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Happy Friday!


Happy Friday ladies and gents!  What a quick week!  This weekend is a busy one.  Tomorrow, I have the SoFab conference (is anyone else going to that?) and Sunday is Father’s Day!  Both good things but I have a feeling they are going to cause the weekend to be over in a flash.  

Today I am linking up with AprilAmanda and Della to share my Friday Favorites.  Let’s get this party started:

1.  Kate Hudson.  I have to start this post with a big thank you to Kate Hudson’s sick body.  This photo inspired me to work out four days in a row this week!  I knew she was in good shape but MY GOSH!  She is 36, has TWO kids and she is a total inspiration!  rs_600x600-150616103059-600.kate-hudson-bikini-greece.jw.61615_2

2.  Entourage.  I saw this the other night and it was EPIC.  If you like the show then you will love the movie.  It was basically just like one long episode.  I must say – I love me some Ari Gold!  He is my fave!  His angry, aggressive behavior inspires me for some reason.  It makes me want to run five miles or kick some butt.  Between him and his fury in this movie and that Kate Hudson picture above, I was extremely inspired this week.

3.  A Pinch of Lovely.  I mentioned previously that I bought these in black.  Well, I have been wearing them non-stop.  They are so cute and stylish that I went back and bought them in tan as well.  Now, I just saw them on A Pinch of Lovely and I feel like I cant live without the coral. Thoughts?

Koa koa_exuma_2232_1

4. Taylor Swift.  I love that she is a Crazy Cat Lady!  How cute is her kitty btw?  

T Swift

5. OITNB.  I have been totally cracked out on OITNB all week.  I finally bit the bullet and started watching the series from the beginning and it has taken over my whole life.  I have only been sleeping for around four hours a night because I stay up binge watching it.  I cant help myself though!  #YOLO



Alright loves, have a fabulous weekend and I will meet you back here on Monday!  xo

A Little Glitter – Weekend Recap!

ALG Weekend Recap


Hey Everybody!  Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a nice and relaxing weekend!

Mine started off with a blowout for me and Taylor.  (There is a salon near my house where you get a twenty minute scalp massage and an amazing blowout for $18!  Yes, you heard that right, I said EIGHTEEN DOLLARS!)  Our hair came out fab and we went out to Long Island for my adorable nephew’s first birthday!  We had a great time and he liked his present!

Baby Greg Birthday

The hubs couldn’t go to the party with us because he had to work but when he did get home Saturday night he arrived with flowers!  I love that he always buys a bouquet for me and one for Tay.  Major husband points!


Also, when we got home from the party there was a package waiting and the contents pretty much dominated the rest of our weekend.

Candy Puzzle

It was a thousand piece puzzle that I ordered from Amazon.  (Taylor had mentioned that she was working on a puzzle with my Father in Law so I ordered this for her as a surprise.)  We started working on it after dinner on Saturday night and Taylor lost interest in about twenty minutes.  Billy and I spent Sunday working on it together while Tay played on her iPad.  Kids are amazing.

I usually cook or bake something delicious on Sundays but since the forecast called snow on Monday everyone rushed to the store like it was the end of the World and I just couldn’t bring myself to deal with the crush of people.  

I spent Sunday night curled up in a ball on the couch watching the Oscars red carpet and eating Phish Food ice cream.  I was going to do a whole post but I don’t even need to because Kate Hudson KILLED IT.  She literally took my breath away.  I want to be her when I grow up.  Total Hollywood glamour.  

Kate Hudson

 I will also give honorable mentions to Charlize Theron (who would have been my top pick had Kate Hudson not knocked her completely out of the box) and Jennifer Lawrence.  

Who were your red carpet faves?