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Happy Friday!


Happy Friday!  This week was so super busy for me (in a good way) and because of that it has just flown by.  I am heading out to Long Island this weekend and next so I had a ton of things to finish up before my trips.  I finally took T school shopping and she got a ton of gorgeous clothes and shoes.  It is so funny to see the latest trends.  I bought her some things I also had when I was younger.  It’s so odd how fashion has come full circle.  She is so close to being my size and I cant wait until I can borrow all of her stuff.  Haha! Continue reading

Enjoying A Movie Night With Weight Watchers®

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You guys may have gleaned from my posts lately that I am trying to get back on the wagon with working out and maintaining a healthy diet.  I have started going to the gym during my lunch hour and am focusing on eating less junk.  During the weekdays I pack my food (breakfast, lunch and snacks) and have been pretty good with sticking to my a schedule and not just stuffing my face when I am bored. Continue reading

Happy Weekend!


Happy Friday Everyone!

I hope you all had a fantastic week.  It has been SUPER hot in NYC but I am trying to enjoy it because I know in a few months when I am snowed in to my apartment I am going to miss it desperately.  This weekend should be more of the same temps and I am DETERMINED to spend time outdoors.  I am also going to get my hair done with a new stylist!  (I posted some inspiration pics in last week’s Friday Faves.)  I have to admit I am slightly nervous.  Hopefully all goes as planned and this doesn’t turn into a disaster!  Fingers crossed! Continue reading

2016 Summer Reading List Update

2016 Summer Reading List Update

Summer is winding down and I still have four books on my list to read.  I have to blame this problem on Jojo Moyes.  I was boycotting her book, Me Before You, because it was too popular and I hate things that like that.  It repulses me when too many people are talking about something and I steer clear, lol.  Eventually, I gave in to my curiosity and loved it so much that I have fallen into a pretty deep Jojo Moyes hole and cant stop compulsively reading all her novels.  I am currently finishing Silver Bay and then I plan to move on to The Nest and complete my Summer Reading List.   Continue reading

Channel Your Inner Olympian with Babbleboxx! #BabbleBoxxGold

#BabbleBoxxGold Single Edition MediaI must admit that I have only recently realized that I am an uncoordinated nerd.  All the signs were there.  I fall constantly, hit my elbows on most doorways I walk through, pull my back out while shaving my legs.  I probably should have caught on sooner.  Even though running and exercising are far from graceful or effortless for me, it doesn’t mean that I will stop.  I still want to live a healthy lifestyle (even if it means some bumps and bruises along the way).  This is one of the reasons I cant get enough of the Olympics!  I love to live vicariously through the athletes.  The Summer games are my fave!  I LOVE to watch the gymnasts and pretend that I am as lithe and graceful as they are.   Continue reading