Happy Weekend!


Woo hoo!  TGIF my friends!  For the first time in a what feels like a long time I have NOTHING to do.  My husband is taking our daughter up to the Catskills with his family so I am – wait for it – HOME ALONE! 


I should note that I am Home Alone in a middle-aged, Mom-type way though, so my time will entail cleaning (gag), laundry and a run to Target or two.  

Today, I am linking up with AprilAmanda and Della for a Friday Favorites post.  Let’s jump right into it:

1.  Jimmy Kimmel.  He is the BEST.  Not only is he funny but I love his morals.  He was so right with what he had to say about Cecil the Lion.  â€œWhy are you shooting a lion in the first place? I’m honestly curious to know why a human being would feel compelled to do that. How is that fun?”  Get ’em Jimmy!

2.  Tufted Headboards.  I am pretty much OBSESSED with tufted headboards and mirrored nightstands so this picture from Pinterest is making me feel the need to re-do my bedroom in a MAJOR way.  There are so many DIY tutorials on how to make a fabulous headboard inexpensively, too.

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 8.38.08 PM

3.  Jenny McCarthy.  Her hair is AMAZING.  I don’t think I could pull it off personally but I am majorly in love with it.

Jenny McCarthy seen with bright pink hair and a metallic tank top while out and about in NYC Pictured: Jenny McCarthy Ref: SPL1090057  290715   Picture by: J. Webber / Splash News Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles:	310-821-2666 New York:	212-619-2666 London:	870-934-2666 photodesk@splashnews.com

 4.  No Pain No Champagne.  I promised myself I would cool it on the workout items for a bit but next month this will be mine!


5.  Share The Love Link Up.  I am hosting a link up on Tuesday, August 4th!  Chances are you already know that because I have been trying to publicize it like crazy.  I must admit that I am terrified that no one else will participate and it will only be a sad picture of myself on that linky tool.  (It did not help that Bloglovin’ screwed up the sharing of my post about it two days in a row! #bloggerproblems)  I love so many blogs that I am having a hard time choosing which post to feature!  I do hope you will join me in sharing the love!

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 Okay loves, I hope you all have a nice weekend!  Enjoy the Summer days!  Fall will be here soon!

24 thoughts on “Happy Weekend!

  1. Jenn

    hahaha I lol’ed about the Home Alone comment–enjoy it!!
    I was touched by Jimmy Kimmel this week, too. It’s just ridiculous what happened.
    Tufted headboards–YES! They are beautiful! We have one in our guest room and I love it! I also love the no pain no champagne shirt. I think I need that in my life 🙂
    Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  2. Andrea Nine

    I am so jealous! My house will be full of boys and testosterone! Ha! You just enjoy the solitude pretty lady and maybe have wine and ice cream for dinner ha ha! I think I need to get that Tank, wear it and drink by mini pink bottles of champagne from target! Have a relaxing and joyous weekend the best way us middle aged mamas do- just chillin! 😉

  3. Caroline @ Windy City Chic

    Get ’em Jimmy is right!!!! That was awesome and I 100% agree with what he said. Love that tufted headboard, tank, and Jenny’s hair. Even though I would probably never color my hair pink haha. Have a fab weekend and enjoy the time to yourself. Maybe get a glass of wine and relax!! 😉

  4. Erin (No Bohns About It)

    Oh my gosh you totally cracked me up with the home alone thing! I know that feeling, though I admit cleaning alone is still SO MUCH BETTER than trying to clean with a gaggle of children uncleaning at the same time.

  5. Marie

    Lol at Home Alone. I hope that you get some time to just relax while you are home alone. I’m totally linking up on Tuesday! Got my post all ready to go!! Yay! It will be so much fun!

  6. M @ The Sequin Notebook

    Can I just tell you how jealous I am of your weekend alone?! lol Not that I love the cleaning but a solo trip to Target sounds like heaven – haha! I’m loving Jenny’s hair too. I could never in a million years pull that off, but it makes me wish my younger self had done something like that. Enjoy your home alone weekend!! xo

  7. kristen

    girl I will absolutely participate, have already drafted my post 😉 and yay home alone!! boring or not, that’s still awesome lol. enjoy!

  8. Nadine

    When you said Catskills I instantly thought of Dirty Dancing, obviously. And also, Home Alone!!!! Sounds like a fabulous weekend. Girl, that headboard is to DIE for!!!! I want something like that so bad. I am tired of my matchy matchy wood set that I have. The whole thing with Cecil makes me so, so very sad.

    I hope you have a great weekend love!!!!!!!!!

  9. Rachel

    For real though why would any one shoot that beautiful lion?! It makes me so sad that people think that is fun. Anyhoo, enjoy your weekend Home Alone! I’m doing the same thing over here except I can’t get away from these dogs 🙂


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