Add A Little Glitter To Halloween! #TrickOrSweet

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Can you guys believe tomorrow is the first day of October?  On one hand I am alarmed at how quickly this year is flying by and on the other I am psyched because October = HALLOWEEN!  Halloween is not only my jam but it is also my daughter’s favorite (which makes it even more fun for me).  She has already gotten her costume and it is epic.  I cant share it yet but keep your eyes peeled because I will post it at some point.

Taylor has always been a Halloween lover.  She takes great care in selecting her costumes and enjoys trick or treating but the best part for her is definitely giving out candy to other kids.  She gets so excited when the doorbell rings!

Last weekend when I was at Walmart (I know – I should just live there already) I could not help but pick up two giant variety bags of Hershey’s candy.  

Hershey's Candy

That was probably not the best idea because the assortment I got is amazing and I can picture myself eating at least one of these jumbo bags throughout the next month and having to re-buy but I couldn’t help it.  They are perfectly sized to satisfy the massive amount of trick or treaters we get at my house and there was a huge aisle of it right in front of the register.  #sorrynotsorry

#TrickOrSweet Walmart Collective Bias Hersheys

Anyway, when I got home and unpacked this gorgeous candy, it inspired me to create a fun DIY for my little girl.  I figured she should hand out candy in style, so I broke out the glitter!

A Little Glitter #TrickOrSweet

For this project I used a glass bowl that I had lying around.  (It is a little dinged up from years of use so it could use a makeover anyway.)  I also used a jar of Modge Podge, orange glitter and a foam brush that I had lying around.  (How nice is it when you can complete a project without having to shop for any additional items?!?)  

I started out by spreading a thin layer of my Modge Podge over the interior portion of the bowl. 


Then, I sprinkled on glitter and rolled the bowl around in my hands to get it coated evenly.  Afterwards, I gently tapped the side of the bowl over some paper to let the excess glitter fall out.  (Hint: The bowl may look streaky at first but it will dry clear.)

IMG_4139 IMG_4144

I let my bowl cure over night and the next day I decided to do one more layer of Modge Podge and glitter to make it totally opaque.

2015-09-28 19.58.23

I let it dry for about 48 hours and was left with a beautiful and very sparkly candy bowl!

Finished Bowl

#TrickOrSweet Hershey's Candy

Are you guys doing any fun crafts for Halloween?

15 thoughts on “Add A Little Glitter To Halloween! #TrickOrSweet

  1. Carly

    Ohh I love mod podge– your bowl turned out so cool! Also I would definitely eat that entire bag of peanut butter cups + white chocolate kit-kats– YUM!

  2. Charlotte

    Love the bowl (and the sparkles!) That came out beautiful 🙂

    I love Halloween, too. Neither one of those bags would last me through the holiday though–I would nosh my way right through to the bottom 🙂 XOXO

  3. Kari

    Well if this isn’t the prettiest bowl that I ever did see! I think I may just make a version to match my purple glitter candlestick for Halloween (yes, I have one lol).
    Also, you and Taylor are my kind of gals. Halloween-y for the WIN!

  4. Samantha

    Okay, I have a thousand of these bowls around my house and NEVER — USE them! What a fantastic idea to give one of these a little glitter makeover! #client


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