Ankit Giveaway!

Good morning loves!  Happy Tuesday!  I hope you all had a relaxing and fun weekend!  Sorry for my lack of posting yesterday but it took me a minute to get caught up on my weekday responsibilities and I would rather share nothing than put something up that is half-assed.

 To set this week off the right way I am hosting a really fun giveaway from Ankit.  Even if you are unfamiliar with the name, you have probably seen some of their products as they are sold in PacSun and (my fav) Forever21.  They make adorable ear buds, tech accessories and novelty items.  They recently sent me a few products to review and I have been fighting with Taylor over them ever since they arrived.  

Ankit Giveaway

This change jar is so hilarious and useful!  I loathe having coins floating around. It is a pet peeve of mine.  (Ask my husband.  He is forever getting in trouble for chucking change in the center console of my car.  Who does that?)  Now, at the end of the day we put our coins in this bad boy and I swear it is filling up really quickly.  Plus, I really love the saying.  Totally my style!

Taylor has been trying to gain ownership of the gorgeous rose and gold headphones and charger they sent me.  So far she has been unsuccessful because they are adorable and I am keeping them.  I may buy her her own pair though since Antik has so many cute designs.  How amazing are these?

Ankit Giveaway Ankit Giveaway

Today, the lovely team at Ankit is giving one lucky reader the opportunity to win a change jar, earbuds and a charger of their very own!  You can enter below using the Rafflecopter widget.

 Good luck!  xx

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60 thoughts on “Ankit Giveaway!

  1. Raine

    The Frankenstein earbuds are the house favorite here! We’re a family that loves the horror and Sci Fi genre and Frankenstein is a classic!

  2. Kristen

    love that change jar! we have a boring change jar that we throw our loose money in. if i have coins, i will go to the vending machine lol. so i try not to have coins 😉 my husband throws the coins in the center console too, so annoying!

  3. Gabriela Keeton

    Wow!! These earbuds are super cute and affordable. I would get the pink cupcake earbuds.

  4. Katrina

    My favorite are the bacon and eggs but they are sold out! The other ones I like the most are the mustaches.

  5. Nadine

    Those ice cream cone ear buds are soooo cute!!! (the pink ones, duh!) And their cupcake ones are super fun too 🙂 I just have my boring chargers that come with my stuff, it is pretty cool to see all the decorative ones to spice up life a little bit!

  6. Wehaf

    I like the skull with pink bow earbuds. I also love their car chargers and power banks, even more than the earbuds!

  7. wen budro

    My favorite is the double scoop ice cream earbuds. So hard to choose….they’re all super cute.

  8. Dorrie Turner

    The silver mint earbuds are my favorite, my daughter however would beg for the duckies earbuds!

  9. Angelica

    The ducks are my favorite but the donuts with sprinkles are a close second! They’re all pretty cute except for the dookie ones…


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