AMAZZZZZZING!  It was nearly 80 degrees and I got to wear a new maxi dress!  I feel like the awful Winter weather may FINALLY be behind us.
 I started Saturday by having  brunch with a girlfriend.  We have been trying to meet up at least once a month and this was our second time.  I feel like it is so rejuvenating to spend time with friends and talk over some yummy food.  We sat there for a good two and a half hours.  Great times.  Also, my food was fab!  Check out this deliciousness…
2015-04-18 12.19.27
After brunch, I took this cute face to a gymnastics birthday party.  (Someone is entering the tween zone and not wanting their Mom to take photos of them, so said Mother is forced to whip out their phone and snap one like a ninja.)
2015-04-18 17.12.33-2
After that we went home and barbequed for the first time this season and ate outside!  Yay for dining al fresco!
Sunday I slept in and then realized that the Lily Pulitzer for Target was going on.  I hopped in the car with the help of Taylor (my trusty shopping assistant) and hightailed it over there.  BTW – Does anyone else park like this or am I the only crazy one?  Bwahaha!  I cant stand the thought of someone’s car door striking my baby so I leave it in outer space.  I also convince myself that it is good exercise.
2015-04-19 11.42.18
Once inside we realized that pretty much everything good had been snatched up (including all women’s clothing).  However, I did manage to snag these beautiful headbands, a bathing suit for T and a few dresses for my friend’s baby (so it wasn’t a total loss).
2015-04-19 11.37.20
Afterwards we went to lunch to celebrate my nephew’s birthday and then I went to get my nails done and my hair blown out.  Sunday grooming is my fave.  I have never heard of this brand of polish before but I am OBSESSED with their colors!  I got the pink on the far right (in the gel version) and it looks gorgeous on.
2015-04-19 17.16.17
Afterwards I brought home some sushi and we ended the night watching Big Bang reruns.  All in all a wonderful weekend.
To start this week off right I am teaming up with some of my blogger besties to bring you the chance to win a $200 gift card to Lululemon!  
You can enter below for  chance to win!  Good luck!  xo

Happy Friday!


  Good morning loves!  Happy Friday!  I am all settled back in from vacation and I have some fabulous things coming up next week on ALG (so keep an eye out).  Spring has finally sprung in NYC and I cant wait for this weekend.  I am having brunch with a girlfriend and planning on spending as much time as possible outside!

Today I am linking up with AprilAmanda and Della for Friday Faves.  Let’s get to it…

Mustard and Herb Crusted Chicken Breast

1.  Mustard Herb Crusted Chicken Cutlets.  I mentioned the other day that I am cutting back on the fatty foods after totally pigging out in Long Island.  We are a HUGE chicken cutlet family and I think this recipe from Skinnytaste will make for a perfect dinner one night this weekend.  It seems tasty but less fattening that the original version where I fry the cutlets in oil.  I will report back next week on verdict.

kate spade new york 'ambrosi place - teela' clutch

2.  Kate Spade New York – Amrosi Place – Teela Clutch.  This is THE PERFECT SUMMER CLUTCH.  I can picture myself wearing it with everything.  So adorable!


3.  Steve Madden Zsaza Sandals.  I actually saw these in the store (they are so much more sparkly and pretty in person – the picture does them no justice) and loved them so much I bought them in silver and black.  Sorry hubby!


4.  RHONY.  I stopped watching all reality shows for a while.  I began to feel like it was producer-scripted, edited drama and I was over it.  I dont deal with people in my real life that are dramatic so why would I choose to spend my free time (which I dont have a huge amount of) viewing some dumb cat-fights about things that have nothing to do with me?  Then, Bethenny Frankel came back and now all bets are OFF!  Yay!  I watched the first two episodes last night and even though there was a little drama I totally got sucked in to the story line and I am going to keep watching this season.  


5.  Giuliana Rancic – Going Off Script.  I love Giuliana and Bill.  I think she is so funny and fabulous.  I just downloaded this and cant wait to dig in!

I hope you guys have a fabulous weekend!  See you on Monday for weekending!  xo

Long Island Recap!

