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Playing Tour-Guide In NYC – A One Day Itinerary!

2016-06-23 09.00.32-3

Normally as a New Yorker I tend to avoid the more touristy parts of the City.  I am usually rushing somewhere and certain areas are so congested I have to steer clear in order to get to my destination as quickly as possible.  (Ah hem Times Square – I am looking at you!)

Recently, my little Sister came up to visit for a long weekend and I had to step out of my comfort zone and put together a day’s itinerary for someone interested in site-seeing.  Here are the five things I planned for us to do: Continue reading

Paramour by Cirque du Soleil

Paramour Cirque Du Soleil Review

Last weekend Taylor and I took in a preview of the new show, Paramour by Cirque du Soleil. This was my eighth Cirque show.  I usually attend one of their touring performances each year when it comes to NYC.  I find the acrobatics so beautiful and I am astounded by the graceful way the performers move.   Sometimes, during the most difficult part of the show (when the actor is twisted up like a pretzel or balancing twenty feet up in the air on their tiptoes) I whisper to Taylor, “I could do that.”  Sweet thing that she is, she usually nods and agrees out of pity because I am an uncoordinated mess.   Continue reading

The Big Apple Circus – The Grand Tour

The Big Apple Circus - The Grand Tour Review

I am fortunate enough that I get to do a lot of fun activities with my daughter in NYC but I have to say that I always look forward to taking her to the see the Big Apple Circus.  It is definitely one of my favorites.  Walking through Lincoln Center and seeing the tent peeking out is just so exciting!  We always have fun and we always leave in a good mood.
2015-11-27 10.29.35

2015-11-27 10.35.03

I think part of the reason that we find it so enjoyable is because of it’s size.  The tent is small and it feels cozy.  One of the most difficult parts of taking children to shows is that sometimes they have difficulty seeing over the people in front of them.  There is nothing worse than spending hundreds of dollars on tickets to a show and then your child cant even enjoy it!  That problem is completely eliminated at the Big Apple Circus.  Every seat is a good seat and every seat feels close to the ring.  I have sat in the top row and I still had a fabulous view.  Also, the clowns are HILARIOUS and they wander around the audience as part of their routine.

I loved the feel of The Grand Tour.  I am a huge fan of Great Gatsby, art deco and the 1920’s.  That time period just speaks to me and I loved the decor and vibe of the show.

2015-11-27 10.45.01 (1) 2015-11-27 10.55.53

Some of the highlights of the show for me were:

The Animals.  Since every seat is less than 50 feet from the ring, kids will have a great view of the dogs and ponies. There is even the time during intermission to ride a pony right in the ring for only $10.


 The Energy Trio.  Their handstands were so amazing and the crowd loved them! 2015-11-27 11.42.28 (1)

The Ringmaster.  John Kennedy Kane is such a great host.  He has so much charisma.  When I think of the Big Apple Circus, I think of him (with his broad shoulders and booming voice).

2015-11-27 11.15.46

The show is running now through January 10, 2016 and I highly recommend it!  It is definitely a NYC must do!

4th Anniversary Staycation

221892_2033799891414_700277_n Four years ago I finally became Mrs. Bannon after a seven year long engagement.  My hubby and I are not very traditional.  We had our daughter, got engaged, bought our house and THEN got married over the span of a decade or so.  Personally, I think all that matters is that we got everything accomplished in the end.  I also love that T was able to be there for our wedding.  If I got the opportunity to go back and do it over I would not change a thing.  

We decided to celebrate with a little staycation last weekend.  I booked a room at the Empire Hotel for Saturday night.  It was beautifully decorated but INCREDIBLY loud.  I am a very light sleeper so it was not a great fit for me and I would never return.  It was aesthetically pleasing though.  I was pretty obsessed with this chair:

The Empire Hotel NYC

The Empire Hotel NYC

The view from our room was gorgeous and we were able to look right out at Lincoln Center.

The Empire Hotel NYC

After checking in and changing we walked over to Columbus Circle (where we took our wedding pictures) and then to Serafina for dinner.   We adore Serafina and we had a dinner in their private wine room following our ceremony in 2011 so it has a lot of sentimental value for us.  We eat there every year for our anniversary.

