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Want It Wednesday!

Want It Wednesday

 Happy Hump Day boys and girls!  Here are the things I am LOVING from around the web this week:

1.  Flash tattoos!  I love these on the internet but every time I am about to order a pack I feel like I am too old.  I definitely don’t want to be the weirdo Mom walking around with the temporary tattoos.  Haha!  Order or not?

2.  Nespresso VertuoLine Espresso Machine.  I’ve had a Keurig for years and I am kind of over it.  I want a machine that can make both regular coffee and espresso.  I have heard really good things about the Nespresso machines.  In NYC they have freestanding stores where you can have coffee in their cafe but they also sell their at home brewers.  I spoke with a salesman about this one and he demonstrated it for me and let me drink the (delicious) coffee afterwards.  Now I cant stop thinking about it!  Does anyone have this?

3.  Graphic Image Metallic Passport Holder.  How do I not have a beautiful passport holder already?  That seems like something I would definitely own.  I should rectify this situation immediately.

4.  Toms Correa Sandals.  I need a pair of comfortable shoes for walking around in Toronto later in the month.  I was thinking of buying regular Toms but I just cant do it.  They just are not my style.  Then I spotted these.  I might be able to rock these.

5.  Bond No. 9 Travel Candles.  I am such a sucker for the packaging of these candles.  I love them!

What are you guys wanting this week?

Link Love!

18 Inventions by Women

Above – In the famous words of Beyonce, “Who run the world? Girls!” 

– Have you guys tried fluid foundation yet?  I am dying to test it out!

– OH MAN!  A teaser for Better Call Saul!  Is anyone else SUPER excited about this?

– Lisa is back at it again with Choconana Cupcakes!  Yummo!

The Ostrich Pillow is the most genius/hilarious thing ever.  I cant stop laughing.  Please someone buy me one!

May Designs {Review + A GIVEAWAY!}

May Books

Happy Monday Dolls!  I figured we should start the week off with a giveaway for a product that I have been raving about for the past few weeks.  If you follow along with this blog, you will have seen it here, here, here, my Instagram and Facebook accounts.  I am pretty much obsessed with my May Book.  Here is a peek at it:

May Designs Review and Giveaway I first spotted a May Book a month ago and fell instantly in love.  May Designs succeeds in combining three of my favorite things: monograms, beautiful paper goods and organization.

As a working Mom I have a lot of balls in the air and I HATE using an electronic planner.  I have tried apps that sync up on my iPad and iPhone and I am not a fan.  I am old school and I like to use pen and paper.  I love to make lists and cross things off.  I will even go so far as to add things to my list that I have recently accomplished just so I can cross it off.  (Haha! DON’T JUDGE!)  This planner is only a bit larger than a checkbook and it fits right in my purse.

One of my favorite parts of May Designs is their website.  It is EXTREMELY user friendly!  You begin by choosing a pattern (this may take a while because there are so many pretty ones to choose from).  Then you pick a background shape, typographic style and monogram color.  As you make selections it will show you what your May Book will ultimately look like.  I am a very visual person and I loved that I could see it all together and change things until I was happy with the end result.  

There are all different options for the book itself.  You can create an agenda, address book, meal planner, calorie and exercise journal, baby diary, bump diary, etc.  I wanted a planner and I chose the academic agenda because there is a monthly section and a weekly section.  I have been using washi tape and an extra fine sharpie to keep it organized.  

May Designs Review and Giveaway May Designs Review and Giveaway

This week, I’ve teamed up with May Designs to host a May Book Giveaway! One lucky reader will have the opportunity to design their own notebook, courtesy of May Designs!  Good luck!


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Oh hey…FRIDAY!

Happy Friday Dolls!  I’ve started my weekend a bit early.  I am off from work today and hanging out with my best girl at her camp carnival.  There is nothing better than sleeping late and spending some time with Taylor.  This weekend is already off to a fantastic start.

Here are my five favorites from the past week:

Rituals1.  RITUALS.  So, as I have mentioned previously, my bestie is in the City with me for the Summer.  I meet up with her during my lunch break practically every day and we meander around NYC, eat delicious foods, shop, talk and laugh.  During one such outing in Soho this week we came across a little shop called Rituals.  It was pretty cute so we went inside.  A very enthusiastic saleslady started to explain the concept of the store.  (They try to turn routines into rituals and make ordinary tasks into relaxing, meaningful moments.)  Okay, whatever.  Things were fine until the lady turned on a sink and demanded to wash our hands.  We were both immediately uncomfortable.  (Who wants another grown woman to wash their hands?  If we were at a spa or a salon I may have felt differently (probably not) but we were in the middle of a shop.  It was so awkward and seemed like such an invasion of my personal space.)  I stammered out an excuse about being allergic to a lot of different things. (I was actually totally proud of myself because I am normally a terrible liar.)  Kim outright refused and we ran away.  It was hilarious.  I am not sure who’s idea the hand-washing thing was but I don’t think that is the best sales tactic.  

