2016 Holiday Gift Guide For The Gals!

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for the Gals!

Happy Monday Loves!  You may have been able to glean from the title of this post (or the big picture above) that today is the beginning of my series of holiday gift guides!  I know some of you out there are bah humbugging me right now and thinking that it is not even Thanksgiving yet and you’re right.  It’s not.  But, this is the best time to get your holiday shopping and prep work done.  I am not only going to share my favorite gifts for the gals in this post but also a few ways that I save money during the Christmas season!  Hopefully, I can save you a few bucks, too.  Who doesn’t need extra money this time of year?

To begin, if you don’t belong to Ebates you should take a second and sign up right now.  I tried it a few years ago but I would forget about it and only use it sporadically so I never saved much money.  Now, they have a Google Chrome plugin that pops up whenever you navigate over to a store that they offer cash back for.  You click on the button to activate your savings and if then you buy something you get that percentage of your purchase automatically added to your Ebates account.  It is a great reminder and I have been saving money left and right using it!  (This is not a sponsored post either. I just use Ebates and love it so I figured I would share.)  If you don’t belong and would like to join you can use my affiliate link and we will both make a few dollars.  Yay! 

Another way that I save money while Christmas shopping is to prepare a shopping list and then look through the Black Friday ads to see what is being offered for a discount on November 25th.  (If you Google “Black Friday ad scans” there are tons of sites that have leaked copies of the Black Friday circulars in advance.)   I am not brave enough to venture to actual stores with the mobs of people on Black Friday but there are great online deals to be had as well!

Okay, now that I have shared a few ways to save some dough, here are my picks on what to buy for the gals this holiday season:

1. Swell Light Hearted Water Bottle.  I have to admit that I thought it was silly to spend $35 on a water bottle and I fought the urge to buy one for a while.  Then, I realized that I was spending $2 on a small Poland Spring at the gym every day so it might be smarter to invest in a Swell.  I get what the fuss was about.  I use mine all the time and I love how cold it keeps my drinks!  I fill it up and tote it around and hours later there is still ice in it.  Totally worth it!

2. Sugarfina Yes Way, Rosé Candy Bento BoxGummy bears and gummy roses made with Whispering Rosé?  Yes please!  Sugarfina nailed it with this cute set!  This would also make a great hostess gift!

3. BP. Square Stud Earrings.  These little guys look just like the ones at Kate Spade but the set of two pairs is only $9.98!  These would make a fantastic stocking stuffer!

4. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera.  I have one of these are they are so fun!  You can get film with all different borders and I love the instant gratification of being able to get a picture printed immediately.  They make a great gift for any age group from your little Sister to your bestie at work.

5. MAC Nutcracker Sweet Gold Pigments and Glitter Kit.  MAC nails it with their gift sets every year and this one is no different.  Their nutcracker-themed offerings are gorgeous and I am really digging their color palettes.

6. Sephora Play Box Subscription.  This is the gift that keeps on giving!  For only $10 a month you can treat one of your gals to a subscription of five deluxe skin care, makeup, and hair care samples (plus a fragrance bonus!).  This is a fantastic present!

7. Ugg Ansley Leopard Spot Calf Hair Slipper.  Ugg slippers are the perfect gift for anyone on your list from your Grandpa to your niece.  They make a pair to match the style of everyone (from classic to funky) and they are so stinking comfortable!  I live in mine all Fall and Winter.

8. She Believed She Could’ Cuff by MANTRABAND.  I love this phrase!  I think this is a great positive reminder and so stylish all at the same time! 

I hope I was able to provide you guys with some good ideas and make your holiday shopping a bit easier!  Check back in tomorrow because I am sharing my Gift Guide for the Men…and you know how hard they can be to buy for!  

3 thoughts on “2016 Holiday Gift Guide For The Gals!

  1. Nadine

    Love your list! I have still yet to try the Sugarfina gummy bears that everyone is posting but I need to get on that. Those earrings look just like KS!!! I thought they were until I clicked the link. I love that mantra band. That is such a great and stylish reminder to have on your wrist!

  2. kristen

    ebates is my jam!! i used to forget all the time but the little chrome button helps me now. love it! i am thinking of getting Sephora Play Box Subscriptions for my girlfriends, such a good idea!


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