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Trader Joe’s Standouts!

Recently, I decided to give my diet an overhaul.  This was a long Winter and I had fallen into the habit of making unhealthy choices (like eating sleeves of Girl Scout Cookies on a whim).  Even though it is still cold (20 degrees this morning in New York) it is officially Spring and I am turning over a new leaf.  I have taken on the challenge of finding new recipes and making meals that are healthy, delicious and quick.  It is difficult to check all those boxes – believe me.  Most things that are delicious are not healthy.  Many things that are healthy are not quick (I’m talking to you 50 minute basmati rice).  

One change I have implemented is to eat things that are organic and have no preservatives whenever possible.  I am also buying turkey instead of beef (chopmeat, bacon, etc.) and substituting in whole wheat for white (bread, flour).  

I have been making a meal plan for the week and shopping at Trader Joes on the weekend for ingredients.  I have found a lot of great recipes on Pinterest, too.

At first my husband was skeptical.  He is a meat and potatoes guy.  He loves to eat and did not want to sacrifice taste for health but to my great surprise he has enjoyed most of the things I have been cooking lately.

Some of the items that have earned pleasant reviews from me, my eight year old and my picky, foody husband are:

Turkey Meatballs

 These turkey meatballs are amazing!  So so so good!  I threw them (still frozen) into my slow cooker with a jar of the sauce below and we were ready to eat when we got home.  These definitely were easy, quick and delicious!  

Marinara Sauce

This sauce is so yummy.  I highly recommend it.

Brown Rice Quinoa Pasta

Whole wheat pasta is the change that met with the most resistance from my family.  I tried to switch us from regular pasta previously and the brand or type that I bought was chalky, gummy and horrific.  We assumed all healthy pasta was terrible and refused to sacrifice taste.  I picked this up at Trader Joes over the weekend and I could not even tell the difference between this and regular pasta!  

Turkey Bacon

This turkey bacon was delish!  Two thumbs up!  

Do you guys have any tips about healthy eating that you wish to share?  Any small changes I make or recipes that you love?  What are your favorite items from Trader Joes? 


H54F Birthday Addition

High Five for Friday Graphic

Happy Friday everybody!  I had a fabulous week!  My 31st birthday was this past Monday and I must say that it was one for the books.  My sweet husband, friends and daughter made it so special for me!  My favorite moments this past week were definitely related to that, so I am just going to go ahead and give this post a birthday theme.  I am linking up with The Lauren ElizabethThe Diary of a Real Housewife and Hello Happiness.  If you get a moment, you should swing by their blogs and show some love. 

La Cenita

1.  My birthday celebrations started on Friday with my wonderful friend driving down from Boston and surprising me at work.  I had no idea she was coming in and appreciate her making the long drive to see me!  We went to dinner at La Cenita in the Meatpacking District with a few girlfriends.  (If you are in NYC you should definitely check it out.  It is owned by the same people as Catch.)  We had so much fun and the food was absolutely amazing!  That little beauty above is a s’mores empanada and it gave me a foodgasm!  

Lure Fishbar

2.  On Saturday night my hubby took me to Lure Fishbar.  It is fashioned to look like a yacht inside with polished wood and portholes.  There was a very cool vibe in there and as far as the food goes…three words – Oh My God!  Seriously.  I was stuffed but in the best possible way.  I will share with you guys a little food porn…

This was my husband’s lobster…Lobster

This was my surf and turf…
Surf and Turfand this was the amazing dessert we shared…


Everything we had was perfection.  I would eat there every night if possible.


3.   My sweet husband decorated the kitchen before he left for work on my actual birthday. He left presents, flowers and balloons.  He also bought St. Paddy’s day flowers and presents for Taylor so she wouldn’t feel left out.  (He’s a good egg, that Mr. Bannon.)  I really wanted to tear into my gifts (and stuff all four of those Cadbury Eggs into my mouth for breakfast) but it didn’t feel right opening them without him being there so I decided to wait.

I took the day off work and went to the spa where I got a massage, facial and had my hair blown out.  It was total bliss.  Then, I went to Homegoods to troll the aisles in peace and I found some awesome things like this map…


I know it isn’t everyone’s taste (and I thought for sure that Billy would veto it but he actually likes it) and it was a great deal on clearance for $39!  I cant wait to hang it in the hallway!


4.  When I got home a delivery man showed up with flowers and balloons that my bestie sent to me!   (I’m telling you – I have the best people in my life!)

Kids5.  Then we went over to our friend’s house for corned beef, cabbage and lots of laughs.  Taylor had a blast.  How cute are those faces?


That cake was from Costco!  It was SEVEN pounds of deliciousness.  

Eva Clutch

When we got home I finally opened my presents!  Billy and Tay got me the Damier Ebene Eva Clutch from Louis Vuitton that I had been wishing for!  Lovelovelovelovelove!  Love.  

My family and friends really spoiled me for my b-day!  I love them all!  

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!  xo

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A Little Glitter’s Link Love

A Little Glitter's Link Love

Here are some links I am loving this week:


1.  Cloak.  It is an anti-social media app.  You can use it to keep from running into people you dislike or to hide out when you have a big zit.  

Puppy Rolls Down Hills

2.  Sophie the English Bulldog Puppy.  This video of the cutest puppy on Earth rolling down hills is guaranteed to make you smile!