PicMonkey Collage

I want to start this post by giving a huge e-hug to the gals at The Sequin Notebook and Pink & Fabulous for guest posting for me last week!  As you may know, I was away for a few days.  I went out to Long Island to hang with my girls and see my family.  That is where I am originally from and a few times a year I take a trip out there.   They are JAM PACKED with fun activities, laughter and delicious food.  I try to squeeze in visits with as many friends/family members as I can and I always leave with a full heart and a full stomach.  

(Sidenote – Don’t expect any recipes on this website for a while, as I am on a total shame diet right now.  I may have eaten a few boxes of Girl Scout Cookies, Entenmann’s Chocolate Chip Cookies and Cadbury Eggs.  Water and salad is all the exists to me right now.)

When we make the trip out there Taylor and I always stay with my bestie and her family.  Her kids are T’s best friends and we all have a blast.  Some of the highlights from my trip included:

- Paint Nite.  We got our Bob Ross on with a few of our girls and afterwards visited a local bar where I managed to convince them to display my masterpiece!  #famous.

- Shopping.  Whenever I am out there I always make time to visit the Riverhead Outlets.  Their stores range from Pottery Barn to Bebe and I bought a lot of wonderful things.  I always drive out so that I can haul my purchases home.  I learned that the hard way when I was having a nervous breakdown once over the MOST PERFECT MIRROR EVER and had planned to take the Long Island Railroad home.  It worked out fine in the end – Billy drove the two hours out to pick me up instead.  That mirror now hangs over our bed.

- Dave & Busters.  I don’t know if you guys have one of these near you but our kids are OBSESSED.  It is always the number one thing to do on Taylor’s list for our trip.  This time the girls won so many tickets that they couldn’t even spend them all in the store so we saved some for next time.

- Grooming.  Tiff loves to groom as much as I do (if not more) so we spent some time pampering ourselves.  We got spray tans and got our hair and makeup done.  It was bliss.

- Tiff’s Bridal Sprinkle.  On my last night there, all the girls threw Tiff a bridal sprinkle.  She and her hubby are celebrating their ten year wedding anniversary with a vow renewal in the Bahamas later this month, so we thought it would be nice to have a dinner to celebrate.  We got dressed up and went out to a fun restaurant where we presented her with naughty gag gifts, bridal attire that we had her wear (like a sash, veil, tiara and caricature glass) and laughed our butts off.  We went dancing afterwards as well.  It was the perfect conclusion to a really fun trip!

Since coming home on Sunday I have been bogged down with work at my real job.  I apologize for being MIA on Monday and Tuesday but I am back now and I have some fun posts lined up!  Have I missed anything epic this week?

Happy Fri-Yay!


Hey guys!  Happy Friday!  I am not linking up since I am still in Long Island hanging with my bestie but I wanted to take a moment to wish you a fabulous weekend!  If you want to follow along  with our shenanigans via Instagram you can find me HERE.  Otherwise, I will post a little vacation review on Monday.  xo

Guest Post – Pink and Fabulous!

I am still enjoying my mini-vacation so my girl, Lindsay, is filling in for me!  Her blog is awesome and she provides me with so much style inspiration!  She is the total package and shows that you can be a Mom and still be fabulous!  Without further ado…

Hi there babes! I’m Lindsay of Pink and Fabulous, where I blog about fashion, food, wine, home decor, fashion, kids and fashion!  I’m so excited to be posting here today and sharing something my girl Pamela and I have a deep love affair for: purses, and what we hoard in them. 

Well, hoard might be an overstatement.  I love an organized, minimal bag.  I try to keep mine as clutter-free as possible, and it is not easy.  My kids would have me hauling around every last one of their belongings if they could, but after a trip to the doctor for a strained shoulder, I started letting go.  I appreciate a great handbag and will always invest in a quality piece because they take a licking and keep on ticking.   My current bag of choice is the See by Chloe Harriet tote, which I scored for a steal at Nordstrom Rack.

 I love her a lot.  Like, a lot.  Here is what is currently inside of her rightatthisverymoment:


My essentials include a tiny diaper bag (one diaper, wipes and bags), a small cosmetics bag, my wallet and Pure Barre socks.  Essentials.  Sort of.


My LV cosmetics bag is where I keep my powder, lip stick, sanitizer and Stevia (I seriously use this once a day!)

