5 Hacks To Maximize Your Beauty Sleep

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I used to spend an hour after my Daughter went to sleep grooming myself each week.  I would watch my favorite reality TV shows, slather on a face mask, whiten my teeth, deep condition my hair.  Whatever part of my body needed work – I would get it done during that time. 

Now, I have a new schedule that forces me to go to bed early so I have had to be a little creative with squeezing in my primping.  Lately, I have started beautifying while I am asleep and it is fabulous!  Here are some of the things I am doing:



Dying my hair blonde is very hard on my ends.  They dry out quickly and I have to take care of them or else they wind up looking like straw.  One great way I moisturize my hair is to massage a bit of coconut oil onto my ends and leave on to soak in over night.  (I sleep with my hair up in a shower cap to protect my bedding.)  When I wake up in the morning I shower and wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner like I normally would and my hair is shiny and my ends are much healthier.  This is a great tip and it is very inexpensive.


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In the Winter my hands get extremely dry (especially around my cuticles).  To combat that dryness I massage in cuticle oil and apply lotion, then I put on gloves and sleep with them on.  I let the products do their work overnight and when I wake up my hands are super soft.


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I have extremely dry eyes. That dryness is exacerbated by the contact lenses that I have to wear all day and all the time I spend staring at a computer screen. I love to apply Clear Eyes® Pure Relief™ for Dry Eyes before I go to bed at night (after I take out my contact lenses) so they can re-hydrate and soothe my eyes while I am sleeping.


I picked up a bottle of Clear Eyes® Pure Relief™ for Dry Eyes recently at Walgreens.  I love that these drops are preservative free.  Most eye drops have preservatives to keep bacteria from growing in the bottle.  Preservatives don’t contribute to eye relief, and some people are sensitive to them.  Clear Eyes® Pure Relief™ drops come in a special a multi-dose bottle that has a built-in purifying filter that keeps the bacteria out.  

Right now they are offering a $3 coupon on their website.



A lot of people take great care of their feet in the Summer.  They get regular pedicures and carefully moisturize.  Then, the colder months bring the closed-toed shoes and they totally neglect their toes.  Don’t be one of those people!  It only takes a few moments to rub some cuticle oil onto your toes, apply lotion to your entire foot and put on a pair of socks.  Then, when you wake up your feet will be super soft and gorgeous.


I recently started using sleeping masks on my face.  They have them at various big box and beauty supply stores and they can handle a variety of skin issues.  I, personally, have dry skin so I tend to use one that moisturizes.  Sleeping masks (or overnight masks) usually consist of a cream-gel texture that is made to melt into your skin for penetration of the active ingredients while you sleep.  


mypurerelief Do you have any tips on how to multitask with your grooming?

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  1. kristen

    hmmm i am intrigued by overnight masks, and the bit of coconut oil onto your ends is BRILLIANT. totally gonna try that. eye drops freak me out unfortunately. can’t do it. i had something wrong with my eyes when i was little and i remember both brothers holding me down so my mum could put in my eye drops and i still was able to escape (though my eyes were closed, so i didn’t get far).


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