February Empties!

Monthly Empties

I have been meaning to do one of these posts for a while.  Beauty products are my jam.  I totally hoard them and I am trying to stop buying so many and work my way through the ones I already own.  Here are some of my recently finished products:

Sephora Pearl Sleeping Mask

Sephora Pearl Sleeping Mask  

Sephora sells eight different varieties of these sleeping masks and I ordered one of each during my last haul.  So far this has been the only one that I’ve used.  Since it has the word “mask” in the name I assumed it would be a put on and wash off jobbie.  These are actually different though.  You apply them to clean skin before bed and leave them on.  They work while you sleep.  I was VERY impressed by the look and feel of my skin when I woke up!  It did seem brighter and smoother.  I cant wait to try out the others!  I will report back with my findings!


NIVEA Smoothing In-Shower Body Lotion

      I hate to shower.  There.  I said it.  Well, not really.  I love to stand in the warm water and actually shower.  I just hate taking valuable time out of my day to do it and all the work that goes along with it like shaving my legs, lotioning myself afterwards and blowdrying my hair.  I feel like all of that stuff takes FOREVER.


(Props to you if you knew that the GIF above was from The Sandlot.  Best movie ever!)  Anyway, when I learned of a new lotion that you can apply in the shower and then rinse off (thus crossing an annoying after shower item off my list) I was very intrigued.  This lotion looked and felt EXACTLY like conditioner in my hand.  Same consistency.  I put it on my body after I was done soaping and shaving and then rinsed my conditioner and lotion off at the same time.  This Winter has been cold and usually my skin can be pretty dry and itchy.  I have not experienced that this year and it is probably due to the Nivea.  It does a good job hydrating.  The only issue I have with it is that I don’t love the smell.  It doesn’t smell BAD per say but it doesn’t smell good either.  Just weird.  I just bought the Extra Dry variety (which smells like cocoa butter).  I will let you guys know next month what I think after I’ve used it.

Elnett Hairspray Review

Elnett Satin Hairspray

I first got a sample of this stuff for free while walking around outside of Radio City Music Hall a few years ago.  (Sometimes being in NYC has it’s perks.)  After I started using it I realized that it was different from other hairsprays.  It doesn’t leave a shiny film on your hair and it doesn’t harden it.  It basically just makes your hair do exactly what you want it to do magically, lol.  I have flyaways from coloring my hair and when I use regular hair spray close to my forehead it either doesn’t work and they pop right back up or I use too much and they get shellacked into a hard, shiny mess.  Not a good look.  I never have that problem with Elnett.  I mist around my forehead and crown, brush and boom.  No more flyaways.  It is amazing!  I will warn you that this stuff is more expensive than regular hairspray.  I just want to disclose that right off the bat before you see the price in Target and think I’ve lost my mind.  I KNOW it is pricey.  However, this is not the 80’s.  You are not going to use a can a day.  This should last you a good amount of time and it is so worth it!

Have you guys used any fabulous products lately that I should pick up?

8 thoughts on “February Empties!

  1. Carly

    I’ve always heard amazing things about that hairspray so I’m glad it worked really well for you, and I’ve wondered about that in-shower lotion, but it seems like an interesting concept– maybe they’ll come out with some new scents soon!

  2. Nadine

    So the hairspray doesn’t leave your hair sticky and hard??? I am listening…go on. Tell me the downside? I am not seeing one!!! And it’s under $20 so I dont mind it. I am about to cut off allllll my hairs!!! AHHHHHH So I am going to need some new styling products! I will have to check out the mask too!


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