(BTW, thank you all so much for the opinions on black or nude heels with my dress.  I wound up going with black heels, tights and jewelry.  It was a little chilly out so it worked perfectly.  I wish I had a better picture to show you.  My Samsung Galaxy S5 takes the most awful low light shots and I forgot my DSLR at home.  This selfie is the best one I had and it looks like I took it with a 1998 flip phone.  Grrrrrrrrr.)


2015-04-25 18.06.24

 As we were walking we spotted a hope sign and ran over to take a picture.  One of my favorite wedding photos is of our family in front of a love sign (that we just happened to stumble upon that day) so this felt kismet.

2015-04-25 19.37.42-2

Next, we went to see Jersey Boys on Broadway.  It has been on our list of things to do forever.  It was great and I got to drink champagne out of a sippy cup (which is always a good time).  I must say that my hubby is not usually a fan of musicals and he loved this one.  It is about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.  The music was fabulous and we danced in our seats the whole time.

2015-04-25 19.54.48

  We are old so after Jersey Boys we opted to go back to our room at the Empire.  Unfortunately, the line for their rooftop club formed on the sidewalk right outside our window and stayed there until 3 am!  We listened to people screaming, laughing and talking all night.  It was the WORST.  (I should also note that I told the front desk clerk at check-in that I am a light sleeper and requested a quiet room.  She assured me room 125 would be perfect.  Lies.  That made me even more angry about the noise.)  Also,  the next morning around 6 am there was a March of Dimes walk that started setting up.  By 8 am there was a gentleman with a microphone encouraging the crowd to make as much noise as possible.  I wanted to cause him bodily injury.

At that point any hope of ordering room service and luxuriating in bed was long gone, so we walked over to Norma’s at Le Parker Meridian.  We had seen this restaurant recommended on a few different Food Network shows but never got the opportunity to go.  Let me just admit it…Billy and I can be food snobs.  We are in NYC and there are so many options and so many fabulous restaurants that we are not easily impressed but Norma’s just blew us away.  It was LITERALLY the best breakfast I have ever had.  I definitely plan to return there with Taylor very soon!  I cant stop thinking about it!

All in all we had a pretty fun weekend.  It was nice to get to spend some time alone.  I think that is so important in a relationship although I missed Taylor and Jeter terribly and thought about begging Billy to go home in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep.

Birchbox Soho

Birchbox Store NYC - www.alittleglitter.com Birchbox Store NYC - www.alittleglitter.com Birchbox StoreLast week I had the opportunity to visit the new Birchbox Store in Soho.  It opened in July and I was excited to visit (although I was really not sure what to expect from the brick and mortar location).  I don’t currently participate in the subscription service because I don’t feel like I could use all the samples every month.  I see a lot of posts about Birchboxes and while there are some items I would use there are always a few in each box that don’t interest me at all.

The store itself is beautiful and airy.  It is really well laid out and I found the staff to be friendly and helpful but not annoying.  There are products all over the first floor laid out in sections (makeup, fragrance, skincare, etc).

Birchbox Store IMG_1744 IMG_1751

In the center of the store there is an area with mirrors where you can try different products.

Birchbox Store Birchbox Store

My favorite part was the “Build Your Own Box” area in the back where you could put together your own Birchbox!  Unlike the subscription service, you get to choose the items that are included in your box.  There are five different categories and you pick which one you want from a selection of different products.  There were about five choices for each category. 

Birchbox StoreBirchbox StoreBirchbox Store

On the lower level of the store there was a large men’s section, a vast nail polish wall, accessories and tons of hair products.  

Birchbox StoreBirchbox StoreBirchbox Store

There is also a salon down there where you can get your hair, makeup and nails done or attend a beauty workshop.  (Sidenote – I saw a girl leaving after having makeup applied and it looked fabulous!  I would definitely use them for this in the future.)

All in all the store is very cute.  It doesn’t hurt either that Georgetown Cupcakes is right around the block.  Shopping for makeup and then enjoying a cupcake with a girlfriend is a pretty ideal way to spend an afternoon!

Birchbox Store