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Want It Wednesday!

Want It Wednesday

Happy Hump Day guys!  I hope your week is going well!  My day is off to a good start.  Even though I went out to dinner with my bestie last night {and had a few glasses of champagne} I still woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.  (I love when that happens!)  I have also been making a point of getting up early and doing my makeup this week instead of hitting the snooze button and I feel like it has totally helped my mood. I guess when I look my best I feel better.  Anywho, here are the things I am loving this week:

1.  Mario Badescu Drying Lotion.  I tend to have pretty dry skin but during the Summer I get a little oily and break out.  I keep hearing about this miracle lotion and I have been meaning to try it.  $17 isn’t that expensive either.  I might just give it a shot.

2.  May Book by May Designs.  Am I the only one that totally geeks out over paper goods?  I just love fancy stationary and using a pen and paper.  I have been keeping a list in the notes section of my iPhone as a way to organize my life but lately it has not been cutting it.  I have been sporadically looking for a planner but haven’t found anything perfect.  Then, yesterday I came across May Designs and FELL IN LOVE.  HARD.  I designed that little beauty above and I am so excited!  I cant wait to get it!!

3.  Versace Bright Crystal.  Not only does this perfume smell amazing but how beautiful is that bottle?  

4.  Cara Spike Hinge Cuff.  I just bought this beauty.  It is on sale at Nordstrom for $17.90 as part of their sale!  In the Summer I do tend to wear mostly yellow gold because it looks so gorgeous with white clothes and tanned skin but I also love me some silver so I snatched this baby up for Fall.

5.  NARS Cheek Palette.  I love this collection of colors!  It comes with Laguna and Orgasm (two super-popular and universally flattering colors that I am already familiar with) and two more that I would like to try.  Four beautiful shades for $49 isn’t a bad deal!

Okay my lovelies! I hope you have enjoyed my shopping picks for this week!  What are you loving?  

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Monogram Keychain Giveaway!

Happy Tuesday my loves!  Today I am teaming with the Etsy shop InPrettyWorld to bring you the chance to win a beautiful monogram keychain in your choice of color/style!  Here are a few of my favorites…

InPrettyWorld Keychains

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Good morning my loves!  Today I’m linking up with Biana and Meghan for a weekend recap!

ONE:  I mentioned to you guys last week that I was going to have a bit of a lazy, unplanned weekend.  It started off beautifully.  We all slept late, then I made some banana pancakes and Taylor and I lounged on the couch and watched a marathon of The Goldbergs. I had seen posters for this show all over NYC last year and I thought it looked dumb.  Then, for some reason I watched an episode recently and discovered how hilarious it is!  Now, Taylor and I are totally hooked.  

TWO and THREE:  A few episodes into our marathon, my adorable husband advised us that we had to be ready at 6 pm for a mystery family date.  He packed the car up and drove us up to Warwick, NY for a drive-in movie!  Yay!  This was on my Summer Bucket List and I was not sure we would be able to accomplish it because there are zero drive-in theaters nearby.  He did some research and located the Warwick Drive-In.  It was about an hour and a half drive from our house but so so so worth it.  Taylor loved it and we plan to do it again each Summer.

FOUR:  Sunday also started with sleeping late and then Taylor and I headed out for some girl time. Check out the purse!  That is definitely my daughter!  Soon she is going to want to dip into my LV collection.

FIVE, SIX and SEVEN:  Our first stop was the nail salon where I got my digits painted with my favorite – OPI Gelcolor in Alpine Snow.  I’ve been using this for a few years now – actually this was on my nails the entire Summer of 2013.  It holds up and stays bright white for weeks.  I wanted to switch it up a little so I got one ombre glitter nail as well.  

EIGHT:  After that we stopped for pizza (which Taylor was CLEARLY excited about, lol).

NINE:  I ended my weekend the same way it began – snuggled up watching TV with my fam.  

I feel super-relaxed and ready for the week.  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend as well!



Happy Friday!

oh hello weekend

Yes, ladies and gentlemen it is FRIDAY!  Woo hoo!  Earlier in the week the hubs and I started making all kinds of plans for this weekend.  We were going to drive out to Long Island and go on a five hour fishing trip.  We were going to drive to the Jersey Shore and hang out at the beach.  We were going to wake up at the crack of dawn and drive out to see our friends. Then, I woke up on Thursday morning and I thought, ” nope”.  I am not doing any of that. Every weekend this Summer we have over-planned.  It hasn’t been done on purpose but we are so ambitious with our time that we wind up packing too many things in and don’t allot enough for relaxation.  Instead, our revised weekend plans are to sleep late, hang out with Taylor, maybe take a picnic basket and a soccer ball and chill out at the park, eat dinner on our back patio and drink sangria.  I cant wait!  Okay, so let’s get this Friday started…here are my five favorites:

1.  I took Taylor to the Katy Perry show last Saturday night for her birthday!  We had a BLAST! Taking my girl to a concert is one of my favorite things.  It is so fun just to sing and dance together for a few hours and not have to worry about anything else.  Some of the other attendees had such awesome costumes!  Look at this one fan below:

Katy Perry Concert

2.  Sunday was T’s rock star birthday party and it went off without a hitch!  It was perfect! Everything worked out exactly as I wanted it to and all the details really looked great.  I put up a blog post yesterday about the VIP pass invitations and the photobooth.  I will be posting more on Monday about the decor and food.  I must say though that I don’t know how party planners do it.  I was so exhausted by the time it was over.  I could definitely not do that for a living!

