Happy Friday!


Happy Friday and happy April loves!  Woo hoo!  It is officially Spring and I am loving the warmer weather!  Taylor’s soccer season has begun so I will be out tomorrow bright and early cheering her on.  Aside from that my weekend is pretty open and I am really excited about it.  I feel totally free and I love to spend my weekends choosing activities as I go along instead of having my time structured and accounted for.

Today, I am linking up with April, Amanda and Della for Friday Favorites today. Here goes:

1. New MacBook Air and a DEAL!  I mentioned last week that I needed a new computer and after all of your helpful comments (seriously – thank you guys so much!) I decided to pull the trigger on the 13 inch MacBook Air.  Once I made my decision I went into buying mode.  I generally have a procedure for the way I purchase things and this computer was no exception.  I went onto Apple’s website and built my perfect computer.  I left that window open with all my specifications and their price and considered that my jumping off point.  I shopped around at all the different big box stores in another browser window and built the same computer.  It turns out Bestbuy was having a sale and right off the bat they were $100 cheaper than Apple.  Next, I did a search for promotional codes.  Then, I remembered a few months back when I moved I received a 10% off coupon that came in my change of address package from the USPS.  I dug it out and it expired on 3/31/16!  Do you believe that?  So, I was able to save another $130 from that.  I did a search on Ebay and you can buy those coupons from reputable sellers from $10 and up!  They will send them to you electronically and you can use them online.  I have definitely made a mental note of that for the future.  Do you guys bargain shop?  I am super excited about my new computer but I have to say that saving $230 made me feel that much better about buying it.


2.  Jennifer Lopez – Carpool Karaoke.  I still love JLo from her Jenny on the Block days!  She holds a place in my heart right alongside Britney Spears.  Anyway, JLo was on Carpool Karaoke the other night and it was the best episode yet.  James Cordon texted Leonardo DiCaprio from her phone and his response was epic.  (Sidenote, I wonder who else she has in her contacts?)

3.  Baublebar Earrings.  I am kind of obsessed with these…

BaubleBar Earrings

4.  Black Tap NYC Milkshakes.  I am DYING to go indulge in one of these bad boys but I am trying to eat better.  I haven’t looked but if I had to guesstimate I would say that these are probably 4875947592874592874 calories each.  Why does NYC taunt me with treats like this?

Black Tap NYC Milkshakes

5. Off The Shoulder Tops.  This is such a big trend for Spring and I am loving some of the pics I am seeing on Pinterest of girls rocking them!  Here are a few of my favorites:


Okay loves, I hope you all have a wonderful Springy weekend!  See you back here on Monday! xo

16 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. Andrea Nine

    Happy Friday gorgeous!! Those off the shoulder tops are divine, I posted one I wore on Wednesday and I just love them this year!! Oh that milkshake, I’m drooling!! Yay on the Mac Book, we are huge apple product lovers and that is one of the best!! May your weekend be grand and glorious!!

  2. Nadine

    OMG that milk shake!!!!!!!!!! What a DEAL you got on your mac! That is awesome! A girl after my heart with a bargain! Never pay full price for anything. Carpool Karaoke cracks me up! I want to hang out with JLO and text people from her phone. She looks so fun! Love the off the shoulder look, its so cute. Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  3. ktaylor19

    i am LOVING the off the shoulder top trend this season. can’t wait to find some more for my closet. great deal on the laptop girly! i am planning on getting an air with the next update when it comes out!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. kristen

    wow, you saved over $200?! that’s awesome. i’d be feeling pretty happy about that as well! i haven’t seen that j lo’s carpool video yet but i will watch it tonight, i’m with you, i still love her!

  5. Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

    Give me all the off-the-shoulder tops and those earrings are so pretty! I have one pair similar in silver. I definitely bargain shop. I got my macbook from the refurbished section of apple’s website for significantly cheaper and you can’t tell it’s not brand new.


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