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KidzCanDesign – Great Gift Idea!


 As a blogger I am approached by Companies that want me to feature their products on A Little Glitter pretty often.  The majority of the time I politely decline because it is not something I would buy, it doesn’t fit in with my target demographic or honestly sometimes the stuff they are shilling is weird.  In the case of Kidz Can Design I knew this was a fabulous idea and I couldn’t wait to share it with you.  

I think I have mentioned in the past that my hubby can be pretty tough to shop for.  He wont give me a Christmas list (even though I give him a super-detailed one for myself that is a mile long) and insists he doesn’t want anything.  Obviously, I am still going to get him some presents so I have to wing it and come up with things on my own.  

When Kidz Can Design approached me to do a review, I checked out their website immediately and I was really impressed.  I realized that this would be a great product to make for my own husband from our daughter for Christmas.  

The concept is fabulous.  Your child makes a drawing, you take a picture of it and upload it to the website and from there you can have it put onto necklaces, bracelets, charms or (in my hubby’s case) a key chain.  You can also use a photo of your child.


This cute face wrote a little blurb for my hubby last night. 


I took the above photo with my iPhone and uploaded it to the site.  The whole process took about five minutes and it should be at my house in two to three weeks.  

I will post an update when I get my package.  I cant wait to check it out in person!  

Do you guys have any personalized gift ideas for the men in your life that are difficult to shop for?

Gifts for the Kiddos!

Gifts for the Kiddos 2014

Today’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide focuses on the little ones in your life.  Is it just me or is shopping for kiddos so much fun?  Not only do I love the toys because I am extremely immature but I also cant wait to see the expressions on their faces when they open their presents!  That excitement makes my Grinch heart grow multiple sizes.  

Here are a few items for the different age and gender groups that I think are awesome:

1.  Simon.  I had this when I was little and I WANT IT AGAIN!  Someone buy me one!  Seriously though, non-messy, educational, fun and causes a child to play quietly and independently.  This is the best gift ever. 

2.  WubbaNub Yellow Duck Pacifier.  What a genius idea.  A pacifier attached to a cute and cuddly ducky?  Very cool.   It also makes those suckers harder to lose.  I know Taylor’s pacifiers were lost constantly when she was a baby.

3.  I See Me! Personalized Children’s Books.  I got a chance to look at these books the other day and I was so impressed!  You choose the book you want based on the recipient’s likes and personalize it with their name, birthday and other information.  I think these would make a fabulous gift and they have great choices for boys or girls.  The turnaround time is only two weeks.  The team at I See Me! was kind enough to offer the code ALITTLEGLITTER for free shipping for my readers!  

4.  Step2 Flip and Doodle Desk with Stool Easel.  This is a desk and easel in one plus it provides tons of storage for all your child’s art supplies.  I just bought this for my nephew!

5.  Stride Rite Shark Slippers.  If I were a little boy I would totally want these!  They light up, too!

6.  Ugg Slippers.  I told you that I think Ugg slippers are the perfect gift and I do literally buy them for everyone on my list.  They are so cozy and comfy.  Perfect for lounging around.

7.  Crayola DigiTools Deluxe Creativity Pack – Digital Toolkit for iPad.  Kids love technology.  This is a perfect addition to your iPad.  You can let the kiddos express their creativity without making a huge mess.

What are your little ones loving this year?  What is on their list for Santa?

Gifts for the Gals!

For the Gals

Yesterday I kicked off my holiday gift guide series for 2014.  I started with the guys because they are so difficult to shop for.  Pretty much this is what things start to look like between the hubby and myself as Christmas approaches…(obvi I am played by Ryan Gosling in the video)…

Meanwhile I already have a list that is a mile long, lol.  I like nice things.  Get off me.

Anyway, back to the task at hand…here are my picks for the chicks:

1.  Stella & Dot Sutton Statement Necklace.  I love this piece.  I think it is gorgeous for all seasons, too.  It will make you look super tan in the Summer and I can picture it layered over a long-sleeved, white button down in the colder months.