2014-08-06 13.13.46 2014-08-06 13.14.11 Sprinkles2.  SPRINKLES.  Boom!  After my disappointment in missing out on a Georgetown Cupcake earlier in the week we decided to head over to Sprinkles on Wednesday. Not only did I eat a delicious red velvet in the store but I also brought a few home for Billy and Taylor (and myself).  I am obsessed with them and they have knocked my former favorite (Magnolia Bake Shop) right out of the number one cupcake spot in my life.

Juice Generation3.  Juice Generation.  This Summer has been awesome.  I’ve been eating and drinking ANYTHING I want.  (I’m talking cupcakes, donuts, beer, sangria, barbecue food, burgers.)  I’ve indulged in so many tasty treats that I am on the verge of having my pants not fit anymore.  I have definitely gained about ten solid pounds.  It’s fine.  I’m  not going to sit and cry about how fat I am.  I wasn’t crying when I ate the Sprinkles cupcakes last night either.  I am, however, trying to take small measures to keep me in my current size.  One of those things is to substitute a juice from Juice Generation in for my usual non-healthy breakfast.  So far, so good.  It doesn’t hurt that JG is right outside my job, the store smells like heaven and the juices are yummy.  

Bip and Bop Jewelry

4.  Bip and Bop Jewelry.  How beautiful and unique is that bracelet?  I need it in my life. Pretty much every item in their store is amazing and the prices are very reasonable.


5.  I face this conundrum every weekend and I usually choose to have fun.  Sorry bank account/husband!  Maybe next week!

Okay loves, I am linking up with LaurenAmyKarli and Amanda today so if you get a chance stop by and show them some love!  Have a fabulous weekend!  xo

What’s In Your Purse?

What's In My Purse alittleglitter.comI don’t know about you guys but I am obsessed with purses.  They are my favorite.  I could care less about shoes but I feel a need to hoard bags.  I am totally unapologetic about it as well.  I have seen a bunch of “What’s In My Purse” posts lately so I decided to jump on board.

Inside this beautiful Chanel is:

– My Debit Card (I rarely carry cash.  I hate it.  I think it’s dumb to have to stop at an ATM all the time when I can just use my card.  Also, I think having paper money is just wrong.  It is so delicate and easily ruined.  I don’t want my dollars flying away in a gust of wind.  Pass.)

– My Driver’s License, Car Key and Metrocard.   Not all that interesting but necessary. 

– My iPhone and the beautiful new case I just got at Five Below.  This case was part of a two pack and it was only FIVE DOLLARS!  The other case in the pack was this lovely purple color.  I felt like I won the lottery when I spotted this set.

– Trident Tropical Twist Gum.  This is my jam.  I had Invisalign on my teeth for the past year or so and I was unable to chew gum.  Now I do it all the time.  It keeps me from snacking on junk and my breath stays fresh.  Love.

My May Book.  I am totally obsessed with this planner lately.  Now that I can see all my potential blog posts laid out it makes planning for the week ahead so much easier.  (Plus, I think the pattern/monogram are so pretty!)

– Benetint.  I have mentioned in the past that my lips have a naturally blue, corpse-like undertone.  It is not a good look.  I use Benetint every morning and reapply once in the afternoon.  This is a lip stain and it dries quickly.  It is extremely buildable and it gives your lips a flat, light red tint.  I put gloss over it.  As the gloss wears off throughout the day, the Benetint is still there and keeps my pout looking non-zombie.

Nars Lipgloss in Risky Business.  This is my go-to lipgloss.  I have probably used 30 or more tubes of this stuff.  It is the best color ever.  If you are looking for something new, I suggest this one.  It is natural-looking and universally flattering.

MAC Blot Powder Compact.  In the Summer I can get a bit shiny.  This clears me right up.

Lancome Effacernes Waterproof Concealer.  I carry this just in case I take a peek in the mirror and notice any redness.  It is not the best concealer I have ever used though.  When it is done I am going to move onto the Hourglass one that I just bought.

Bliss Lemon Body Butter.  Even though it is Summer, no one told my elbows or hands apparently.  They get super dry and I need to moisturize them periodically.  I love the scent of this lotion.  

That’s what is currently in my bag.  What’s in yours?  I would love to see!