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Link Love!

honest slogans

Above:  Honest Slogans is the funniest website ever!  

I dont know if you guys love/hate/are indifferent towards the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge but I think it’s great.  Taylor and I made a video (AND DONATED – PLEASE DONT FORGET TO ALSO DONATE) this past weekend.  I will include it tomorrow in my Friday Favorites.  I have been loving some of the others that I have seen as well.  My two favorite celebrity videos have to be Anna Wintour (because she has such a diva reputation and I love that she can also be a bit fun) and Ben Affleck.  I am posting both below.  Check them out:



Five things you absolutely must know about shopping for Fall.
– 17 people who took their love of Chipotle too far.  (Although is that really possible?)

Want It Wednesday!

Want It Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!  Woot woot!  This week is going by so quickly! 

I mentioned previously that I spent the Summer drinking, shopping and eating fattening foods.  This week began my detox of all those things.  Since I am off shopping, creating this post was really difficult!  I am especially dying over that fur vest!  Gimme gimme!

1.  BCBGMaxAzria Harlow Clutch.  This is a great Fall/Winter piece.  The color is gorgeous!

2.  Joie Fur Vest.  OMFGGGGGGGGGG.  I want this vest more than I have wanted anything in ages.  It’s price tag is keeping me from ordering but I am dying over it.  As soon as the self-imposed shopping ban is lifted I am SO buying a fur vest (hopefully/maybe this one).

3.  New York Necklace.  How cute is this?  I love that they included Long Island (since that is my favorite part of New York.)  

4.  J Crew Elsie Suede Pumps.  These are so beautiful for Fall.  I love their shape!

Phew.  Not going to lie.  That hurt.  I may have to discontinue these posts for a bit.  

I hope you all have a wonderful day and if you get a chance – pop over to Pink and Fabulous where I am sharing what’s in my purse!

For Posh Sake Giveaway!

For Posh Sake Water Bottle

 For those of you that know me (in real life and on the internet) you are probably already aware that I am obsessed with monograms!  I think they are a great way to dress up any item.  Now combine my two loves – monograms and glitter – and you get the gorgeous water bottle that Brooke from For Posh Sake sent over for Taylor!  It matches her backpack perfectly and she cant wait to bring it with her to fourth grade!  I (of course) am obsessed with the sparkle.  How cute would that be for the gym?  I want one for myself!

In case you were thinking the same thing, Brooke is going to give one away to a lucky ALG reader! You can enter below  using the Rafflecopter widget.  Good luck!

P.S. If you have a second you should also check out her store at For Posh Sake!  They have a huge amount of super cute monogrammed items!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Birchbox Soho

Birchbox Store NYC - Birchbox Store NYC - Birchbox StoreLast week I had the opportunity to visit the new Birchbox Store in Soho.  It opened in July and I was excited to visit (although I was really not sure what to expect from the brick and mortar location).  I don’t currently participate in the subscription service because I don’t feel like I could use all the samples every month.  I see a lot of posts about Birchboxes and while there are some items I would use there are always a few in each box that don’t interest me at all.

The store itself is beautiful and airy.  It is really well laid out and I found the staff to be friendly and helpful but not annoying.  There are products all over the first floor laid out in sections (makeup, fragrance, skincare, etc).

Birchbox Store IMG_1744 IMG_1751

In the center of the store there is an area with mirrors where you can try different products.

Birchbox Store Birchbox Store

My favorite part was the “Build Your Own Box” area in the back where you could put together your own Birchbox!  Unlike the subscription service, you get to choose the items that are included in your box.  There are five different categories and you pick which one you want from a selection of different products.  There were about five choices for each category. 

Birchbox StoreBirchbox StoreBirchbox Store

On the lower level of the store there was a large men’s section, a vast nail polish wall, accessories and tons of hair products.  

Birchbox StoreBirchbox StoreBirchbox Store

There is also a salon down there where you can get your hair, makeup and nails done or attend a beauty workshop.  (Sidenote – I saw a girl leaving after having makeup applied and it looked fabulous!  I would definitely use them for this in the future.)

All in all the store is very cute.  It doesn’t hurt either that Georgetown Cupcakes is right around the block.  Shopping for makeup and then enjoying a cupcake with a girlfriend is a pretty ideal way to spend an afternoon!

Birchbox Store


Oh hey…FRIDAY!

Guess who is the luckiest person ever?  ME!  I am starting this weekend early again!  I have taken the day off to run errands and attend a charity dinner later tonight.  I should do this every week. Not working Fridays is awesome!  

Here are my five favorites from this week:

1. Food Trucks.  I discovered a wonderful block filled with food trucks near my office this week. There were so many to choose from.  I finally settled on a grilled cheese with cheddar and pulled pork from Gorilla Cheese.  It was probably the most delicious thing I have ever had. Ever.

Gorilla Cheese Truck NYCGorilla Cheese Truck NYC

2.  May Designs Giveaway.  I am teaming up with May Designs to give away a May Book to one lucky reader!  I love mine and now would be a great time to win one with the kiddos going back to school and the activities starting up again.  You can enter below.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

3.  Snowballs.  I was having kind of a suckish day Wednesday.  Maybe the weather, maybe PMS.  Whatever.  Anyway, I was sitting at my desk frowning when the mail guy came over and brought me a box.  Inside it was a bunch of Snowballs from my bestie!  She knows I love them so she sent me a case of them.  How sweet is that?


4. Birchbox Store.  I ventured down to the new Birchbox Store in Soho yesterday and it is totes adorbs!  I am editing pictures now for a full review that I am posting on Monday so keep your eyes peeled!

Birchbox Store NYC -

Birchbox Store NYC -

5. Georgetown Cupcake.  It finally happened!  I finally made it down to Georgetown Cupcake and it was amazing!  My girlfriend and I shared a banana split and a chocolate ganache and they were both heaven!  I like them better than Sprinkles or Magnolia!  Also, check out this blinged out mixer they have!  I totally need one for my kitchen!

Georgetown Cupcake - Georgetown Cupcake - Georgetown Cupcake -

Okay loves, I am linking up with LaurenAmyKarli and Amanda today so if you get a chance stop by and show them some love!  Have a fabulous weekend!  xo