Glowing Summer Makeup Tutorial

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I don’t know about you guys, but I feel my best when my skin has a nice glow.  I think a beautiful tan makes you look healthy and youthful.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature gave me pale (almost translucent) white skin.  Years ago I went to tanning salons or baked in the Sun but now that I am older (and wiser) I would never do that.  I get a spray tan periodically for special occasions but one of my favorite ways to have some color (especially for the Spring/Summer) is to use a moisturizer with a bit of self tanner built in.  For years, Jergens products have been my favorite.  They sell them at Walmart (so I can pick them up while I am doing my weekly food shopping) and they make my life so much easier since the beautiful tan they provide makes foundation obsolete.  Today, I am sharing a glowing Summer makeup tutorial.  Read on for more details and pictures.


I have to keep my makeup routine short because my mornings are pretty hectic.  I am always rushing and trying to keep my eleven year-old daughter on task so that we are not late.  I can only really designate around fifteen minutes to prettying up my face, so having a nice glow and being able to skip foundation is so helpful to me.  

My makeup routine really starts in the shower.  I begin by washing and exfoliating my face and body to remove dead skin so I can begin with a clean canvas.  After I get out, I apply JERGENS® Natural Glow® Daily Moisturizer all over my body.  I like to use lotion while my skin is still a bit damp because I feel like it absorbs better.  Does anyone else do that?  With this product I am careful to use it sparingly on dry areas like knuckles, knees, ankles and in between fingers/toes.  Next, I apply JERGENS® Natural Glow® FACE Daily Moisturizer with Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 20 (for incidental Sun exposure only).  I love how silky it is and the scent is pleasant but not overwhelming.  I make sure to blend it into my eyebrows, up into my hairline and around my jawline.  These are gradual use products so you wont see color right away but as you incorporate them into your routine your tan will show up a little more each day.  I love that!  I like to be in control of how much color is going on my skin.  (Just as a benchmark, I started to see color after three days of use.)    


Once I am clean and properly moisturized, I sit down at my makeup table and put a little concealer under my eyes and on any dark spots.  

#MyJergensGlow 4

Next, I use bronzer to contour a bit and add depth to my face.  The product I use also has a bit of shimmer.

#MyJergensGlowAfter that, I add a little pink blush on the apples of my cheeks.  


Then, I sweep a little champagne-colored eye shadow over my entire eyelid and under my brow bone.  I know a lot of people use another color for the crease but I usually skip that.  #MyJergensGlow

Then, I brush my eyebrows into place and fill them in with a pencil.  I also use a liquid eyeliner to line the top of my eye.

#MyJergensGlow I don’t have to use mascara since I have eyelash extensions.  That is a HUGE time-saver.  I do brush through them with a clean brush though.  If I did not have extensions I would curl my lashes and apply a coat or two of black mascara.


Finally, I finish off with some lip gloss.

#MyJergensGlow #MyJergensGlow #CollectiveBias A Little Glitter Pamela Bannon

Thanks to JERGENS® Natural Glow® products I am able to achieve a beautiful glowing Summer makeup look in no time.  Do you have any tips or tricks that you use to make your makeup routine shorter?

5 thoughts on “Glowing Summer Makeup Tutorial

  1. kristen

    i am with you on the pale white skin. i am going to have to grab some of this jergens stuff because i’m about to go on a cruise and i am white as a ghost. i don’t want to scare anyone 😉

  2. Caroline @ Windy City Chic

    I haven’t used that Jergen’s Natural Glow in years. It is a great product though and I’ve been curious about the one that you can use on your face. Even though I’m worried about looking like a weirdo because I’m so fare. Thank you for sharing though and I hope that you have a wonderful day! 🙂


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