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DIY Ghost Garland

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DIY Ghost Garland #CatchMoreData, #Ghostbusters

Last week I mentioned my new found love of frugality.  (In case you missed it, you can check it out here.)  Today, I am back at it with some ideas that focus on inexpensive family fun. Continue reading

The #VTechNursery Design Challenge Hosted By Momtrends

Momtrends #VTechNursery

Recently, I was invited by Momtrends and VTech to attend brunch at Ludlow Studios where I would learn about the new VTech Safe & Sound VM344 Pan & Tilt Baby Monitor and participate in a fun nursery design challenge.   Continue reading

Tips For Organizing Small Spaces

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“Dressing well is a form of good manners.” – Tom Ford

The above quote is one of my favorites, and I think the idea behind it can also be applied to keeping a clean and organized home. When your house is tidy, it shows guests that you care about their comfort and well-being.

My family lives in North Carolina, and I miss them tremendously. They drive up to stay with us every year at Christmas, and it is so important to me that when they are here they know that they are loved.

Part of making visitors feel welcome is ensuring that you have everything they will need (such as towels, sheets and blankets), and when you live in a small space it can be difficult to find room to store those items.

Here are my favorite ways to keep my apartment organized:

Ziploc® Space Bags® are your friend.

I recently moved from a three bedroom house to a two bedroom apartment. Part of me loved purging unnecessary items and ridding my life of clutter. The other part realized that the holidays were fast approaching, and I would have guests staying with me. I couldn’t just chuck all the extra towels that used to live in my giant linen closet because my out of town family would need to use them. Then, I started to wonder where I would store them for the rest of the year (after my guests had gone home) and I panicked.

I realized that I had to find a solution to this storage issue so I went to Lowe’s and bought a few boxes of Ziploc® Space Bags®.


They are the perfect way to organize seasonal items and they are also SUPER easy to use. You put your items in the bag, close it and then suck the air out of the vent with a vacuum. It compresses everything in there nice and flat and provides 3 times the storage*.

IMG_4565 IMG_4571 IMG_4576

 Plus, they will keep the items inside the bag clean and secure since they are airtight, waterproof and protect against bugs, moths, dirt, mildew and odors.

Buy double duty furniture whenever possible.

A great way to save space is to buy furniture with hidden storage.  One of my favorite pieces is a standing mirror that has shelves inside for perfume and makeup and hooks for jewelry storage.

IMG_4522 IMG_4529I also have a big ottoman in my living room that I use to store extra blankets for when Taylor and I want to snuggle on the couch or company stays over.
IMG_4505 IMG_4502

For this apartment, I knew I would need an area near the front door where we would be able to sit down and put on our shoes so I opted for a bench with baskets. I keep our hats, gloves and scarves in there. There are also slots for shoes.


Put up hooks on the backs of doors.

I have a hook on the back of every door. It is a convenient place to hang towels, and I put my bulky robes up there so I don’t have to waste precious drawer space on them.


Don’t overlook the outsides of cabinets.

If you don’t have a lot of counter space in your kitchen, you may want to consider reserving that valuable real estate for appliances (such as a microwave or toaster). I purchased these spice bottle holders since I didn’t have anywhere to keep a spice rack. This area would also be a convenient place to hang potholders, spatulas and other cooking utensils or measuring cups and spoons.


Be sure to check out more space saving ideas here.  Do you have a favorite organizing tip?  I would love to hear it!  Please leave it for me in the comments!

*compared to uncompressed storage volume

How To Style Your Shelves For Fall

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.  Thanks for supporting the brands that support A Little Glitter. #LoveAmericanHome #CollectiveBias

How To Style Your Shelves For Fall #LoveAmericanHome Yankee Candle Walmart Collective Bias

I tend to get pretty excited about each coming Season and jump the gun with my decorations.  Each year I am the first neighbor with my Christmas lights up.  As soon as Labor Day was over I was anxiously anticipating Autumn decor.  I am sure you can imagine my glee last weekend when I noticed that they put it out in the Seasonal aisles at Walmart!  I immediately starting loading my cart up with leaves, gourds, candles, burlap and sparkly pumpkins.  Nevermind that I have a ton of this stuff from previous years.  I obviously need more.