2.  Kate Spade Yours Sincerely Pen and Notecard Set.  I am a total paper goods junkie.  I love pretty stationary.  This is especially handy for the Moms out there (like myself) for when we have to send a note in to school.

3.  Sorel Tofino Boot.  I got my first pair of Sorel boots last year and I am obsessed with them. While I still enjoy the comfort of Uggs, lets face it…they are not built for snow.  Get an Ugg wet and it is soggy and weighs a hundred pounds.  Sorels are the only boot I will wear in the snow now.  They keep my feet and calves dry and warm and they are so stylish!    

4.  But First Coffee Mug.  Bottom line…I need this.  

5.  Fur Vest.  As some of you may remember I am having a slight fur vest obsession this Fall/Winter.  I finally found a gorgeous black one at Topshop but I have been seeing this one all over the internet lately and I love the stripes!

6.  Sephora Rollerball Perfume Sampler.  This set is amazing.  It is only $24 and it comes with six samples.  When you decide on your favorite you can use the enclosed certificate to get a full-sized rollerball of that fragrance!  I prefer rollerballs to bottles.  They are more portable.  This is a great gift.   

Gifts for the Guys!

Holiday Gifts For the Guys 2014

 My blog didn’t start last year until December 10th – so while I did put out a few gift guides – they were pretty last minute.  I don’t usually shop like that (as a matter of fact, I have quite a few things already checked off my list for this year) so I am going to give you plenty of advance notice for 2014.  I figured I would start with the guys because I find them to be the most frustrating to shop for.  The men in my life are not as vocal as the ladies so I have to search in order to find the perfect gift.  Here are a few things I have come up with that I think are pretty awesome.

1.  Sharper Image Handwarmer.  We live in NYC and it can get pretty cold in the Winter months. This multi-tool from the Sharper Image is a portable charger, flashlight and handwarmer in one. You can switch it on four hours of comforting heat up to 104 degrees!  

2.  Semi-Automatic Rubber Band Machine Gun.  I personally own this gun.  My friend got it for me for my birthday as a gag gift and I use it in the office periodically.  On a slow day my co-workers and I will take turns having target practice.  

3.  John Varvatos Artisan Cologne.  This cologne is not new or trendy but it has stood the test of time.  My hubby has been wearing it for a while and I love it.  It is not overpowering but it smells masculine and pleasant.

4.  Ugg Ascot Leather Slipper.  Ugg slippers are so comfy and warm.  They are the perfect gift for pretty much anyone.

5.  Stadium Seat Cufflinks.  These are made from the seats of famous ballparks.  I know my hubby would love the Yankee Stadium ones!  They also have some that are made of reclaimed basketball court materials and game-used college football helmets!  Perfect for the sports-fan in your life!

6.  Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Home Brewing Craft Beer Kit.  This kit comes with everything your recipient needs in order to brew their own beer including 2 gallon fermenting keg with lid and tap assembly, two standard refill brew packs, 11 reusable plastic bottles, 11 reusable plastic caps, labels, a guide and 4 step brewing instructions.  

What are you getting the guys in your life this year?

#CelebrateInStyle Event


Last week I had the pleasure of attending InStyle Magazine’s #CelebrateInStyle season preview. Thanks to the lovely teams at InStyle and Single Edition Media, I got a sneak peek into all things fabulous for the upcoming holiday season.  I mentioned in this post that I borrowed a dress from Rent the Runway and touched on my experience in the store.  This is the one I wound up choosing for the event:

#celebrateinstyle event 2014-10-28 19.44.34 It is by Kate Spade New York and I really loved it.  It was very comfortable and fit the dress code perfectly.  It was special but I didn’t feel overdressed.  

