Happy Friday!


Oh my gosh, girls.  I have so little to do this weekend and I am SO excited about it!  The only thing on my calendar is Taylor’s soccer game and that is not until 11:30 am.  I am totally going to sleep late both days!  I need it, too.  This has been a pretty busy week.  

Okay, without further ado…here are my five favorites:

1.  This sweater.  How cute is this outfit?  I am running a giveaway right now with Dress Me Trendy so you can win a gift card and buy your own!  Enter using the rafflecopter widget below.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

 2.  These Sunglasses.  I got a new pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs aviators on Wednesday that I am totally in love with.  I am terrible with sunglasses so I try not to spend a lot and I got these during Bloomie’s sale so I feel even better about them.  

www.alittleglitter.com3.  Birchbox and Dr. Frederic Brandt.  I went to an event at Birchbox’s Soho store this week and got to meet Dr. Brandt.  They also gave me a bunch of samples of his new product Laser FX. I am going to put up a full review sometime next week but so far – OMG.  Totally non-greasy and makes my skin so smooth.  

Dr. Frederic Brandt Laser FX4.  Cadbury Screme Eggs.  So, I’ve been dieting and eating well all month…then Cadbury came along with their delicious Screme Eggs and messed me all up.  In case you are unaware, a Screme Egg is the Halloween version of the most delicious thing on Earth – the Cadbury Creme Egg.  I am a total Creme Egg addict.  I don’t know if you can tell, but I am wearing pajama pants in the picture below because I went in to get a cup of coffee and walked out with a bag full of those delicious eggs as well.   Damn it all.  

Screme Egg5.  The Goldbergs.  This show is HILARIOUS.  This season starts on Wednesday at 8:30 pm.  You should definitely watch it!  If you hate it (and I pretty much guarantee you wont) you can still have a great TV night because Modern Family is on next and we all know how great that is.  

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  I am linking up with LaurenAmyKarli and Amanda today so if you get a chance stop by and show them some love!  xo

Smiling It Forward with Children’s Tylenol

Tylenol Smiling It ForwardYesterday, I had the pleasure of attending the Smiling It Forward Tweet-Up hosted by Tylenol.  It was held at Hudson Terrace on NYC’s West Side.  The view of the Hudson River and the decor were fabulous and I was able to meet a lot of sweet bloggers (such as Stephanie from Football Food and Motherhood, Esti from Primetime Parenting and Gina from Mommy Posh).  We ate a delicious lunch and goofed around together in a photo booth provided by ShutterBooth.  

Tylenol Smiling It Forward(My Dress c/o Bluetique / Boots Steve Madden)

Tylenol Smiling It Forward Tylenol Smiling It Forward Tylenol Smiling It Forward

Tylenol Smilingitforward Tylenol Smilingitforward Tylenol Smilingitforward Tylenol SmilingitforwardI also got the opportunity to learn more about the Children’s Health Fund and to tour one of their mobile units.  There are more than 50 of these mobile clinics in the US and they are basically a doctor’s office on wheels.  They are fully equipped with examining rooms, waiting areas, a nurse’s station, and a room for medical procedures.                                Children's Health Fund Children's Health FundAfter touring the mobile units I was also able to attend a Q&A session with  Dr. Tanya  Altman (@DrMommyCalls).  She answered all of our questions and provided a lot of useful information about how to keep our kids healthy during cold and flu season.  One of things I thought about after I left was a suggestion she made about cleaning our smartphones.  Think of how many times a day you touch your iPhone!  I constantly use mine on the subway.  I am definitely going to start wiping it down with anti-bacterial wipes more often.  

Here is some more information on how to keep your kids healthy and happy this Winter:                                   Tylenol Smiling It Forward

Click here to join Tylenol by SMILING IT FORWARD!  Each photo you share will result in Tylenol donating $1 to the Children’s Health Fund.  

Link Love!

London Townhouse

I am dying over this closet!  Check out the rest of this gorgeous townhouse at Elle Decor.

Other things I am loving from around the internet:

This video make me CRACK UP.

– Jimmy Fallon’s epic lip sync battle with Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton might have been the best yet!

Weekend getaways to check out the Fall Foliage!  

