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Make Your Commute More Enjoyable With Walmart Family Mobile!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias and Walmart Family Mobile. All opinions are mine alone.  Thanks for supporting the brands that support A Little Glitter.                  #DataAndAMovie #CollectiveBias

Walmart Family Mobile #DataAndAMovie

Every weekday I travel forty-five minutes into and then out of NYC for work.  I guess that sounds like a long time but it actually goes by very quickly thanks to my smartphone!  Years ago (before I had Taylor) my job was an hour and a half away and I had to drive there and back in bumper to bumper traffic.  It was absolute TORTURE!  It makes me really appreciate my current commute.  I don’t have to watch the road and can hang in my comfy express bus seat instead and read, watch movies/TV shows, shop online and check out my Instagram feed.  

All the time I spend online means that I burn through a lot of data.  My old carrier would slow down my internet after I reached 4GB and it was very frustrating.  I could not tell if I was just in a spot where I was getting bad service or if I had gone over my data limit.  It started happening more and more so I decided to change my plan.  

I am sure you know by now that I go to Walmart regularly.  I am there usually a few times a month.  Our local Walmart is a Supercenter so I can get everything done in one place including food shopping and oil changes.    

I started my mission for more data in their electronics department.  That was where I found out about Walmart Family Mobile and let me tell you – GAME CHANGER!    Walmart Family Mobile Collective Bias #DataAndAMovie

With Walmart Family Mobile PLUS I am able to get unlimited talk, text, & data (which includes up to 10GB of 4G LTE plus a free movie on VUDU every month) per line for $49.88.  That is less than a third of what I was paying for my old plan plus it comes with way more data!
Walmart Family Mobile #Dataandamovie

Also, long gone are the days of having to get a pre-paid flip phone unless you lock into a contract with a carrier.  They have phones from LG, HTC and Samsung.  I wound up picking up a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime for $79.92!  I have not paid under $600 for a smartphone in years!  I was astounded! 

I also bought a $25 “Starter Kit” to go along with my phone.  It includes a Micro SIM card so I could use the Walmart Family Mobile plan.

Purchasing my Samsung Galaxy Core Prime and the accompanying Walmart Family Mobile Plan required no credit check, no deposit and no annual contract to sign.  It was easy peasy!

walmart family mobile

Now, I don’t have to worry about running out of data during my commute and I get a free movie every month on VUDU as well.  I can stream all the new releases they offer right to my smart TV and have a movie night with my best girl.  She is dying to watch Goosebumps again so that may be our movie for January.  

Walmart Family Mobile

If you are looking for a plan that is less expensive and comes with more data you should definitely consider the Walmart Family Mobile PLUS Plan!  How would you use the money you would save?

Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to or your local Walmart for current pricing.

Happy Friday – Blizzard Edition!


Happy Friday you guys!  Even though this was a short week for me it still felt like it dragged.  I am really looking forward to this weekend!  I had plans to FINALLY do that escape room with my girlfriends on Saturday night but with the forecasters predicting a blizzard for NYC we had to postpone it (again).  I have officially cleared my calendar and I plan to hunker down and spend Saturday and Sunday in sweats with T.  In honor of my upcoming vegetation, I am switching things up a bit and listing my five favorites for a snowstorm!

1. A Comfy Robe.  I just bought this robe from the Restoration Hardware outlet over the weekend and I have been living in it!  It is literally the best thing I have ever put on my body.  If God were a robe, he would be this one.

CO14HOL_B123_p99 2. Delicious Food.  I am planning on roasting a turkey breast on Saturday and I cant wait until my apartment is filled with yummy food smells while it is cooking.  Thankfully, I bought it last weekend and don’t have to venture out to the food store because I’m sure it is a madhouse and Peapod has no delivery slots available until Monday.  How nice is it to veg out all day and then enjoy a feast?


3.  Movies and Shows.  Taylor and I have been planning to watch Scorch Trials (the sequel to Maze Runner) for a while now so that is definitely on the agenda.  I am also pretty deep into Making A Murderer.  I will definitely be watching many episodes of that as well.  Have you guys been watching?  Guilty or no?  What is your vote?  NO SPOILERS!  I am not done yet and I will slice you.

MAM_Vertical_Keyart_US.0 Maze-Runner-The-Scorch-Trials-2015

4.  Wine.  I don’t usually drink but last weekend I bought the cutest wine glasses at Homegoods (you may have spied them on Instagram) and I may just enjoy a glass or two during my movie watching and couch snuggling since I wont have to drive anywhere.

2016-01-18 17.53.09-1 (1)

5. Facial Products.  Does anyone else love a good grooming session when they are bored and trapped in the house?  Big shout out to my girl, Nadine Lynn, who emailed me after last week’s Friday post to let me know that the Dr. Brandt Needles No More Filler Mask that I was salivating over was included in Sephora’s 500 point Dr. Brandt Skincare Age Erasers box!  I had 538 points in my bank just waiting for a proper reward and I got my box last week.  I cant wait to try all that stuff this weekend!   I will definitely report back!