Peanuts Movie

3.  Peanuts Movie.  I just saw the trailer for the Peanuts 3D Movie and I am so excited!  I love me some Snoopy and I appreciate the fact that they have kept the animation pretty true to the cartoon.

Happy or else pancakes

4.  Happy Or Else’s GF Almond Coconut Chocolate Chip Pancakes.  Oh my Lord.  Do you see how delicious those pancakes look?  I cant believe they are healthy!  I have been on a bit of health kick with my hubby lately and I am going to make them this weekend! Yum!  I cant wait!

DIY IPad Holder

5.  Lisa Loves John DIY iPad Holder.  Lisa is really impressing me lately with her crafts!  I could definitely use one of these for my kitchen!  It would make cooking and following recipes on my iPad so much easier. 


6.  Makeup and Beauty Blog’s review of the new Essie colors for Spring 2014.  I love Style Hunter!  I think that would make such a nice color for my toes!


Want It Wednesday!

Hello my loves!  Sorry that I have been MIA these past few days!  Monday was my birthday (the big THREE-ONE!) and I took a few days off to relax and celebrate with my friends and family.  It was amazing but I am glad to be back.

I came across the following dress from Express during my internet perusing that set the tone for my Want It Wednesday collection this week.  It is an aztec midi dress and I am obsessed with it.  Enjoy my list and also please let me know what you are currently loving this week!

Want It Wednesday

1.  SJP Fawn Pump.  Sarah Jessica Parker just released this amazing collection of shoes at Nordstrom and the Fawn Pump is absolute perfection.  I would expect nothing less from a woman that got to sample all those designer shoes on Sex and the City!  This patent heel is such a classic shape and style.  The patent black pointed toe stiletto is a closet staple. 

2.  This is it!  This is the dress I was talking about earlier!  The Express Aztec Print Midi Tank Dress.  Yes PLEASE!  I might just be purchasing this one.  

3.  Lancome Effacernes Waterproof Protective Undereye Concealer.  I have been searching for a go-to undereye concealer for about a year.  I’ve sampled so many and so far have not found one that I love.  Hopefully, this one is THE ONE.  I just ordered it.  I will be sure to report back.

4.  Michael Kors Crossbody Phone Bag.  I am obsessed with small crossbody or WOC (wallet on chain) bags lately.  During my daily commute I use the Louis Vuitton Neverfull.  I have it in a few patterns and I carry one every day.  I load it full of stuff and it weighs 24674635465 pounds.  On the weekends I like to throw the bare essentials into a small crossbody and have my hands free from bulky purses.  

5.  House of Harlow 1960 Mini Sunburst Pendant Necklace.  This delicate pendant is embossed leather framed by a bold sunburst cutout.  It is also designed by Nicole Richie (who I love). 


High Five for Friday!

High Five for Friday GraphicGood morning and HAPPY FRIDAY!  This week seemed never ending!  I woke up on Thursday and thought it was Friday.  Then, I remembered what day it actually was and it was such a letdown.  Anyway, it IS really Friday now so all is well.  This week I am linking up with The Lauren ElizabethThe Diary of a Real Housewife and Hello Happiness.  If you get a moment, you should swing by their blogs and show some love.

Without further ado, here are my five favorites from the past week:


Amaluna 2

1.  I just bought tickets for the family to see the new Cirque Du Soleil show, Amaluna, in April.  We go to a lot of their shows and I cant wait to see this one because there is water element to it that should be different and entertaining.  For those that don’t know – Cirque Du Soleil is a french circus.  It is full of colors, beautiful sets and costumes, amazing acrobatics and wonderful music – without any of the clowns or animals (which is a plus for me.  I don’t think the animals are treated properly and that is my least favorite part of Ringling Brothers and Big Apple Circus).  It is a more streamlined, grown up circus focused on the acrobatics.  I do see many children there and it is suitable for people of all ages but it is not as cutesy as a regular circus.  

Retainer Cases

2.  I went to my dentist for an adjustment in my Invisalign last month.  (My teeth shifted due to having a crown replaced.)  I went back on Saturday to pick up my trays and discovered there were 10 sets of them (20 weeks worth).  Also, my poor little Taylor had to pick up her spacer from the orthodontist this week.  (She has a narrow smile and has to wear this for about nine months before she can get her braces on.)  So, we have our little matching retainer cases in the bathroom.  This is not really a favorite now but I guess it will be when we both have perfect smiles in the future.  Also, it is really sweet how mature and responsible Taylor is with her spacer.  


3.  My hubby has been working a lot of overtime lately, so I have been trying to prepare dinners that I can make the night before and then easily re-heat (since we are eating a lot later than usual).  I made meatloaf this week that we had on Tuesday and Wednesday night.  It was absolutely delicious and so nice to have a home-cooked meal despite our busy schedules.  If you are interested, the recipe is here.


4.  Taylor had her soccer luncheon and got a pretty fancy trophy.  It has a ball that spins and a plaque engraved with her name.  I just love her little face.


5.  This made me laugh.  I totally need one of these!  My hubby’s snoring is so loud.  

Okay lovelies, I hope you have a fabulous weekend!  My birthday is Monday (St. Paddy’s Day) so we are going to dinner to celebrate on Saturday night.  We also have a birthday party for our friend’s adorable little girl so it should be a fun few days! 

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