Happy Friday!


Happy Friday Loves!  Sorry for my absence from the blog community this week but I felt like taking a little break.  In the beginning of my blogging life I needed to post EVERY.SINGLE.DAY or I felt immensely guilty.  After a while I came to the realization that I don’t want to force myself post.  I want to share things with you that I love and feel passionate about and I don’t ever want this outlet to feel like something I HAVE to do instead of something I love to do.  I always want this space to feel fun and sparkly.

Anyway, now that the housekeeping is out of the way I can move on to sharing the things from this week that I am loving!  Here goes:

1. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 


Kimmy is BACK starting today on Netflix for Season Two!  Taylor and I COULD NOT be more excited and fully plan to binge on this tonight!  We have been singing the theme song all week.

 2. Kate Spade Bag.


  I am IN LOVE with this purse.  I still wear a lot of black in the warmer weather (it’s a New York thing) and I feel like this bag is perfect for the Spring because of the straw but will still work with all my black.  I need it in my life!

 3.  Italian Rainbow Cookie Donuts.


Apparently, there is a donut shop about an hour from my house (in Milford, NJ) that makes the beautiful thing you see above.  I keep seeing articles about it in my Facebook feed.  It is haunting my dreams.  I am a HUGE fan of the rainbow cookie and I feel like I NEED to take a trip out there soon to see what all the hype is about.  Has anyone tried one of those suckers?  They look unreal!

4. 20 Mind-Blowing Thoughts.  


These literally made me laugh out loud!  

One of my favorites:

A bed is a shelf for your body when you are not using it. –Nabrokovian 

Definitely head over here for a giggle.

 5.  EVERLY Print Off the Shoulder Maxi Dress

How gorgeous is this off the shoulder maxi?  Best part?  It’s only $58 plus it comes with free shipping!  I am strongly considering pulling the trigger on this one!

Okay chicas – I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  I am Today, I am linking up with AprilAmanda and Della so if you get a chance stop by and show them some love.  xo

8 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. Andrea Nine

    Love that bag, oh bows get me every time!! So I may have to order that dress for the graduation open house, so lovely…like YOU!! I hope you have a most magnificent weekend!! Rainbow doughnut now please, YUM!!

  2. Nadine

    Kimmy!!!! Yay!!!!! I think you would look totally gorgeous in that dress!!! And I absolutely love that purse. I wear black pretty much year round. Every now and then navy takes a spin in the summer. It is the summer black after all. Haha. Have a great weekend!!! I am going to go dream about those donuts. OMG!

  3. ktaylor19

    that bag is super cute! i swear i wear black almost every day and i don’t hate it! would be perfect for summer 🙂 and yay for kimmy coming back! glad you enjoyed a little blog break. happy weekend!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. kristen

    ooooh that dress is pretty! and that bag, swoon. i laughed so hard at ‘A bed is a shelf for your body when you are not using it’. definitely checking out the rest of those!


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