There you have it!  Thanks for having me today Pamela!

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Guest Post – The Sequin Notebook!

Happy Hump Day loves!  Today begins my vacay with Taylor (woo hoo!) so I have invited B and M to guest post!  Their blog is one of my favorites to read and I adore them as people as well!  They are some of the first bloggers I met in real life and I am happy to have the privilege of calling them my friends.  Without further ado…
Hey gals! We are B and M, longtime best friends who write together over at The Sequin Notebook, a lifestyle blog dedicated to glitter, party planning, crafting, beauty, fashion, reality tv, cocktails, and more things we love. We hope you’ll come visit us and say hi!
The Gals of The Sequin Notebook: M and B!
M is a Jersey girl and B lives in New York City, so we are both totally OVER this never-ending winter and ready for spring. When our blogger bestie Pam asked us to take over A Little Glitter today, we knew right away that we wanted to share the top 10 activities on our spring bucket list!

Seasonal Cooking


 The change of seasons is always the perfect excuse to try out some new recipes and take advantage of all of the delicious fruits and vegetables that are now in season. My go-to is always some fresh avocados for homemade guacamole, but after consulting this list, I’m planning to embrace some of the other flavors, such as mangoes, artichokes, and spinach!

Discover local outdoor events


 Once the temperatures start to warm up, I’m so ready to cure my wintry cabin fever with lots of outdoor time, so what better way than to discover some local events in your community. I love to check out the community calendars of my surrounding towns and bookmark some fun seasonal events. Already on my to-do list is a local carnival, an international food festival, and a wine walk.

Plan an herb garden


 On top of seasonal eating, I’m also looking forward to growing my own herb garden. I find that in order to get fresh herbs from the grocery store, you must buy a huge bushel, only to throw most of them out. So instead of wasting all of those delicious herbs, why not grow them in your own backyard and enjoy all Spring (and Summer!) long?

Bike rides


 Springtime is the perfect way to incorporate some outdoor activities into your fitness routine, and one of my favorites is going for a bike ride. Back when I was living in NYC, I’d love riding over to a different neighborhood to find a new dinner locale, and now that I’m in Jersey, I’m planning to do some leisurely bike rides down the shore on the boardwalk. But no matter where you live, it’s always fun to ride around and explore the area, all the while, you’re sneaking in some cardio while hardly even noticing!

Freshening up your beauty routine


 Any other fellow makeup junkies out there?! I love to add in some new colors to my Spring beauty routine, and this season I have my eye on peachy blushes and bright lips! I’m most excited to check out the new collaboration coming out from Nars and Christopher Kane and definitely anticipate adding one or two of those glosses to my makeup bag soon!

Patio grilling
While my apartment may be small, its most fabulous feature is the private patio that is big enough to hold a table for 8 and a grill, which is essential for all of my warm weather entertaining needs. I have been eagerly awaiting the first cook-out of the season, and I’m crossing my fingers that the temperatures will rise enough to hold it this week. Whether it’s dinner for two or an impromptu mini party, al fresco dining is a must-do spring activity!
Spring cleaning
At first glance, it may not seem like the most fun activity on this list, but there’s something really uplifting about spring cleaning – after all, it gives a literal “fresh start” to the season. The biggest item to tackle on my spring cleaning list is shedding some excess items from my closets – I tend to be a bit of a hoarder when it comes to clothes, shoes, and accessories, but I’m determined to be ruthless this year. Any tips?

Picnic in the park


 I can’t wait for a lazy Sunday afternoon to pack up a picnic basket and blanket, and head down the street to Central Park. It’s a cheap, easy daytime date – just pack some cold beers and yummy sandwiches and you’re good to go!


Theme parties for spring events

We love any excuse to throw a theme party, and luckily spring provides us with some built-in occasions for some stylish festivities! Hold a guacamole competition at your Cinco de Mayo fiesta, don your best hat and pearls at a Kentucky Derby party (don’t forget the mint juleps), or host a good, old-fashioned American barbecue in honor of Memorial Day…no matter what your party style, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate this spring!

