Enjoying A Movie Night With Weight Watchers®

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You guys may have gleaned from my posts lately that I am trying to get back on the wagon with working out and maintaining a healthy diet.  I have started going to the gym during my lunch hour and am focusing on eating less junk.  During the weekdays I pack my food (breakfast, lunch and snacks) and have been pretty good with sticking to my a schedule and not just stuffing my face when I am bored.

The nights are a struggle for me though.  I crave desserts after dinner and snacks when watching TV and relaxing.  Last weekend we hunkered down on the couch to watch a movie and Taylor was eating a bowl of buttery popcorn.  I could smell it and I wanted to snatch the whole bowl from her and wolf it down.  I didn’t, but it got me thinking that the best way for me to be successful is to plan ahead.  

After doing some research I went to Stop & Shop and stocked up on some healthier snack options.  This way I can indulge my sweet tooth when Taylor and I are having one of our girl’s nights in.

I bought Weight Watchers® Mint Patties and a box of Jolly Time Healthy Pop Kettle Corn that comes with four individual 100 calorie bags.  The chocolates and the popcorn are all individually wrapped so I can stay mindful of how much I am eating.  (Have you guys ever had a black-out moment where you look down and realized you just ate an entire row of cookies?   This should hopefully prevent that from happening while I am watching my movie.)#WWMarket #PMedia Weight Watchers
Stop by your local Stop and Shop  between 9/1/16 – 9/28/16 and when you buy any (5) FIVE participating Weight Watchers products (excluding Heinz SmartOnes & Meeting Room Products) you’ll Save $3.00 instantly while supplies last!

I usually eat a big tub of popcorn and a box of mint/chocolate candies during movie night.  I would Google to see how many calories that is but I don’t even want to know.  I am just going to guess it is a lot.

With these Weight Watchers® snacks I can happy and present in my girl’s night in with my Daughter without deviating from my healthy eating. 

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I mean, who wants to sit through a movie with someone next to you munching on delicious foods when you cant enjoy them as well?  I don’t and thankfully now I don’t feel like I have to!

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Do you guys have any specific times that are a struggle for you to keep on track with your healthy eating?  How do you cope?

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6 thoughts on “Enjoying A Movie Night With Weight Watchers®

  1. Nadine

    Snacking when I am home is one of my bad habits too! Sometimes I am not even really hungry, just bored. And I can seriously not resist buttery popcorn! I love that there are some options out there to not feel so guilty about and lets you feel like you have indulged a little. Love that last picture of you girls! So cute!

  2. Marie

    I too have been trying to be more healthy and snacking always gets me. I so need to find that popcorn, who doesn’t love popcorn to snack on?


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