2016 Holiday Gift Guide For The Guys!

 2016 Holiday Gift Guide For the Guys

Hey guys! I’m back with the next installment of my 2016 Holiday Gift Guides! Today we are talking about the guys! Does anyone else find shopping for men to be the most difficult thing ever? I feel like men just don’t want as many things as females. Hopefully, I can provide a little gifting inspiration for you today!

1. Kiehl’s Ultimate Man Body Refueling Set. Kiehl’s products are amazing and I love to get these for friends and co-workers. This set is perfect for the man that takes care of himself but it’s not overly girly.

2. Carbon Fiber Watch and Cufflink Travel Case. This case is perfect for the jetsetter on your list. It will protect their watches and cufflinks and it is offered at a great price point!

3. A luxury watch There’s no point getting them a watch case if they don’t have a nice watch to put into it so go directly to Jacobs The Jeweller here and look for some luxury watches for them.

4. Creed Aventus. I remember years ago flipping through a magazine and reading an interview with Jay Z where they asked him what the best gift he ever got was. You know what his answer was? Creed. It says something about the level of luxury of this fragrance when a person that has tons of money and probably gets tons of gifts qualifies it as the best gift they’ve ever received.

5. Key Ninja. This one is perfect for the man that has a big ol’ pocket full of keys! My Dad is like that. He has tons of keys on his ring and we always tease him that he is like a school janitor! This is a great way for him to get organized!

6. Hubsan X4 Camera Drone. Boys and their toys? Am I right? This is a fabulous (and relatively inexpensive) drone that is perfect for your guy to play around with and it is small enough that it can be flown indoors while they practice.

6. 3D Football Helmet Puzzle. This is perfect for the sports fan! It comes in all the different teams and for only $30 it is a great price! I think it would be so cute for a rainy/snowy day activity with the kiddos, too.

I hope I was able to share some gift inspiration for the guys in your life. Head back tomorrow to check out my gift guide for the littles!

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  1. Nadine

    haha all the guys in Chris’s family got drones two years ago. And a few years before that they were all getting remote control helicopters. Boys and their toys is right! I love the Keils gift set idea! Lots of guys use those products but never think to grab them for themselves and that is a great price point.


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