Christmas Wrap Up

Hey Everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!  Bannon Castle was filled with family, friends, presents, smiling faces and full bellies.

Usually on Christmas Eve we head into NYC and go ice skating at Rockeller Center.  (This is Billy and Tay last year.)

Rockefeller Center

Then, we come home and wrap the presents after Taylor goes to sleep.  It is a great tradition but this year we decided to skip it.  I brought Taylor in to work with me for a half day and the commute home took forever.  We were freezing and tired and the thought of going back in to the City sounded awful.  So, instead we hunkered down at home and watched a Christmas movie.  It was total bliss.  Sometimes the best nights involve sweatpants!

Presents were a total success!  My husband and daughter loved their gifts and I got a new camera!

Billy Taylor presents


I am beyond excited but need to learn how to use it.  I have been mostly using my phone for this blog (hence the sometimes dark and grainy pictures).

One of favorite gifts was the walker we got for my nephew!  He is the cutest, happiest, little guy and watching him scoot around in it was priceless.

Baby Greg


We cater in food for Christmas but I did manage to make a few things, including this wreath pull-apart cake!

Random 122713 511

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at making a pull-apart cake for a while so this was the perfect opportunity and it was so easy!

The weekend before Christmas I wandered into this adorable shop in New Jersey and found myself purchasing this cupcake corer.  Basically, you take the middle out of the cupcake so you can fill it with something.  I decided to use vanilla pudding.

I tinted the frosting for them with Wilton food coloring called Leaf and Moss.  I just added a bit of each until I was happy with the color.

Food dye


Then, I used a piping bag for the first time!  It was much simpler than I thought.  I was nervous because Billy and Taylor ate the extra cupcakes so I had nothing to practice on.  I had to start straight in on the wreath.  I watched this youtube video and it was a piece of cake.  I do need to practice loading my icing into a piping bag so it is not so messy though.  For the piping bag and tip I used this and this. Random 122713 473

Once I was finished icing I filled In the crack between the cupcakes with my piping bag and then added some green sugar for texture. Random 122713 483

Afterwards, I decorated it with some red Sixlets and a bow I made out of my red satin double-faced ribbon.

Random 122713 508

As you can see, it was a big hit!

Greg Turtle

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!  What was your favorite part?

Thank you for your comment!