2016 Summer Reading List Update

2016 Summer Reading List Update

Summer is winding down and I still have four books on my list to read.  I have to blame this problem on Jojo Moyes.  I was boycotting her book, Me Before You, because it was too popular and I hate things that like that.  It repulses me when too many people are talking about something and I steer clear, lol.  Eventually, I gave in to my curiosity and loved it so much that I have fallen into a pretty deep Jojo Moyes hole and cant stop compulsively reading all her novels.  I am currently finishing Silver Bay and then I plan to move on to The Nest and complete my Summer Reading List.  

Here is what I think of the first five novels that I have completed:

The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton

The Secret Keeper

This was one of the best books I have read in a long time.  I recommend it to people all the time and I have gotten numerous messages back that they read it and loved it.  Definitely check this one out if you have not read it yet.  It is one of my favorite novels of 2016!

Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty

Truly Madly Guilty

Okay, so full disclosure – I listened to this as an audiobook.  The way the narrator read any of the lines spoken by Vid was like nails on a chalkboard for me and ruined the entire book.  I did not think this book was anything spectacular (even without my issues with the narration).  I was disappointed and would not recommend this one.  I know it was super popular because everyone loves Liane Moriarty so I am eager to see if anyone agrees with me or if you all loved it and I am totally crazy.  Leave me a comment with your opinion!

The Last Letter From Your Lover by Jojo Moyes

The Last Letter From Your Lover

When I first started reading The Last Letter From Your Lover it resembled Sophie Kinsella’s book, Remember Me? so much that I started to get angry.  Remember Me? is one of my favorite novels and I have read it many times.  The plotline about a woman that was in a car accident, wakes up in the hospital and cant remember anything about her life (including her husband and other important plot points) were the same but thankfully the similarities end and the book does go on to be fully different and it’s own story.  (Thank God.)  I really enjoyed this novel and have recommended it to quite a few people.

First Comes Love by Emily Giffin

First Comes Love

While I enjoyed this book it has kind of faded into the background for me as being average.  I enjoyed certain parts a lot but overall it was not anything to write home about.  It was not a standout although it was significantly better than some of the last few books Emily Giffin has written.  I would give it five stars out of ten.

Falling by Jane Green


Falling really caught me off guard.  It was not at all what I expected it to be and I was very emotionally invested in the characters.  I even found myself crying at one point in the story.  I was moved by this novel in a big way and I really loved the main character, Emma.  If you have not read this one I do recommend it.

Have you guys read anything fantastic this Summer that you would recommend?  What has been your favorite book so far?

12 thoughts on “2016 Summer Reading List Update

  1. kristen

    hahaha i used to do the same thing – i was so against harry potter, lord of the rings, pirates of the caribbean (obviously this was years ago) and when i caved, i loved all of them. so i try not to let other people talking about something steer me away, though i am glad i read me before you before it got absolutely crazy popular.
    okay, definitely adding falling to me list. sounds amazing.
    i only just read remember me last weekend, and i really enjoyed it! i mean, i only rated it 3/5 but that’s not a bad thing to me because it was exactly what i needed at the time, and was super cute and funny. i haven’t read that moyes one yet.
    i keep trying to start truly madly whatever-y and i just can’t get into it. i’ll get to it eventually, but i’m in no rush – i keep hearing crappy things unfortunately. and i hate when a narrator ruins a book for me!!

  2. Nadine

    So I have to agree with you on Truly Madly Guilty. I had high expectations because I have read every last one of her books and loved them all and this was my least favorite. I did audio too and hated Vid’s voice…though I did get used to it. It was just ho-hum nothing special. I think I gave it 3 stars? Mainly because it was Moriarty. Had it been someone else, I would have given 2. My favorite character was Tiffany and Erika got on my damn nerves and so did Clemtine, honestly.

    First Comes Love was just average for me. I liked that it took place where I lived in Atlanta for so long so I had a connection there but the characters were sort of meh for me. The rest of these books are already on my TBR and I really cant wait to read them after hearing what you had to say!

  3. Andrea Nine

    I have read two of these…Falling was spectacular, hit me right in the heart but you are NOT crazy, Moriarty is one of my favorite authors but the characters had no life to them, boring and it drug on, took me two weeks to get through it.

  4. lauren

    totally agree with you about me before you. I did the same boycott until I finally gave in and loved that book! I tried to read the secret keeper but couldn’t get into it… maybe I’ll try again 🙂

  5. Lindsay

    I have to add these to my list! I am a Liane Moriarty fan but I haven’t heard much about that book. I really liked the Nest because it’s so different so you definitely need to read that!


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