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Woo Hoo!  The only thing better than Friday is Friday before a three-day weekend!  The last few weekends have been hectic for me.  Rushing all over and tons of errands.  I don’t have too much on the agenda for this one though and I cant wait to just chillax a bit.  Maybe some Target, maybe some Gilmore Girls.  Cant wait!

Today, I am linking up with AprilAmanda and Della for my Friday Favorites!  Let’s jump right into them!

1. Fuller House.  The trailer came out this week and it looks so good!  John Stamos makes a comment about how good they all look and I have to say that I agree.  They have all aged so well!  I cant wait to watch with Taylor!

2.  Mugs.  I have a major mug obsession.  I hoard them!  I have been eyeing these two for a while and I feel like I need them both in my life!  They will be my last two!  Promise!  (My fingers are totally crossed!  Haha!)


Thug Life Mug

3.  Starbucks Cozy Collection.  If you guys follow me on Insta (and if not you totally should) you may have caught a glimpse of the Starbucks Cozy Collection that I received the other day.  It is AMAZING and comes with the softest blanket ever (Taylor and I fight over who gets to use it and have decided to alternate nights), delicious Walkers shortbread cookies, hand-crafted vanilla bean marshmallows from Madyson’s Marshmallows, a mug (see my obsession noted above) and some of their new hot cocoa k-cups (including my new fave – salted caramel).  I am a HUGE coffee and Starbucks fan so I was totally blown away by this package.  I am going to be sharing more about it next week on the blog including a chance for you to win one of your own!

4.  Valentine’s Day Breakfast.  I am splitting the holiday with Taylor’s Dad so I figured I would make a festive Valentine’s Day breakfast for my girl.  I have been searching Pinterest and I think I am going to wind up making Funfetti Pancakes and Bacon Hearts!



5.  You Had Me At Hello.  I learned about this book from Kirsten. This is the Literary Ladies book for February.  I highly recommend that you join in on the fun.  This is my second time participating and I have really enjoyed both books chosen as part of the book club.  They are not from authors that I would have found on my own.  You Had Me At Hello was amazing!  I loved it so much that I sat in my car at the bus stop last night reading instead of rushing home because I had to find out what happened next!  You still have plenty of time to join in on the fun for February!  Go download it!

15733851 (1)

Alright loves – I hope you have a fabulous weekend and  a really fun Valentine’s Day! xo

My Latest Rocksbox!

Rocksbox Review

Happy Hump Day Loves!  I don’t know about you guys but I love to see what everyone gets in their subscription boxes.  Whether it is a Birchbox, Stitchfix, Glambox, etc.  I want to know what was inside.  I am totally nosy like that.  Hopefully you are too because it’s Rocksbox O’Clock!

I have had my current set since December 23rd.  Not because it was all that fabulous (although it is not the worst box I’ve ever gotten either), but because I am lazy and I totally forgot about it.

My current set includes:

Skyline Necklace


SLATE Skyline Necklace SLATE Skyline Necklace

This necklace was the worst thing in my current set.  The gems were VERY cheap looking.  It almost resembled costume jewelry that my ten year-old would buy at a toy store.  No bueno.  It did not help that it was $80!  Obviously this necklace was returned.


Kendra Scott
Fran Earring in Pink Agate


Kendra Scott Fran Earring in Pink Agate

These were actually pretty cute.  I did wear them a few times.  On the plus side, they were very lightweight and the pink color was gorgeous.  I liked them but I did not think they went with enough of my wardrobe to invest $52 in buying them.  


Teagan Cuff


Gorjana Teagan Cuff Gorjana Teagan Cuff

This cuff was a pretty, hammered gold.  I liked it and I wore it more than anything else in the box.  It was adjustable (which is good since I have fat wrists) and fit comfortably.  I have a similar bracelet from Express though so I did not buy this one at $96.  I think that was definitely more than it was worth.


All in all this was a decent box.  The items contained were expensive and I didn’t feel like I could not live without any of them.  At $19 a month for all three I do feel confident that i got my money’s worth and I cant wait to see what comes in next month’s set!

Do you guys subscribe to Rocksbox?  Have you gotten anything fabulous in recent boxes that I should add to my wishlist?

You Should Go And Love Yourself!

Tuesdays are usually pretty dull so I figured I would brighten yours up by sharing a fun giveaway!  

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and while having love for other people is important – it is also SO SO important to love yourself!  I know I feel my best when I take the time out to pamper myself, so in that spirit, I am collaborating with a bunch of my blogger besties to bring you guys the opportunity to win a ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION TO BIRCHBOX!  Now that is a lot of pampering!  You can enter using the Rafflecopter widget below.  

Good luck, loves! xo

Love Yourself Valentine Picture Hosted by: Jessi’s DesignThe Sequin Notebook,  Going The Distance,  Pink and Fabulous, Living On Cloud Nine, Lisa Loves John, Twin Living Blog and A Little Glitter. 