Second Quarter (Q2) blog planning day
This one is for all of the other bloggers out there. Every quarter, M and I get together for a full day work session where we collaborate on big blog projects and make sure that our post calendar, finances, social media channels, email correspondence, and sponsorships are all up to date and ready for the next few months. We take it so seriously that we stick to the office hours of a regular work day! Even if you don’t have a co-blogger, we highly recommend building a full blog day into your planner this spring – it’s a great way to tackle some of those seemingly overwhelming tasks that require extra time and special attention.
What’s on your spring bucket list? We hope to see you over at The Sequin Notebook soon – thanks again to Pam for having us today!



Rocksbox Review

use my code-

I finally jumped on the Rocksbox bandwagon and I am loving it!  

2015-04-05 15.25.22 2015-04-05 15.22.53

For those that are unfamiliar with the service – Rocksbox is basically like Rent the Runway or Netflix but with jewelry.  They carry designer brands like Gorjana, Kate Spade, Loren Hope and House of Harlow.  You go on their site and fill out a simple style survey, browse through jewelry and add the items you like to your wishlist.  Then, they send you three pieces.  You don’t pay for shipping and the packing is reusable.  The service only costs $19 per month.  You keep the jewelry for as long as you want and when you are done rocking it you can either keep some of the pieces (and buy them at a reduced rate) or return them using the pre-paid label they provide and they will send you a new set.  You can cancel at any time.  Easy peasy.

The items that I got in my Rocksbox are:

Gorjana Roya Shimmer Studs $36 RETURN


I am meh about these.  They are tiny.  I am probably not even going to wear them because I am afraid they will get lost.  

 Perry Street Abby Necklace in Black Crystal $60 WANT SO BAD

IMG_2875 IMG_2879

I am wearing this necklace as I type this and I am obsessed with it.  Since I wear so much black I think it makes sense for me to keep it.  It is so gorgeous and shimmery in person.  These pictures really don’t do it any justice.

Margaret Elizabeth Rimini Bangle in Moonstone $108 RETURNIMG_2866

I love this piece.  I wound up wearing it yesterday for Easter and I got a ton of compliments.  I personally cant spend that much on a bracelet this month but that is the beauty of Rocksbox.  I got to wear it with my outfit and it was fun but too expensive for me and now it can go back.

For the next 30 days, you can use my code “alittleglitterxoxo” for 1 FREE month!  Try it out and if you don’t like it you can cancel with no obligation.

Here are a few of the pieces that I have on my wishlist and hope to receive in my next Rocksbox…

#RBItGirl (1)

What would be on yours?


cc727914f11c0dc1ffa3419776c28e57 Morning Loves!  I hope you guys had a fabulous weekend!  I am two cups of espresso deep today and moving at lightening pace.  I am heading out to Long Island Wednesday for a girl’s trip with Taylor to visit with my bestie and her kids so I am trying to power through my to-do list today.  

Anyway, here is my weekend recap:

On Saturday I set out early with T.  We got haircuts, did some shopping, ate Chipotle and ice cream and got the car washed.  It was pretty much the perfect day.

2015-04-04 16.07.46 2015-04-04 16.22.42 2015-04-04 16.39.51 2015-04-04 17.40.55

After we got home we dyed some Easter eggs.  Of course I never took an after photo but they were colorful and glittery.

2015-04-04 20.20.56

Sunday was Easter.  Taylor opened her basket, hunted for the eggs that the Easter Bunny hid for her and then we went to brunch at a restaurant with my family and my hubby’s family instead of hosting at our house and it was a blast.  This is definitely going to be our new tradition.

2015-04-05 09.50.02 2015-04-05 11.13.43

Sorry for the red eyes in the next one.  You will have to excuse my crappy cell phone pic.

2015-04-05 12.34.54

When going through my phone I came across all these outtakes from a photo that I tried to take with my nephew.  I was tickling him and laughing and encouraging him to smile.  In each one I look insane and he looks like he is thinking, “Stop trying to make smiling happen.  It’s not going to happen.”  For your viewing pleasure:

2015-04-05 12.30.41

After brunch I got my nails done and then we went out to dinner at a hibachi restaurant.  I think a pina colada was the perfect end to the really great weekend.

2015-04-05 19.09.14

Today I am linking up with the lovely, Biana for weekending.  If you get a moment you should stop by and check out her fabulous blog!

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