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Good morning my loves!  Today I’m linking up with Biana and Meghan for a weekend recap!

ONE:  I mentioned to you guys last week that I was going to have a bit of a lazy, unplanned weekend.  It started off beautifully.  We all slept late, then I made some banana pancakes and Taylor and I lounged on the couch and watched a marathon of The Goldbergs. I had seen posters for this show all over NYC last year and I thought it looked dumb.  Then, for some reason I watched an episode recently and discovered how hilarious it is!  Now, Taylor and I are totally hooked.  

TWO and THREE:  A few episodes into our marathon, my adorable husband advised us that we had to be ready at 6 pm for a mystery family date.  He packed the car up and drove us up to Warwick, NY for a drive-in movie!  Yay!  This was on my Summer Bucket List and I was not sure we would be able to accomplish it because there are zero drive-in theaters nearby.  He did some research and located the Warwick Drive-In.  It was about an hour and a half drive from our house but so so so worth it.  Taylor loved it and we plan to do it again each Summer.

FOUR:  Sunday also started with sleeping late and then Taylor and I headed out for some girl time. Check out the purse!  That is definitely my daughter!  Soon she is going to want to dip into my LV collection.

FIVE, SIX and SEVEN:  Our first stop was the nail salon where I got my digits painted with my favorite – OPI Gelcolor in Alpine Snow.  I’ve been using this for a few years now – actually this was on my nails the entire Summer of 2013.  It holds up and stays bright white for weeks.  I wanted to switch it up a little so I got one ombre glitter nail as well.  

EIGHT:  After that we stopped for pizza (which Taylor was CLEARLY excited about, lol).

NINE:  I ended my weekend the same way it began – snuggled up watching TV with my fam.  

I feel super-relaxed and ready for the week.  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend as well!