My favorite place to decorate is the set of shelves in my living room.  They are the first thing you see when you come in the front door.

How To Style Your Shelves For Fall #LoveAmericanHome Yankee Candle Walmart Collective Bias

I take everything off and start with a blank canvas.

How To Style Your Shelves For Fall #LoveAmericanHome Yankee Candle Walmart Collective Bias

Then, I put on a few larger things to see how they look together.  


I play around, arrange, move things, step back and see how it all works as a whole.

How To Style Your Shelves For Fall #LoveAmericanHome Yankee Candle Walmart Collective Bias

I continue adding, taking away and changing things around until I feel like the shelves look symmetrical and I am satisfied with the overall look.


 Then I add in finishing touches (like leaves, acorns and candles).

I never spend too much money on decorations.  Everything I used for this arrangement was purchased (inexpensively) at Walmart or I already owned it.  


Some tips to keep in mind when decorating shelves are:

Stagger the heights of the objects you are using.  I do this by elevating candles with holders or putting out baskets that I fill with seasonal items.  I also make sure I put some taller things (in this case I used signs) on the top shelf to draw the eye up. 


Include a signature fragrance.  I read recently that our sense of smell is 10,000 times more sensitive than our other senses.  I am a HUGE fan of candles and I think fragrance plays a large role in how we perceive our surroundings.  

I was recently introduced to a new line at Walmart called American Home by Yankee Candle® brand and I am OBSESSED!  You can find them right in the home and candle section and there are tons of fragrances to choose from.  

Yankee Candle #LoveAmericanHome Walmart

Not only are they super affordable, (the larger two wick tumbler I bought was around $15 and the smaller ones were only around $5) but it is so convenient that they are sold at Walmart.  It saves me from having to take a trip to the mall to buy my candles.  As a Mom, I am CONSTANTLY at Walmart for something, so if I can also pick up some fabulous Yankee Candle® products during one of my many monthly trips I am all about it.  

American Home™ by Yankee Candle®

For this project I picked up Banana Walnut Bread and Buttercream Frosting because I wanted my living room to feel cozy and the deep Vanilla-based fragrances remind me of home.  I really wish I had the ability to let you smell them through the computer because they are heavenly!

Sparkle and Little Touches.  Remember – everything’s better with a little glitter!  After I am done with the main pieces of decor I like to sprinkle around some added touches (little heart candies for Valentine’s Day or ornaments around Christmas).  I think they add a little something to a display.  For Fall I sprinkled faux colored leaves and pinecones around.


I have shared how I like to style my shelves for Fall using pumpkins, gourds, candles and colorful leaves.  What tips do you have for creating a beautiful Autumnal display?  Leave them in the comments section!  xo


Guest Post – Jessi’s Design


 Hi I’m Jessi! Author over at Jessi’s Design. I’m a wife, new stay-at-home Mama and Southern gal that loves a good glass of wine, gossip, good food, entertaining, interior design and all things pink. My favorite thing currently you might ask? – grabbing a cup of coffee and meeting new bloggers, so come on and stop by! xoxo

When it comes to interior design, I am the complete opposite of modern. There is just something about the old style and charm of historic Victorians or antique shop finds that literally make me impulse buy (like on the regular!) I have a serious weakness for blues and blue willow design, gold framed anything and dark wood pieces.

When Pamela asked if I’d guest post for her, I jumped on the opportunity to spread some old fashioned style your way! We have an 1800’s historic home so keeping it in that style was important to us. There are so many antique shops within a 20 mile radius of us which makes it easy to find that special piece for any space. Finding that piece at a bargain is just an added bonus! You know what? Craigslist has produced some neat things too! Here are some of my favorite finds in our home thus far and also some inspiration photos of things I hope to do and find in the future. (we also have a little side business in the making of restoring and re-purposing old antique finds so stay tuned ya’ll!) Can we say Fixer Upper 2 anyone via HGTV? What are your favorite interior design styles?

This piece was actually found covered in bird poop in an old barn!



That kitchen table we found under old debris in one of our back sheds!

 photo signature_zps6045ff3e.png