Philosophy: Hope In A Jar Night Review

I am a Philosophy fan, so when I noticed that Sephora had a sample-sized version of their product, Hope in a Jar Night, available as a reward during my latest shopping trip, I was all over it.  

Philosophy Hope In A Jar Night Review

I was so excited that I tried it the same night I bought it.  After washing my face I slathered it on.  Immediately, I was struck by two things.  The first was that the smell is terrible.  It reminds me of Elmer’s glue or some kind of familiar chemical.  The second was the consistency of the product.  This cream is thick.  I felt like I was putting hand lotion on my face.  I was really scared that it would cause me to break out but I held off from wiping it off.  Immediately after applying it I realized that because of those two reasons I was not going to like it.  There was no way I was going to use it again either.  

UNTIL….I woke up the next day and not only had I not broken out…my skin looked radiant and smooth.  I thought maybe it was a coincidence so I used it again.  For the second time I was appalled by the odor and wary of the density of the product and again I awoke to a smooth and glowing face.  

I did some more research and I learned that Hope in a Jar Night contains glycolic acid.  I am assuming that is what makes your face so wonderfully glowing and smooth (and I think it is a safe bet to attribute the smell to that as well).  

I have to say that the results that this product delivers far outweigh the few minutes of discomfort due to the bad smell and I would recommend it.  I did not think I would be giving it a positive review in the minutes immediately following the first application.  I was ready to re-wash my face and chuck the sample in the trash but I am glad I slept on it.  I just bought the full-sized tub.  

Have you guys ever tried a product, formed an opinion and then went on to be surprised by the outcome?  


4 thoughts on “Philosophy: Hope In A Jar Night Review

  1. Christina Warren

    LOL-Loved the glue smell description! I was reading and thinking, “You know, I may like this super thick stuff.” I have a really dry face and love putting oils and heavy lotions on. This could be right up my ally. 🙂 Hilarious with a great outcome!

    1. Pamela Bannon Post author

      The smell really caught me by surprise and the texture is thick (almost like sunblock) but it’s worth it. I am obsessed. I used it last night, too and my skin is soft and glowing. You should definitely try it!

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