A Little Glitter Dessert Table Rock Star Birthday Party Taylor Birthday

 3.  On Wednesday my girls and I had a fancy lunch at STK and I had the best dessert EVERRRRRR!  It was banana cream pie in a jar and it was so good that the three of us ate it silently and we each cleared our plates.  I have been dreaming about it since.  

Banana Cream Pie STK NYC Girls at STK

4.  I love this picture.  It is totally how I roll:

Totally flexible

5.  I would like to leave you with some positive thoughts for your weekend:

always believe impossible

I am linking up with LaurenAmyKarli and Amanda today so if you get a chance stop by and show them some love!  Have a fabulous weekend!  xo

Taylor’s Rock Star Birthday Party – Part One

A Little Glitter Rock Star Birthday Party

This is the story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down….well maybe not quite…but things were hectic there for a while when I got completely caught up in the web of party planning. Does that happen to anyone else?  You get so focused on a task you can hardly concentrate on anything else?  A few months ago I decided that this year I was going to throw a somewhat elaborate birthday party for Taylor since she was turning nine.  I could feel that lull approaching where my daughter would only want to have smaller sleepovers at our house.  No fancy partyware, no decorations, no clown.  Just me leaving them alone, snacks and tons of giggling.  Sigh.  So, because of that premonition I determined that this year would be my last hurrah of party planning and I was going to go big.

Taylor settled on the rock star theme when she attended a party for one of her classmates at the School of Rock and fell totally IN LOVE with it.  She had so much fun singing karaoke with her girls that she wanted to have her party there as well.  I wasn’t obsessed with the idea at first.  We had planned on a different theme and I had already invested many hours pinning ideas to go along with it.  She is a stubborn one though and since it was her birthday eventually I had to cave and let her have the party she wanted. Thinking about it now, a great way to further the rockstar theme would be to hire a band. Those looking to do this can use Headliner and search for acts in your area, like manchester bands.

The first thing idea that I had with regard to a rock star theme was to give out VIP backstage passes as invitations.  I was planning on creating them myself.  Taylor and I started browsing on Etsy (so she could get an idea of the colors and styles she liked best) and she spotted Savoir Faire Media’s Pink Rock Star VIP Pass Invitation.  She asked me to stop looking for ideas and “just buy that one”.  She loved it and she wanted it.  (My daughter is a very decisive creature.)  I reached out to Natalie at Savoir Faire Media and she agreed to work with me in creating a few items for Taylor’s party.  She was so sweet and helpful and sent me tons of information on having a rock star party (as she had thrown one recently for her own daughter).  The turnaround time for my files was super quick and soon as I got them I started printing them out and putting the invites together.  

A Little Glitter Rock Star VIP Invitations

I ordered the 3 x 4 name badge labels and the vertical badgeholders from Amazon.  I purchased the lanyards from Oriental Trading.  I was really pleased with how well they turned out.

A Little Glitter Rock Star VIP Pass Invitations

The next thing I wanted for the party was a photobooth where the girls could pose with rock star props.  I mean, how fun is a photobooth?  I looked into renting one but it was pretty expensive. Then, I spotted a few tutorials on how to make your own backdrop and decided to go that route.  Since I had recently taken a photography course (and was feeling a lot more comfortable with my DSLR camera) I figured I could just take the pictures myself and then forward them to the kids after the party in their thank you cards as a memento. Unfortunately, when I went to look at the space for the second time I saw the only spot where a photobooth area would work and there were things on the wall that would prohibit me from affixing a homemade backdrop to it.  So that plan was almost out the window until I spotted a backdrop stand on Etsy and realized I could get a stand, attach a photography backdrop to it and put it in the same spot at the School of Rock but in front of the wall and not attached to it.  (Dont you love when things work out?)  My photographer friend agreed to lend me his stand and I ordered this backdrop from the Backdrop Shop in the 5×5 size.  They were so great to work with and answered all my questions.  If you are interested in ordering one they are running a special where you can get 20% off with the code GRAND20!

A Little Glitter Rockstar Party DIY Photobooth 045 134

I ordered a bunch of props from Oriental Trading (including a blue wig, inflatable guitars and microphones and shutter sunglasses).  The kids had a blast posing in the photobooth and the pictures came out really great!  It was one of my favorite parts of the party.

Stay tuned for Taylor’s Rock Star Birthday Party – Part Two (where I will discuss the dessert table, decor and food).  Here is a sneak peak:

A Little Glitter Dessert Table Rock Star Birthday Party A Little Glitter Dessert Table Rock Star Birthday Party