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Momtrends Traveltrends 2015

Momtrends Travel TrendsJust in time for Summer vacations, the fabulous team over at Momtrends hosted an event at We Work in NYC where they showcased some of the items that are trending in travel for this season. 

Nicole Feliciano began the night by telling the group about her love of travel.  One of the stories that really stuck with me was how she and her husband spent a whole year backpacking through Europe.  They quit their jobs, sold their New York City apartment and went to explore the World.  I found it so inspiring!  She is definitely an authority on travel!  

Momtrends Travel Trends

 Afterwards, we got to socialize and learn about some fabulous products all while sipping on delicious wine from Giuliana Rancic’s XO, by G!  I have been DYING to try this wine since I am a Giuliana fan and also very keen on the new trend of portable, one-cup servings of wine.  My hubby and I are not big drinkers and sometimes I want to enjoy a single glass with dinner without the commitment of opening (and most likely wasting) a whole bottle.  Xo, by G is definitely something that I see in my fridge in the near future.

Momtrends Travel Trends Momtrends Travel TrendsMomtrends Travel Trends

 (Me and my girl, Destiny of Suburban Wife, City Life)  

I also got to check out some bathing suits from Miraclesuit.  I was blown away by how hot and stylish their swimwear is!  In my head I have always pictured one pieces as frumpy but these were totally fashionable with details like fringe, studs and gorgeous patterns.  It also doesn’t hurt that these suits have built in support systems (similar to Spanx) that suck everything in and make you look ten pounds lighter!  Who WOULDN’T want to appear sleeker and smoother? 

Momtrends Travel Trends Momtrends Travel TrendsHow gorgeous (and brave) are the blogger models?  You can visit their pages here:  Food, Football & Motherhood, Apple Moms in the Hudson ValleyMami Does It All, New Mommy Bliss, 3 City Girls NYC.

Another product that I am now OBSESSED with is barkTHINS.  I had not heard of them prior to this event but I ate the entire package from my swag bag in the car on the way home.  The Dark Chocolate, Toasted Coconut and Almond flavor is my favorite!  Picture super thin slivers of rich, fair trade dark chocolate loaded with toasted coconut and almonds!  So yummy!  These would be perfect for a road trip! 

Momtrends Travel Trends

I also got to meet some of the girls from GLAMSQUAD and watch them beautify a few of the other bloggers.  (I was too busy stuffing my face with barkTHINS and Xo, G wine to participate.)  Their concept is fabulous.  You book the beauty service of your choice (hair, nails, etc.) either online or through their app and they will come to you!  It is perfect for the busy gal on the go.

Momtrends Travel Trends

Another item that I think would be very handy for travel (and even just Summer in general) is Guardian Insect Repellent.  I hate to use most bug sprays because they are heavy, smelly and greasy.  They gross me out.  This product is plant-based and DEET-free (yet still effective).  I will definitely be using this on myself and Taylor.

17042650597_9afc84426c_o Thanks again to Momtrends for a fabulous night!