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Details Details

Guess who just jumped on the Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint bandwagon?  THIS GIRL! 

Spray Paint

I have been reading about the magical properties of this product on Young House Love and Live Love DIY (along with many other DIY blogs) and have been wanting to try it for a while.  After buying a new darker kitchen table, I decided that my salt and pepper grinders and napkin holder would not match.  (The silver finish was too jarring on the darker table.) 

Before S&P

Before Napkin Holder

I looked all over the internet for something in an oil rubbed bronze finish (to go with the chandelier in the kitchen) and came up empty.  Then, I remembered that I had a brand new can of spray paint that would make them look perfect!  I used painter’s tape to seal the inside of the salt/pepper grinders and headed outside for some spraying.  Look how sparkly and nice they look in the Sun!  I left them outside for about five hours in the Sun and then I moved them into the laundry room to let them fully cure for another two days. 

During Sparkles


I know salt and pepper grinders and a napkin holder are small details but they make a big difference on my table and I am really pleased with how well it worked.  It adhered perfectly (with no sanding) and even when I use the grinders there is no flaking paint.  So far so good. 

Gorgeous After


I cant wait to use this spray paint on the door knobs/hinges around the house.  That is a project I would like to accomplish soon (as the whole mismatched gold/silver door knob situation happening currently drives me batty).  Do you guys have any experience with this spray paint or spraying door hardware?  What is next on your DIY agenda?