Have a great weekend and don’t forget to stop by and show some love to today’s link up hosts:  AprilAmanda and Della if you get a chance. xo


The Moms and Secrets Resorts #HodaMamarazzi

Do you guys love Hoda Kotb?  She has some SERIOUS fans.  Earlier this month I was invited by the Moms to attend a luncheon at the Hunt and Fish Club in New York City to meet Hoda and celebrate the release of her new book.  I’ll be honest, at that point I didn’t really know much about her.  I work during the day and I am not around for her show, so I did not have an opinion on her at all.  I almost skipped the event altogether because of it.

When I told some of my non-blogger girlfriends about the invitation they INSISTED that I go.  They also begged me to get them a copy of the book.  I thought they were being a little crazy but when I went to the event there were girls that came from Canada to hear her speak.  The audience members that stood up gushed about how much they loved her.  People just adore her!

After this event I have to say that I can understand why.  Right off the bat when she came out I was impressed with her.  She had on a gorgeous pink dress that was totally appropriate for the event (but a little bit special at the same time).  She had a fabulous, glowing smile and just radiated happiness.

She talked about some of the struggles she endured (like having cancer and getting divorced at the same time) and how they caused her to change her perspective and she was so positive and inspiring.  There was no self pity, only hope.  Here is a video (courtesy of the Moms):

She spoke about her new book, Where We Belong, and I even got a signed copy in my swag bag!

Here is an description of Where We Belong from Goodreads:

From New York Times bestselling author and beloved Today show co-anchor Hoda Kotb—inspiring stories of people who find their life’s purpose in unexpected ways, often surprising themselves and the ones they love.

Most of us wonder what we’re doing. We float around in the glass half-empty, gaze out into the world of possibilities, and wonder if we should get off of our raft and climb out. Maybe even today you asked yourself: Is it too late to do that thing that made me so happy when I was young? Could what matters most to me finally be the center of my life? Can I really trust this yearning voice in my head and longing in my heart? Do I feel like I’m where I belong?

In this incredible collection of stories, Hoda Kotb writes about individuals who realized their path in life was either veering off in a completely new direction or was getting too far off course from where they knew they belonged. By following their passions, their gut, and their heart, these people learned how fulfilling life could truly feel. From the investment banker who became a minister after years of working on Wall Street, to the young woman from a blue-collar background whose passion took her to Harvard Medical School, to the high-powered PR exec who found herself drawn to a pioneering residential community, to a “no-kids” guy who now helps children all over the world, the stories in Where They Belong come from an array of ordinary individuals who have discovered the power of embracing change or fighting for a dream. Hoda also interviews celebrities, such as producer Mark Burnett and actress/producer Roma Downey, comedienne Margaret Cho, and former boxer Laila Ali, all who’ve pursued their passions to find fulfillment.

With examples of perseverance, self-reflection, and new attitudes on life, Where They Belong is a motivating and inspirational look at exploring and finding the right path for your personal journey.

I have to say that this topic really resonated with me.  This last year was tough with my separation and a large part of the difficulty I had was amping myself up to make a change.  I could have stayed in my marriage even though I knew something about it was not right.  I could have muddled through and chalked all the fighting up to “that’s just what marriage is” and a lot of people think that I should have.  It is VERY scary to make a change and deal with the unknown.  I have so much respect for the people in Hoda’s book and I am so glad that I got a chance to listen to her talk about it.  It is not every day that you get to be in a room with someone that is so uplifting and charismatic. 

Thank you so much to the Moms, Secrets Resorts, The Hunt and Fish Club and Hoda Kotb for a lovely afternoon!

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review A Little Glitter

Over the Summer I cut my hair pretty short.  (Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t get a buzz cut or anything but I took off a significant amount of length.)  

My husband and I were in the early stages of separating, I was super stressed and I needed a change.  At the time it felt very freeing and it also had the added benefit of making my beauty routine easier, so that was nice.  As time passed though, I started to miss my long locks.  

I found this picture on the internet recently and it pretty much sums up my current hair situation.

I found this picture on the internet recently and it pretty much sums up my current hair situation.

Even now, I have gained a few inches but I still feel like it is growing  at a snail’s pace.  I’ve even been taking vitamins with Biotin but nothing seems to be helping.  

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review

When Irresistible Me reached out to collaborate on a review I was really excited about the prospect of having long hair instantly!  I was nervous though.  I am not a professional hair person by any means and I have never used extensions before.  I was intimidated by the thought of putting them in but after checking out their website I felt a lot better.  There have a ton of information on their website and Pinterest that put my mind at ease.  There are pictures and videos showing the different colors, lengths and wefts of hair and tutorials on how to attach the pieces.  This one really made me feel confident that I would be able to put them in properly.


