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A Little Glitter’s 2014 Beauty Faves!

A Little Glitter 2014 Beauty Faves

I love all things sparkly, pretty, shiny and happy.  I also have borderline shopaholic and hoarder tendencies, so it makes sense that I am a total beauty supply junkie.  I order new products constantly.  Some work great and some are flops.  Here are my faves for 2014:

OPI – Big Apple Red.  I have worn this on my nails for most of the past year.  I use OPI’s GelColor and I am extremely pleased with how well it holds up.  I head to the salon every other weekend and soak off the old color and have a new one applied.  It takes about an hour and my nails look shiny and perfect for the next two weeks.  It is practically indestructible.  Big Apple Red is the perfect shade of polish.  The color is classic and flatters all skin tones.  I cant put black or dark colors on my nails.  As a New Yorker I tend to wear black clothes most of the time and the addition of dark polish feels sad to me.  Big Apple Red dresses up all my black.  

Urban Decay – Naked 3 Palette.  I love this collection of colors.  They have a rose gold tint that is extremely flattering with my skin/eye/hair color.  There are so many online tutorials for this product that I am still learning new ways to use it.  The shadows are pigmented with an easy to blend formula and I find that they don’t crease as easily as other brands.  

Dr. Brandt Skincare – Do Not Age Time Reversing Cream.  One of my biggest complaints in 2014 was dark under-eye circles and the beginnings of some wrinkles.  (Sidenote – getting old is terrible.)  I have tried numerous products that claimed to help with one or both of those gripes and failed miserably.  This cream really makes a difference!  It gets my stamp of approval and I can attest to the fact that it actually works.  

Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo.  I have mentioned this product a few times on ALG.  I absolutely love it.  It is a clarifying shampoo that you use once a week.  It gets rid of all that styling build-up and leaves your hair bright, shiny and squeaky clean.  I also enjoy it’s minty fragrance.  This will definitely stay in my beauty arsenal for 2015.

Philosophy Hope in a Jar Night.  I did a post on this product last year here.  There are so many face creams out there and I find this one to be truly exceptional.  It makes my skin so clear and my pores so small.  I highly recommend it.

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask.  I am obsessed with these masks!  Since they are kind of pricey I do use them sparingly but if you have a special occasion and are looking to really make your skin glow this is what you need.  They will not let you down!  I did a full review on them here.  

What were your favorite beauty products for 2014?  I am always looking for recommendations!

Philosophy: Hope In A Jar Night Review

I am a Philosophy fan, so when I noticed that Sephora had a sample-sized version of their product, Hope in a Jar Night, available as a reward during my latest shopping trip, I was all over it.  

Philosophy Hope In A Jar Night Review

I was so excited that I tried it the same night I bought it.  After washing my face I slathered it on.  Immediately, I was struck by two things.  The first was that the smell is terrible.  It reminds me of Elmer’s glue or some kind of familiar chemical.  The second was the consistency of the product.  This cream is thick.  I felt like I was putting hand lotion on my face.  I was really scared that it would cause me to break out but I held off from wiping it off.  Immediately after applying it I realized that because of those two reasons I was not going to like it.  There was no way I was going to use it again either.  

UNTIL….I woke up the next day and not only had I not broken out…my skin looked radiant and smooth.  I thought maybe it was a coincidence so I used it again.  For the second time I was appalled by the odor and wary of the density of the product and again I awoke to a smooth and glowing face.  

I did some more research and I learned that Hope in a Jar Night contains glycolic acid.  I am assuming that is what makes your face so wonderfully glowing and smooth (and I think it is a safe bet to attribute the smell to that as well).  

I have to say that the results that this product delivers far outweigh the few minutes of discomfort due to the bad smell and I would recommend it.  I did not think I would be giving it a positive review in the minutes immediately following the first application.  I was ready to re-wash my face and chuck the sample in the trash but I am glad I slept on it.  I just bought the full-sized tub.  

Have you guys ever tried a product, formed an opinion and then went on to be surprised by the outcome?  


Want It Wednesday!

Want It Wednesday

Hey Guys!  Welcome to Want It Wednesday!  Here are some things I am digging from around the internet this week!  

1.  The Louis Vuitton Eva Clutch.  Yum.  I need this.  I love the length of the strap.  This is the perfect crossbody bag.  It hits right at the perfect spot on your hips.  It is flattering and big enough to hold the essentials while still being petite.  

2.  Philosophy Miracle Worker Overnight.  The regular Miracle Worker moisturizer is wildly popular.  I’ve used it in the past and it works really well.  I am dying to get my hands on this stuff.  Currently I am using Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Premiere Regeneration Eye Cream and loving it but this is on the list for future purchase.

3.  Young, Fabulous & Broke Convertible Maxi Dress.  I adore the colors in this dress. 

4.  Tom Ford Raquel Sunglasses.  These are the perfect, movie star sunglasses.  They are big but not overwhelming and very flattering on any face.

5.  Prada Candy.  I got a sample of this in my last Sephora purchase and I love it!  It smells like heaven.