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Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream Trifles #SoHoppinGood

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Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream Trifles

Taylor and I moved into our new apartment in December and while I love our place and the area, we recently discovered there is one thing that is missing.  THERE IS NO ICE CREAM MAN on our block.  This may not be a big deal to some people but to us it is huge!  We are ice cream lovers and look forward to having a frozen treat pretty much every Summer night.  Things are much more relaxed in the warmer months and we like to celebrate school being out with dessert.  To make up for our lack of ice cream man, I recently picked up a bunch of my favorite Blue Bunny┬« ice cream at Walmart.  They have a great selection and I had a hard time choosing just one.  I actually left with three.  #dontjudgeme  Continue reading

Cookie Bowl Ice Cream Sundaes

Suns Out Spoons Out Blue Bunny DIY Cookie Bowl  #sunsoutspoonsout

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Ahhhhhhhh Summer.  The Sun is shining, our social calendar is packed and life is bliss.  Despite being super busy, I still like to make some easy but delicious recipes for my family when I get the chance.  (A gal cant live on barbecue alone!)  When it is hot outside I hate to use the oven and that usually inspires me to be a little creative in how or when I prepare things.  This project was great because I was able to pre-bake these cookie cups at night when the weather was a bit cooler and then use them the next day. 

I began my mission at Walmart.  They had all the ingredients I needed for this project.  Their selection of Blue Bunny ice cream was massive!  After looking at all of the delicious flavors, I settled on Cookies and Cream.  It is a family favorite.

Here is a tip for you guys: between July 9th and July 12th, Blue Bunny will partner with Hershey for in-store demos (a.k.a. free ice cream AND chocolate).  You can see a list of participating stores and dates HERE

Blue Bunny Suns Out Spoons Out Freezer Case Walmart

 I used a jumbo muffin tin for this dessert that I grabbed at Walmart when buying the rest of my supplies.  You could definitely make it with a regular sized cupcake pan but I am a glutton and I wanted a big sundae.  Haha!  #noshameinmygame

Muffin Tin Suns Out Spoons Out Blue Bunny

I was not at all in the mood to make cookie dough from scratch so I used a log of pre-made dough.  (You could not tell the difference at all.  In the future I will do the same thing.  I feel no need to make anything from scratch if the store-bought stuff is an unnoticeable substitution.)  I cut off a good-sized hunk, rolled it into a ball with my hands and then flattened it out a bit on to the top of a greased pan.    
Cookie Bowls DIY Suns Out Spoons Out Blue BunnyHELPFUL TIP:  Be sure that you refrigerate any dough you use (homemade or store bought) for a while so that it is properly chilled.  That will help keep it from spreading out too much and making a complete mess.

HELPFUL TIP:  Make more of these cookie cups than you plan to use.  Two of them came out perfect and the third ran straight down the side of the pan and committed suicide on the floor of my oven.  I have no idea why or how I could have prevented it.  Better to have too many than not enough for your guests.

I baked them until they looked like they were JUST about to burn (since I wanted them to be firm enough to hold ice cream and toppings).  I am not sure how long it was, maybe about 10-15 minutes.  This is the kind of recipe where you just have to camp out near the oven and watch them as they bake.

When they were done I left them on the tray and let them cool for a half hour.  Then I used a butter knife to carefully pry up the edges and pop them off.

The next afternoon when we were ready to enjoy our treat, I filled them with Blue Bunny ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, sprinkles and (of course) a cherry.  They were absolutely delicious and my family loved them!
Suns Out Spoons Out Blue Bunny #Sunsoutspoonsout

 These were VERY easy to make and the cookie cups would transport well.  I plan to take them to a party or barbecue in the future along with some ice cream and toppings for a fun treat.

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What is your favorite easy yet delicious Summer recipe?