Channel Your Inner Olympian with Babbleboxx! #BabbleBoxxGold

#BabbleBoxxGold Single Edition MediaI must admit that I have only recently realized that I am an uncoordinated nerd.  All the signs were there.  I fall constantly, hit my elbows on most doorways I walk through, pull my back out while shaving my legs.  I probably should have caught on sooner.  Even though running and exercising are far from graceful or effortless for me, it doesn’t mean that I will stop.  I still want to live a healthy lifestyle (even if it means some bumps and bruises along the way).  This is one of the reasons I cant get enough of the Olympics!  I love to live vicariously through the athletes.  The Summer games are my fave!  I LOVE to watch the gymnasts and pretend that I am as lithe and graceful as they are.  

I have been keeping up with all the sports with Taylor and I was SUPER excited when my latest Babbleboxx came with an Olympics theme!  I may never get to the Olympics but Babbleboxx has given me some tools to live up to my full potential while working out in real life.  Here is what was included in my latest box:

JUST® water: 16.9 ounce bottle

Just Water #BabbleBoxxGold

Since I only drink water (aside from coffee or the occasional glass of champs) I tend to be a bit of a snob about it.  I wont drink tap water because I live in NYC (land of chemicals) and it weirds me out.  I also wont drink purified water from those huge cola companies.  I SWEAR that there is an aftertaste.  I only drink Spring water and I am loving not only the taste (yum) but also the mission of JUST® water.  Their bottle is made of 83% renewable resources.  It comes from paper and plant-based plastic from sugarcane.

Their water comes from beautiful Glens Falls, New York and their partnership is revitalizing the local community by paying six times the municipal rate for access to less than 3% of its excess water.

JUST® water also only charges $0.99 for a 16.9-ounce bottle in order to make is accessible to all.

Learn more about this product by visiting the company’s website and social mediaJustwater.comInstagramFacebookTwitter, Snapchat: @justisbetter

Purpletale: 5 Steps to Lovely Skin

Purpletale #BabbleBoxxGold

Purpletale believes that when you look good, you feel good and I totally agree!  

Right off the bat I was very impressed by their packaging of their portable five-step facial treatment kit!  I like that they have all the steps contained in one easy to transport package.  (It is even TSA approved!)  It contains a foam cleanser, ampoule, bio-cellulous sheet mask, facial cream, and neck cream so you can look your best wherever you may be.

Learn more about this product by visiting the company’s website and social media: PurpletaleInstagramFacebook

Casio Baby-G BA-110TR-7A

Casio Baby-G #BabbleBoxxGold

It doesn’t get more patriotic than this super cute Baby-G watch!  I wore this to an Olympic viewing party last weekend and got tons of compliments.  It is also perfect work out wear in that it is water and shock resistant, has stopwatch, countdown timer and an led light.  Going for the gold never looked so good!  The watch is available at select Macy’s for $130.

Learn more about this product by visiting the company’s website and social media:             , InstagramFacebookTwitter

Vitamin Shoppe®: TRUE ATHLETE® 
BabbleBoxxGold Vitamin Shoppe

Vitamin Shoppe is the best!  Their True Athlete® line was created for fitness enthusiasts and is free of banned substances, and formulated with care by the Vitamin Shoppe, True Athlete® contains no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners and is free of banned substances NSF Certified for Sport.  

True Athlete®’s Energized Training Formula was included in this box along with the perfect shaker bottle to mix it up in.  Their Energized Training Formula is designed for serious muscle, endurance, performance and energy support.  It contains creatine, arginine and beta-alanine along with caffeine and AstraGin™.  It was developed for athletes looking for that extra edge on the field – so perfect for me…obviously.  It doesn’t hurt that it is pink and tastes amazing either!

BabbleBoxxGold Vitamin Shoppe

Vitamin Shoppe® also included some of their Natural Whey Protein packets in my box.  Their Natural Whey Protein contains 20 grams of protein plus probiotics and enzymes for digestive health and protein digestion.  

True Athlete Whey Protein #BabbleBoxxGold

Learn more about these products by visiting the company’s website and social media:               Vitamin ShoppeInstagramFacebookTwitterPinterest

2XU Mid-Rise 7/8 Compression Tights

2XU Leggings

Of course if you are going to train like an Olympian (or try to anyway) you need to look the part, right?  How cute are these patriotic 2XU Mid-Rise 7/8 Compression Tights?

They have a wide waistband for a sleek and streamlined fit.  They also offer graduated compression engineered to promote maximum blood flow.

Right now you can save 20% on your 2XU purchase on their website with code 2XU20!

Learn more about this product by visiting the company’s website and social media: 2xu.comInstagramFacebook

I may not make it to the Olympics but I can still look and feel my best thanks to Babbleboxx!  Do you have any products you have been using lately during your workouts that you would recommend?  I recently started going to the gym again and I am loving it!

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