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Happy Friday!


Happy Friday Lovelies!  I hope you all had a nice week!  Please excuse my erratic posting schedule lately but I have been enjoying my Summer and not taking my blogging too seriously.  When I have something fun to share, I do but if I don’t or I am too busy I am trying not to stress about it.  I am going to make this a quick one because I am heading up to the Catskills in a little bit for a long weekend!  Please pray that the weather holds out for me because the forecast is looking like a lot of rain. Continue reading

Playing Tour-Guide In NYC – A One Day Itinerary!

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Normally as a New Yorker I tend to avoid the more touristy parts of the City.  I am usually rushing somewhere and certain areas are so congested I have to steer clear in order to get to my destination as quickly as possible.  (Ah hem Times Square – I am looking at you!)

Recently, my little Sister came up to visit for a long weekend and I had to step out of my comfort zone and put together a day’s itinerary for someone interested in site-seeing.  Here are the five things I planned for us to do: Continue reading

Beach Body Prep!

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Beach Body Prep #SimplySmooth

Even though it took it’s sweet time arriving, Summer is officially in full swing and the weather in NYC has been gorgeous! Our weekends have been packed so I have not made it to the beach just yet but we are heading there next weekend for a little mini-break. I spent some time this past weekend prepping for it and I figured I would share the process with you guys. Continue reading

Happy Friday!


Happy Friday Everyone!  This week just flew by for me!  Summer is so jammed full with fun events, parties and activities that it makes the time pass so quickly!  I cant believe we are already halfway through July!  I need time to slow down.   Continue reading

Simple Tips For Road-Tripping With Kids!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias. All opinions are mine alone. Thank you for supporting the brands that support A Little Glitter. #RoadTripOil #CollectiveBias

Simple Tips For Road-Tripping With Kids

Ten years ago my husband and I moved with our two year-old daughter from Eastern Long Island to Staten Island (approximately two hours away). It was hard to leave my friends and family but Billy got a great job that required him to work in New York City and I knew I would soon start working there as well. Our current home was just too far away for a daily commute (especially when we had a little girl that we were eager to get home to.) It made more sense for us to live locally. In the years following our move Taylor and I have driven out to visit about once a month. With such frequent visits, it makes me so glad that we have a great car to get us there. Often people get put off purchasing a new car due to misconceptions that it will be a large upfront payment. But there are many other ways to go about getting a new car. One of these is car leasing. Anyone who feels this would suit them should contact a lease broker. Anyway, we go for long weekends, breaks from school and spend at least a week out there every Summer. Here are some tips I have discovered that make a huge impact on how enjoyable our journey will be:

Continue reading