– The Pioneer Woman is totally sabotaging my diet attempts with this delicious recipe!

Want It Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day my loves!  Thank you for stopping by to cyber window shop with me today. There are so many beautiful things I am obsessed with on the internet right now.  Sigh.  I wish I had an unlimited bank account.  Okay, so let’s start with something I need your advice on:

Sparkle NikesBoom.  Yes, that just happened.  My motto is usually the more sparkles the better but someone advised that bedazzling one’s gym shoes might be overkill.  Is there such a thing?  I think I might buy them.  Opinions?


Fabletics.  This line is pretty inexpensive and co-founded by Kate Hudson.  The clothes are cute but I am hesitant to try it without knowing anyone who has personally purchased from this Company.  Has anyone ordered from them?

Gucci Soho Bag

How cute is this Gucci Soho Bag?  I saw it on a girl the other night at an event and I cant stop thinking about it.  It is such a cute little night out purse.  I am definitely putting it on the Christmas list!

Gucci Soho

Also, how gorgeous is his older brother – the Soho Metallic Leather Shoulder Bag?  Sign me up for both, please.

I would love to see the things you wish you were buying (or are lucky enough to be actually buying) this week – especially bag porn!  You KNOW I love bag porn!  Share share!

Sparkly Elbows {+ a GIVEAWAY}

 alittleglitter.comalittleglitter.com alittleglitter.com

Sparkle Elbow High Low Tunic and Scarf (c/o Dress Me Trendy Boutique)          Gap Essential Tank / Gap Jeans / Steve Madden Creation Boots 

I am assuming you guys were able to glean this information from the title of my blog (A LITTLE GLITTER) but in case you didn’t notice – I love sparkles.  I admit it.  I am a total sparkle whore.  So, I am sure you can appreciate the fact that when I saw this gorgeous pinky/coral sweater with the glittery elbows I totally freaked out and fell in love!  I got it and the adorable coordinating scarf back in July and I’ve been dying to wear it.  I think it is so nice for Fall.  It’s still colorful and fun even in the cooler temps.  I also adore the high/low cut.  

Dress Me Trendy Boutique is sweetly offering you beauties the chance to win a $20 gift card for their site!  That would be enough to score the beautiful sweater above (since it is only $19)! Their prices are amazing!  You should definitely go take a look at their adorable clothes!  You can enter to win using the Rafflecopter widget below.  Good luck!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

WINNER: Carolina Clover Giveaway


Happy Monday lovies!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.  Mine was pretty amazeballs.  I watched the Neighbors (HILARIOUS), ate at a new (and now favorite) Chinese food restaurant, shopped at Trader Joes, got my car washed, groomed and had brunch with family yesterday.  So, pretty much all my favorite things crammed into two days.  I also picked a winner for the Carolina Clover giveaway!  Her name is Amy S.  Congratulations Amy!  I hope you enjoy your toiletry bag!  I love mine!  Thank you to Carolina Clover for collaborating with me on this!  

Happy Friday!

FridayFriday.  I’m in love.  This week stunk.  9/11 was very sad and depressing, work was busier than I care for, I had TONS of time consuming blog problems and some jerk hit my parked car and fled the scene.  I am glad this week is finished. This weekend should be a good one though, so I am going to shake these past few days off and keep it moving.  Instead of focusing on the negative I am going to tell you about five things that make me happy:

1.  The Gym.  I rejoined and I’ve been making it a point to go three days a week during lunch.  I am off to a good start.  I feel like I need some cute outfits as inspiration though.  How amazing is the one below?  Gimme gimme.  

Albion Fit2.  Treats.  I am trying to remind myself of the following quote all the time because I do this and it has to stop.

You are not a dog3.  Giveaway.  Carolina Clover is giving a personalized toiletry bag to one lucky ALG reader. It could be you!  Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below.  Good luck ladies!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

4.  Lifebooker.  Guess who just bought a Keratin Treatment through Lifebooker for her super frizztastic hair?  This girl!  I have not stopped thinking about Mia‘s post a few months back about her hard to tame tresses.  My hair is very similar.  After I blow dry it with a round brush and then flat iron it it looks decent but that is a lot of work.  Since I have been going to the gym a few days a week that means after I work out and shower I also have to stand at the mirror and try to control my lion’s mane.  It usually ends up in a braid.  I’m sick of braids.  I did some research and found a great salon that offers Keratin Treatments through Lifebooker.  I bought the deal and I am going Monday.  Hopefully it can shave some time off my getting ready routine.