I went on their website to choose the length, weight and color of my extensions.  This part was actually very difficult for me.  Even though they have charts and videos to help you choose the shade closest to your color, my hair is dark blonde with platinum blonde highlights.  I was not sure what color to match the extensions to since I have two very different shades happening.  I ultimately decided to go with light brown color so that it would match the darker tones on the underside of my hair.  I am so glad I did that!  It wound up looking great!

There are tons of different colors you can choose from and when you get your order there are two different sealed packages of hair inside.  One contains your extensions and the other contains smaller sample pieces that you can put on to confirm that you ordered the right color.  If you need to return or exchange just send back the sealed package of extensions and you are good to go.  I thought that was a really smart idea.  This way you can try on the hair in the comfort of your own home without being stuck with it if you ordered the wrong shade.

I chose 20″ length and I decided on 200g in weight. I was really aiming for length and volume and looking for a dramatic difference from my real hair.  The 200g comes with ten pieces.  Included in the box were:

1 x 4 clips
2 x 3 clips
5 x 2 clips
2 x 1 clips

This chart really helped me narrow down the length.  I am glad I looked at it before ordering though.  Since I was wanting long hair I probably would have gone with the longest possible option had I not seen it and it would have felt like too much for me.  I am 5’11 and the 20″ length was almost down to my waist!


My first impression of my Irresistible Me extensions was that it was A LOT of hair.  I was really excited about it.  I also could not believe how quickly it arrived!  They ship their products from China so I thought I would have to wait a while but it came super quick.  I got it within a week.

I finally got the chance to experiment with my new hair last weekend and my first impression of them is that the extensions are FUN!  Even my friend’s son got in on the action!  He sported a boy bob and a mullet!  

My hair grows pretty slowly and I have to cut it regularly due to bleaching it blonde.  I have never been able to have such a fabulous, voluminous mane before and I LOVED IT!  I really felt like a mermaid!

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

The difference between my normal everyday hair and my hair with the Irresistible Me extensions was striking and I was really impressed with how real the hair felt.  It did not feel awkward, itchy or like I was wearing a wig.  (I worried about all those things.)  I wore them two full days in a row and I was very comfortable.

I am really looking forward to styling it different ways in the future.  I cant wait to see how it all looks curled for a night out or even in a cute braid!  Overall Irresistible Me made me a believer!  I had not considered extensions before and now I am hooked!

Before and After

If you are in the market for extensions, Irresistible Me is offering 20% off for new customers with the code GET20OFF!

Disclaimer: I was sent the extensions by Irresistible Me in exchange for an honest review – all opinions are 100% my own. 

Happy Friday Loves!


Happy Friday Loves!

I am super excited for the long weekend ahead!  I am heading out to Long Island with Taylor.  We have plans with all of our friends and family and I cant wait to see everyone!  Do you guys have anything fun going on?

 Today, I am linking up with AprilAmanda and Della for my Friday Favorites!  Here goes…

1. Rachel McAdams.  Red carpet season is upon us and the Golden Globes brought out some gorgeous looks earlier in the week.  My favorite has to be Rachel McAdams!  Her Lanvin gown featured an exquisite floral print and I think she looked fantastic in it!  It was a classic silhouette but the pattern kept it from feeling boring.


2. Pretty Little Liars.  I’m so excited that it’s back!  I mentioned in last week’s Friday Favorites that Dry Bar was giving free blowouts all day on Tuesday in celebration of the Pretty Little Liars Winter Premiere.  Somehow, I was lucky enough to be able to snag a spot!  I have to give major props to Dry Bar here.  I was worried that when I got to the salon it would be a madhouse with tons of people waiting but it was nothing like that.  It was chill and mellow and I was able to enjoy my free blowout, drink a glass of wine and not feel rushed.  They ran the promotion flawlessly.  Then, later that night I watched the episode and it was so good.  This Season is going to be a good one, bitches!  

3. Younger.  Speaking of awesome TV shows…the second season of Younger just started!  Have you guys been watching?  I really like the show and I love Hillary Duff in it.  It is on Wednesday nights.  If you haven’t watched yet start with Season 1.  I’m sure it is on Hulu.


4.  Ellie Goulding – Something In The Way You Move.  This song is my FAVE lately!   I have been playing it on repeat.

5.  Dr. Brandt Needles No More Filler Mask.  I have a Sephora gift card burning a hole in my pocket and I have been DYING to try this.  I am a huge fan of Dr. Brandt’s products.  Has anyone used this?  Thoughts?  Should I pull the trigger and try it out?


Okay my loves, have a wonderful weekend and I will see you back here on Monday.