Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend

Happy Friday Guys!  I just realized that I have not participated in a Friday Favorites link up in like a month!  I have so many fun things to share with you today!

I am linking up with AprilAmanda and Della today.  Let’s jump right into it:

One.  This Verizon commercial just GETS me.  I feel like I experience at least one super annoying technology fail every single day of my life and I want to scream like that little girl in the Jeep.  

Two.  I just bought this sweatshirt on Etsy for Halloween!  Love the one shoulder!  


Three. I have started to casually look for a new place – which is disheartening because most of the apartments I am seeing in my price range are closet-sized dumps.  I am trying to have faith that something amazing (and in my budget) will come up in the next few months though.  Fingers crossed!  Anyway, when I find a place and move in I am going to stencil a bedroom wall!  I love the way the tone on tone stencil in this picture looks!


Four.  This wouldn’t be a proper Friday favorites post without me including a drool-worthy recipe!  These Aloha Teriyaki Shrimp Burgers from Skinnytaste look amazing!  I didn’t even know shrimp burgers were a thing.  I am so all over this one!


Five.  I love these hairstyle hacks!  Look how awesome this ponytail is!   


Alright my loves, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and stay safe from Hurricane Joaquin!

19 thoughts on “Happy Weekend!

  1. Andrea Nine

    Missed your Friday favorites girl! So much cuteness here, that sweatshirt is so stinking cute, I would probably wear it the whole month of October, ha ha! Beautiful bedroom, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you and a new place! I just know the perfect little haven is going to pop up for you and you’re going to make it so beautiful! I hope your weekend is relaxing, fun, and full of lots of happiness pretty lady!

  2. Caroline @ Windy City Chic

    No Friday favorites in a month?! Well welcome back girl!! That bedroom is really pretty and that sweatshirt is cute. You’ll find the right place, and it will be great!! Then you can have that dreamy bedroom! πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. sara

    Ummm yeah, I LOVE those stenciled walls!!! They are gorgeous and elegant!! I’m sure you have an agent/apartment locator, but if you don’t, that’s my best suggestion. You’ll find somewhere. It just takes a lot of time (and crappy properties). And LOL to the sweatshirt!!!!

  4. kerri @ cheshire kat

    ugh i just posted and it deleted my comment. ANYWAY what i said was i love that sweatshirt and i totally feel you on the apartment hunting game. it’s the pits. besides moving. which may be worse? but then when it’s all said and done you can get settled and look forward πŸ™‚ hope you have a lovely weekend friend!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. Nadine

    That sweater is so perfect!!! I absolutely love the stenciling on the wall!! It is so pretty!!! Best of luck in your search for a new place. I know the right one will come along.

  6. Lindsay

    I think the apt hunt is a sign you should move to NJ πŸ˜‰ I LOVE that stenciled wall! I have been thinking about doing one in my house and you just gave me the push I need to! Happy weekend beautiful!

  7. Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

    Super cute top for halloween! Good idea to invest in a shirt you can recycle every year (or I would) instead of an expensive costume. The recipe looks amazing! Skinnytaste always has the best recipes. Hope the apartment hunt becomes more successful! I know it’s not a fun process.

  8. Amanda

    I saw a shirt like that while I was out this week (broom fits). Why oh why didn’t I purchase it? It fits me a to a T- bahahhaha. Happy weekending.

  9. kristen

    oh my goodness, that verizon commercial is hilarious! i just sent it to my husband, i swear shit like that happens every day!! meanwhile that sweater is fabulous. also, that ponytail? it looks so awesome and fabulous but i’ve tried it and it looks so stupid on me and my thin ass hair. lol.


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