I was lucky enough to get to have a partner in crime that was also invited…B from the Sequin Notebook.  I know that I am old and I should feel confident walking into any event alone but (between you and me) I felt a TON better knowing that B was going and I would know someone.  I don’t think that fear of the unknown ever entirely goes away – even as an adult.  (Here is a sneaky paparazzi picture I snapped of her getting her lipstick done by an artist from Elizabeth Arden.)

2014-10-28 19.23.55As soon as I walked into the space I was in awe.  It was held at the Glasshouses.  The views were absolutely magnificent.  The space was open and full of brands sharing their products.  I first went to the DSW table and spoke with some of the sweet PR girls.  DSW is now branching out into accessories and some of the baubles they brought were so beautiful.  I was really impressed by the necklaces and bedazzled hats they had on display.

Next, B and I made our way over to the Vigoss table.  I must confess that I’d never heard of this brand before.  Their pricepoint is around $100 and their jeans are SICK.  They gave us each a pair and mine are my new favorite thing EVER.  They are black coated denim and they fit like a glove.  They are not uncomfortable though.  They material has a bit of stretch and they are super flattering.  These jeans alone made my night worthwhile.  I plan to do a full OOTD post about them soon.

2014-10-28 18.48.55

We also got to sample some Skinnygirl items and I was introduced to a brand that I am now OBSESSED with called Gardein.  Just to give you some background on me, (in case you are new to ALG) I am a girl that tries to be healthy but I enjoy things that taste good.  I cant pretend I like kale.  I dont.  So when a waiter approached me with a tray of fishless fish and chips I declined.  (I was also revolted.)  Somehow, he managed to convince me to eat one and an obsession was born.  I stood by the display and encouraged other bloggers to try them for the next fifteen minutes.   They should totally hire me!  Gardein if you are reading this – I LOVE YOU!  I went home that night and raved about this Company to my family but they are not convinced.  I guess it is just one of those things that you have to try.  I will definitely be buying Gardein products for our house in the future though!

2014-10-28 18.51.35 2014-10-28 18.51.502014-10-28 19.25.26

In stark contrast to Gardein and it’s vegan offerings was a table I hit up right away for Sugarwish.  This is a Company that was created by two moms who believed that gift giving could be both fun and easy.  They developed a website where the giver could choose a gift (candy, in this case) and the recipient could personalize it by choosing the types of candy he or she loves.  The packing is beautiful and the candy is DELICIOUS!  Taylor and I tore through a bag of sour watermelons the next night and we could not get over how fresh they were.

2014-10-28 18.57.35-1 2014-10-29 20.39.16

There were displays showing gift ideas and one that caught my eye was this:  a Tory Burch for Fitbit Fret Pendant Necklace!  I personally dont wear a fitbit now because I think they are ugly but I could picture myself wearing this one! 

2014-10-28 19.14.09 2014-10-28 19.14.59

 Elizabeth Arden was also showcasing gift ideas and their scents and makeup were there to be sampled.  I am a huge fan of their brand and their displays were so aesthetically pleasing. 

2014-10-28 19.16.38 2014-10-28 19.17.00

 Last but not least was another brand that really blew me away….SEARS!  I used to regard them as something for old people or the frugal folks that are willing the sacrifice style in an effort to save but not anymore.  Their new line called Metaphor is HOT and so on trend.  Their pieces were well-tailored and incorporated gorgeous colors with touches of leather and lace.  I was really blown away by this line.

2014-10-28 19.04.07

I’d like to thank all the amazing sponsors of the evening:

  • Jergens
  • Sears
  • Tagspire
  • Silk’n
  • Elizabeth Arden
  • DSW
  • Gardein
  • Sugarwish
  • Bulova
  • Etienne Aigner
  • Vigoss
  • Call it Spring

Needless to say my night was so much fun!  I got to meet some amazing PR reps, learn about new products and brands and mingle with some sweet bloggers.  Events like this are one of my favorite parts of blogging.