5.  MY BESTIE!  My best girl is coming to town tonight and we are having dinner together.  I cant wait to see her beautiful face and indulge in a much needed cocktail.


I hope you all have a fabulous holiday weekend!  I am linking up with LaurenAmyKarli and Amanda today so if you get a chance stop by and show them some love!  xo

Remember 9/11

Remember 9/11As a blogger I tend to be pretty upbeat.  My website is called A Little Glitter, after all.  It is about embracing the sparkle and happiness in life.  It hurts me to write about 9/11. Frankly, it hurts me to think about 9/11.  I don’t like to think about all those people that were hurt or killed that day in this City (my City).  Those were people just like me.  Most of them were working, trying to make a living and they had families at home just like mine.  I don’t like to feel unsafe or to wonder whether something like that could/will happen again.  I don’t like putting these sad thoughts into my creative happy place or even into the World but it felt necessary to me to acknowledge it.  I can’t watch the specials on television or look at the pictures without sobbing.  It hurts me to think that there is that much evil in the World.  My heart goes out to all those affected by the 9/11 attacks.  We will never forget.

Want It Wednesday!

Want it Wednesday - www.alittleglitter.comHappy Hump Day!  Woot woot!  Guess what girls?  My self-imposed shopping ban is OVAH!  I give up.  Mama needs to buy things!  This week is all about black, leopard and chunky gold jewelry for me.  Here are the things I am loving:

1.  Top Shop Fur Gillet.  That H&M vest was an epic fail.  It had a hook and eye closure that closed above my boobs and created this weird, wide silhouette.  It was pretty awful.  Whatever. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  I originally tried this vest on at TopShop in Toronto over LDW and for some dumb reason I didnt buy it.  I’ve regretted that decision ever since and thankfully it is finally up on the website and I was able to buy it.  I love that it comes in tall since I have a long torso.  :)

2.  Clare V. Foldover Clutch.  I love this.  You can wear jeans, black heels and a black top and totally let this be the star of your outfit.  

3.  Michael Kors Bradshaw Watch.  This is a gorgeous, chunky, gold watch.

4.  Kendra Scott Ainsley Cuff.  This cuff is big and tough-looking from far away but the detailed flowers up close are so delicate and beautiful.  I love that juxtaposition.  

5.  Rag & Bone Floppy Brim Fedora.  So cool and so hip yet so perfect for camouflaging a bad hair day.

6.  Sam Edelman Johanna OTK Boots.  These have been in my shopping cart for a while now.  I hope they are long enough to reach over the middle of my knee because so far I have not found boots that are long enough.  

What are you guys coveting from around the internet this week?

Carolina Clover Review {+a giveaway}

A Little Glitter Carolina Clover Toiletry Case GiveawayGood morning my loves!  I hope you are having a fabulous Tuesday!  It’s been a little while since I’ve hosted a giveaway, so I figured we could get this week off to a great start with one from my friends at Carolina Clover!

A few of you have asked me about the toiletry bag that I used in Toronto.  (Good eye for those of you that spotted it in this post.)  In case you missed it here is a better pic.

Carolina Clover

It came from Carolina Clover and made packing so much easier.  It is made of waffle weave cotton and the inside is lined with water resistant plastic to keep things tidy.  There are two separate zippered compartments.  The one in the front is more shallow and has one pocket.

Carolina Clover Toiletry Bag Inside Pocket

The larger zippered compartment near the back has a pocket as well and additional storage room.  (I put my makeup back in there as well.)

Carolina Clover Toiletry Bag

It kept all my toiletries handy and everything stayed together and non-squished in my suitcase during my flights.  

The folks at Carolina Clover have been generous enough to offer one lucky ALG reader the chance to win one of their very own!  You can enter below using the Rafflecopter widget.  Good luck!  xo 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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