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Twice Baked Bacon Cheddar Potatoes

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#BordenCheeseLove Twice Baked Bacon Cheddar Potatoes

Today, I am going to share with you one of my FAVORITE fun recipes. I feel like A Little Glitter has turned into a health blog lately, and that is not a totally accurate view of my life. I do exercise regularly and eat good for you foods a lot of the time, but I am also a huge believer in moderation and enjoying life. I have a child. She doesn’t want to eat kale for every meal, and frankly, neither do I. I think that if you watch what you eat most of the time, there is definitely room in there for treating yourself. Enter…the Twice Baked Bacon Cheddar Potato. Continue reading

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday Dolls!  This is my first Friday round up post in forever and I am excited to share my weekly favorites with you guys!

As I mentioned yesterday, I don’t have too many exciting things happening this weekend, as I tend to spend January holed up in my apartment (where it’s warm).  The only thing I have on the books is a hair appointment for tomorrow and brunch with a girlfriend on Sunday.  Otherwise, my days are deliciously free and I plan to organize my closet and watch some episodes of The Affair curled up on the couch with my cats. #winning Continue reading

January 2017

Hey Guys!  I’m back!  I took a nice long break from blogging and my regular job to enjoy the holidays and get stuff done.  I had a fabulous Christmas and loved celebrating the New Year and now, just like that, it’s January. Continue reading