The Bannon Family Christmas Card – 2014 Edition

2014 Christmas Card

Christmas cards sneak up on me EVERY YEAR.  Does that happen to anyone else?  I keep thinking I have plenty of time and then I realize I should have taken the pictures already!  So I call my poor photographer in a panic and he miraculously finds a time slot and squeezes us in. He’s even managed to find some places for inexpensive photo studio rental in NYC  

I think I mentioned to you guys in the past all that goes into my Christmas cards but I will explain again.  You see, my family consists of three picky Bannons.  Myself, my fashionable husband and our diva daughter.  No one just accepts that I will pick decent outfits.  So, I create a mood board on Polyvore and show it to them.  This way they can see it all side by side, realize it looks awesome, sign off on it and I can order everything.  #momlife

Here is this year’s mood board:

Christmas 2014

After our wardrobes have been taken care of I can move on to location and props.  Last year I used a banner that I bought on Etsy.  You can see it here:


In 2012 I bought giant letters and my hubby spray painted them red.  

Here is the finished card:


This year I found a gorgeous location and I decided to let the backdrop speak for itself.  We shot at the Alice Austen House in Staten Island, New York and the views of the Verrazano Bridge were just exquisite.  

Even though our amazing photographer, Frank Pensabene, captured at least a dozen beautiful, card-worthy pictures, I decided to keep it simple and only showcase one photo.  This was the end result and I love it so much:

2014 Christmas Card

What is your routine when doing family portraits?  Do you have any tips or tricks?   


16 thoughts on “The Bannon Family Christmas Card – 2014 Edition

  1. kristen

    I love this years card, that banner is so cute! and i love the location. I have never done christmas cards with photos, its not a thing at home and every year that i’ve been here i’ve meant to do it but never got around to it. i will when we have kids though, but i really do want to do one with just us before.. i was gonna do it this year but forgot, womp womp.


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