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Link Love!


OMG!  I am dying over the above picture, the fact that mean girls is TEN years old and the hilarious interview Entertainment Weekly did with the cast that you can find here.  

Here are the other links I am loving this week:

10 things every bedroom needs according to Elle Decor. 

Here is a pretty interesting article on price discrimination.  I had never heard of this before.

– The Pioneer Woman is having a FABULOUS giveaway right in time for the holidays!

– My daughter is so lucky that she’s watched previous Jimmy Kimmel videos with me and wouldn’t fall for this because I would get her so good…

Link Love!

Pioneer WomanGood morning gals!  There has been so much pumpkin happening lately that I figured I should throw my favorite recipe into the ring as well.  I made the Pioneer Woman’s Pumpkin Cream Pie last Thanksgiving and it was a HUGE hit.  I am preparing one this year as well.  I remember reading that some of you aren’t in love with pumpkin and this might be a great option for you.  It is creamy with and has a less intense pumpkin flavor.

Some of the other links I am loving this week are:

– Next time my girls are over we are definitely playing the Barefoot Contessa drinking game;

Here is a great list of DIY Halloween costumes (just in case you don’t have yours lined up yet);

– Now that the temps are dropping I am thinking that I NEED A VACATION!  Here is a great Beach Vacations Bucket List compiled by Travel & Leisure;

20 Genius Concealer Hacks brought to you by Cosmo.

Link Love!



The Suitsy.  A suit onesie.  I cant tell if I love this or think it is totally absurd.  It’s like the professional version of the pajama jean.  Now every time I see a man in a blue suit/white shirt combo I am going to assume they are wearing a onesie.  

Here are some of the other things I am loving on the internet this week:

Cuteness OVERLOAD!

– 20 years of Friends crammed into one glorious 236 second clip.

– The most delicious-looking chicken pot pie recipe ever.

This looks magical.  

Link Love!

Diner En Blanc

Above:  I am dying over Diner En Blanc!  Did anyone go?

Other things I am loving from around the internet:

– This video made me crack up.  Girls are so weird.

– Summer is almost over but there is still time for a weekend getaway!

These spareribs look amazing!

– Great ways to re-purpose household items.

– HAVE MERCY!  A Full House reboot! Yay!

Link Love!

honest slogans

Above:  Honest Slogans is the funniest website ever!  

I dont know if you guys love/hate/are indifferent towards the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge but I think it’s great.  Taylor and I made a video (AND DONATED – PLEASE DONT FORGET TO ALSO DONATE) this past weekend.  I will include it tomorrow in my Friday Favorites.  I have been loving some of the others that I have seen as well.  My two favorite celebrity videos have to be Anna Wintour (because she has such a diva reputation and I love that she can also be a bit fun) and Ben Affleck.  I am posting both below.  Check them out:



Five things you absolutely must know about shopping for Fall.
– 17 people who took their love of Chipotle too far.  (Although is that really possible?)