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Carlos Bakery Cake Decorating Class Cake Boss

If you follow along on Snapchat or Instagram (@alittleglitter) you may have seen that last weekend I took my daughter and her best friend to a cake decorating class at Carlo’s Bakery in New Jersey.  Carlo’s and their owner, Buddy Valastro, are featured on TLC’s show, Cake Boss.

Both Taylor and Mia are huge fans of the show and they love baking, so when Mia’s birthday rolled around we thought it would be fun to sign up for the class as a way to celebrate.  

Carlos Bakery Cake Boss Class

Signing up was really easy.  I bought Groupons here.  (Tip – Groupon frequently offers 20% off codes so wait for one before buying yours!)  Then, you can check out their class schedules.  On their website they show a picture and give a description of the cake that each class makes.  We chose the Brush Embroidery Class because we wanted to learn that technique.


Description: Join our top decorators for a lesson in brush embroidery piping, a technique that can transform a simple cake in to an elegant, delicate masterpiece! Students will learn how to smooth and cover their cake with fondant before adorning it with gorgeous embroidered lace designs.

You will learn how to create beautiful lace patterns, add classic scroll adornments, and finish the base with a stunning pearl border. Our experienced staff is ready to answer any questions our students may have as well as demonstrate some of our best techniques!

Participants in this class must be at least 10 years of age. All participants under the age of 18 years must have a legal guardian enrolled in the class. This course lasts approximately 2 hours.

Menu: Vanilla & Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Fudge filling, covered in fondant and buttercream decorations.

 They offer classes at their Red Bank, Ridgewood, Morristown and Jersey City locations.  We went to Jersey City and I highly recommend doing that (if possible).  It is right around the corner from their famous bakery in Hoboken, so you can pop over before or after your class to check it out, grab some snacks and buy merchandise.  Also, this is where they shoot the show so if you are a fan it is cool to see it in person.

When we got to the 80,000 square foot facility we were given a guided tour and a look around at the decorating room and some of the cakes in progress.  The girls were super-excited and recognized this area from Cake Boss.  

2016-06-05 13.04.41

Then, we were shown to our classroom where we were given aprons and an instructor walked us through the process of covering a cake with fondant and decorating it.  The cakes were pre-made.  This was not a baking class. It was solely focused on decorating.  The teacher was informative and personable and our cakes came out fabulous.  We all chose to use pink fondant but there were a bunch of colors to choose from.  


Also, while I followed the instructor’s directions and tried to duplicate her cake, the girls both went their own direction.  Their cakes were TOTALLY different and unique.  

2016-06-05 14.22.35-1

All in all I thought this was a great class.  I learned some new techniques, ate some delicious baked goods and had a blast with the girls.  I would highly recommend this experience (especially to fans of Cake Boss).

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  1. emelia

    This is SO cool, I loved watching your snaps and seeing the pics. I love Buddy and the show! We went to the little shop in Vegas at the Venetian and it was pretty neat! What a great experience 🙂

  2. kristen

    this seriously looks super fun and unique. i loved following along on snapchat. love that the girls did their own thing, i am so not that creative and would follow the teacher’s instructions/guide lol


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