A Little Glitter’s 2014 Summer Bucket List!

A Little Glitter Summer Bucket List 2014

I understand that I am a bit late on this but it has only recently started to feel like Summer to me.  It was very Spring-like and mild for the entirety of June.  Usually, as soon as Memorial Day hits I am raring to go but the weather has messed me up a bit this year.

Thankfully, the warmer weather has finally arrived and it is now hot and sunny.  Last weekend we ate, drank, hung with friends, went to a barbeque, saw fireworks and I did a little tie-dying with Taylor.  It was the quintessential Summer weekend and it made me start to think about all the activities I hope to accomplish in the next two months.  I figured I should make a list so I don’t forget any of them (and also because I LOVE to make lists and cross things off).  Some of the activities are not new.  I have done them before but I want to do them again.  (I am not sure if this is against the bucket list rules but I am doing it anyway.  Sue me.)  Some things have been on my list for many years but I have yet to accomplish them (I am looking at you drive-in movie).  Fingers crossed that I manage to do them this year!

What is on your 2014 bucket list?

P.S. My sweet baby girl is NINE today!  I am so looking forward to making memories with her this Summer.  She is the most fun, spontaneous and hilarious person I have ever met and I love her with my whole heart!

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