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I’d like to thank B&M for guest posting for me today!  They were the first two bloggers I met in real life and I love everything they put on this list!  I would definitely like to get together for some watermelon martinis soon!  xo


Hey Gals! We’re so excited to be back here guest posting at A Little Glitter and sharing some of our Friday Favorites! We are B and M, BFFs and co-bloggers at The Sequin Notebook. Unfortunately, we no longer live in the same city so we really love when we’re able to plan those all-too-rare days to spend together in person. Today we’re counting down five of our favorite things to do when we’re together…which just so happen to also be the same kind of things we blog about! 


A good cocktail over lots of catching up is always a must when we get together. Since we don’t get to hang out in person as often as we’d like, more times than not we end up staying in so we are able to cover as much ground as possible. This means we need to channel our inner mixologist selves and craft our own delicious cocktails at home. While M is typically the mix master, we both take part in dreaming up the cocktails. We try not to play favorites, but we do have a couple that we can’t get enough of including our #1 go-to, The Apple Cider Martini, along with some seasonal favorites. Since we’re now in the heat of summer, we’ll usually mix up a Watermelon Martini, or a big batch of Strawberry Mojitos so we’re set for the night!

Party Planning

We all know that parties take a lot of time, effort, and attention to detail, so there’s no better planning partner than a best friend! The two of us are obsessed with hosting theme parties and are pretty much always in the planning stages of at least one event, so we love to work on them together during our friend dates. Next up for M is her son’s second birthday party and after his Monster Mash party last year, there is definitely a lot to live up to. Meanwhile, B is getting ready for the second annual Pop Star Palooza and has a costume all ready to go…we can’t wait to share all of the fabulous details from these upcoming events!

Photo Shoots
One of our very first photo shoots together!

Back in high school, we learned a very important lesson about the importance of always taking pictures after missing out on an amazing experience that will only live on in our minds, and sadly not in our photo albums.  We’ll spare the details, but we definitely learned our lesson that day, and have been pretty much taking pictures ever since! Fun Fact – when we’d come home from our college breaks, we’d stage ridiculous photo shoots in B’s basement (evidence above!).  While they’re slightly cringe-worthy to look back on, we love that these fun moment were documented (thanks B’s mom!)  Nowadays, our photo shoots are *slightly* less jokey, and we were even able to work with an amazing photographer this past holiday season for our holiday card.

Reality TV


What’s the only thing better than binge watching your favorite reality TV shows? Sitting in sweats on the couch with wine, snacks, and your BFF while you both watch and comment on the shows! We are partial to the Real Housewives (especially New York, Beverly Hills, OC, and Atlanta…so basically, all of them), but we’ll pretty much watch whatever Andy Cohen puts in our path.


And last but not least are some good old fashioned craft sessions! These pretty much go hand-in-hand with our party planning, since we love to include tons of personal and themed details whenever we are hosting a party or event. Leading up to a party, we’ll typically divide and conquer our list of projects, but almost always schedule a final big craft session right beforehand to finish up any last minute details and also tackle those projects are just better doing together! One thing we always try and do together are cake pops. B is the master at dipping the pops, while M can’t get enough of covering them with lots of fun sprinkles.

What are your favorite things to do when you hang out with your BFF? Thanks again to Pam for letting us visit today…we hope you’ll come check us out over at The Sequin Notebook soon!


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