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5 Ways To Keep Skin Soft In Winter

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#MyBioreFizz Collective Bias

At this point (as I watch the snow fall outside my window) I am starting to think the groundhog punked us.  Where is my early Spring?  Since it seems like Winter is going to be hanging out a bit longer this may be a good time to share my top five tips for keeping your skin soft and smooth during the cold weather.

I suffer from combination skin which means that I get dry and flaky in some areas and break out in others.  (Lovely, I know.)  In the Winter things get even worse because of all the dry heat.  I have been really working on getting my face in tip top shape lately as part of my New Years Resolutions.  Here are five ways that I am keeping my skin clear and smooth:

1. Drink Water.  This is so important to your health and beauty!  Water helps to flush out all toxins and impurities and it keeps your skin hydrated.  It is essential to looking and feeling good.  I have been making an effort lately to drink at least eight full glasses a day.


2.  Get Enough Sleep.  Skin creates collagen when you sleep, which prevents sagging.  I recently read that only getting five hours a night can lead to twice as many fine lines as sleeping seven would.  It also leaves skin drier, which can make lines more visible.  I know I can definitely see a difference in my face (mostly below my eyes) when I stay up later than I should.

3.  Use A Humidifier.  Heating systems blast hot dry air throughout our homes.  Humidifiers put more moisture in the air, which helps prevent your skin from drying out.  I have been sleeping with one in my bedroom and there has been a noticeable change in my skin because of it.

4.  Wash Your Face EVERY Night.  In the past I fell into a slump when it came to washing my face.  I would wait to do it until right before I went to bed.  That was pretty much the worst idea ever.  I would be curled up on the couch, binge-watching some show and when I would finally tear myself away to go crawl into bed the last thing I would want to do is go put cold water on my face.  So, I would skip it.  I could see a big difference the next day in my skin though (in a bad way).  Lately, I have been trying to be more intentional in my facial care routine instead of treating it as a chore or an afterthought.  Now, I do it when I get home from work in the evening.  I even bought some cool new products.

I picked up Bioré Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub and Bioré Baking Soda Pore Cleanser recently at Walmart and I love them!  They are new and you can find them right in the beauty aisle with all the face washes and moisturizers.  Walmart CollageThe Bioré Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub really leaves my combination skin feeling smooth and clear.  If you have oily skin, try the Bioré Charcoal Products. 

#MyBioreFizz Collective Bias

I have never used a cleanser with baking soda before but it is wonderful.  It comes in concentrated powder form and you add water to activate it.  Then, when you clean your face it bubbles and fizzes.  I was afraid at first that the sensation would be weird but I actually really like it!


It penetrates pores, dissolving dirt and oil while gently exfoliating.  Afterwards, your skin feels very fresh and soft.  Plus, the tingling makes it fun to use.

#MyBioreFizz Face Washing Collage5.  Moisturize.  In the Summer my face tends to be a bit more oily so I only moisturize at night but in the Winter months I make sure to add a thicker moisturizer to my skin care routine in the morning (especially under my eyes) as well and I put lotion on my hands every day.  When my skin is dry you can see fine lines and wrinkles more clearly so I definitely try to combat that by keeping properly moisturized.    

What is your favorite skin care tip for Winter?

Happy Friday!


Happy Friday Loves!  I am so super glad for this weekend!  I actually have a to-do list that is frighteningly long but I would rather be running errands than working.  Am I right?  I am also planning to watch the Superbowl and (hopefully) win some money from my office pool! 

Today, I am linking up with AprilAmanda and Della for my Friday Favorites!  Let’s jump right into them:

1. Billions.  Are you guys watching this?  It is SO GOOD!  At first I was afraid that I would not be able to believe Damian Lewis as anyone other than Brody (from Homeland) but that is not the case.  He is doing great in his role on this show.  I also LOVE Malin Ackerman.  This one is a winner for me!


2.  New Sneakers.  I just scooped up a cute pair of Nikes from Lady Footlocker.  I don’t know if they will inspire me to work out more but they cant hurt, right?

download (1)

3.  Shake Shack’s Chick’n Shack.  Shake Shack is trying to majorly mess with my diet right now. There are three of them within a five block radius of my job.  The temptation is strong…especially since they just released this amazing Chick’n Shack!  It is a crispy 100% all-natural and antibiotic-free chicken breast with lettuce, pickles and buttermilk herb mayo and it looks amazing.  Taylor is coming in to work with me during her February break later this month and I may take her over there for lunch.  It looks too good to pass up.


4.  Gilmore Girls.  Netflix is killing it with all these reboots!  I never watched Gilmore Girls when it was on but I may binge on the series to catch up since it is coming back.  I know so many people that LOVED it.


5. Crazy Cat Lady.  I’m just going to leave this here for you guys to enjoy because it made me laugh until I cried.  (The cat’s expression gets me every time!)


Alright loves, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!