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Birchbox Store NYC - Birchbox Store NYC - Birchbox StoreLast week I had the opportunity to visit the new Birchbox Store in Soho.  It opened in July and I was excited to visit (although I was really not sure what to expect from the brick and mortar location).  I don’t currently participate in the subscription service because I don’t feel like I could use all the samples every month.  I see a lot of posts about Birchboxes and while there are some items I would use there are always a few in each box that don’t interest me at all.

The store itself is beautiful and airy.  It is really well laid out and I found the staff to be friendly and helpful but not annoying.  There are products all over the first floor laid out in sections (makeup, fragrance, skincare, etc).

Birchbox Store IMG_1744 IMG_1751

In the center of the store there is an area with mirrors where you can try different products.

Birchbox Store Birchbox Store

My favorite part was the “Build Your Own Box” area in the back where you could put together your own Birchbox!  Unlike the subscription service, you get to choose the items that are included in your box.  There are five different categories and you pick which one you want from a selection of different products.  There were about five choices for each category. 

Birchbox StoreBirchbox StoreBirchbox Store

On the lower level of the store there was a large men’s section, a vast nail polish wall, accessories and tons of hair products.  

Birchbox StoreBirchbox StoreBirchbox Store

There is also a salon down there where you can get your hair, makeup and nails done or attend a beauty workshop.  (Sidenote – I saw a girl leaving after having makeup applied and it looked fabulous!  I would definitely use them for this in the future.)

All in all the store is very cute.  It doesn’t hurt either that Georgetown Cupcakes is right around the block.  Shopping for makeup and then enjoying a cupcake with a girlfriend is a pretty ideal way to spend an afternoon!

Birchbox Store


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  1. Nadine

    Ahhhh so pretty!!! I would love the BYOB area! How awesome! If only you could do that online, right?! I am like you, I don’t subscribe because there are too many things I wouldn’t like in each box.


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