Fluffy Delicious Whole Wheat Pancakes

This weekend I set out to make some healthy meals.  I really wanted to try Christina’s recipe for Gluten Free Almond Coconut Chocolate Chip Pancakes but my local Trader Joes was out of Almond Meal.  (I am going to make them next weekend though Christina!) Instead, I followed this recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction for Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes and it was a HUGE hit!  These pancakes where fluffy and moist.  I cant take any credit for the recipe since I really didn’t modify it at all (except for the addition of some blueberries).  There wasn’t anything about it that I felt the need to change.

Here is the cast of characters:

Cast of Characters

I had most of the ingredients already in my pantry.  It called for milk, eggs, greek yogurt, a banana, vanilla extract, brown sugar, baking powder, cinnamon and whole wheat flour.  I also threw in a few blueberries and they were delicious.


I was nervous about how these pancakes would turn out while they cooked but they tasted fabulous.

End Result

I put some bananas on top and paired them with Trader Joe’s chicken breakfast sausage. (Sidenote, my daughter begged me not to buy the sausage since it is a salmon color that is extremely unappetizing in the package.  Once I browned them and she ate one, she proclaimed that she loved them and could eat them for every meal.  I was glad I took the chance and will definitely make them again.)


6 thoughts on “Fluffy Delicious Whole Wheat Pancakes

  1. Christina Warren

    OOOO LOVE the greek yogurt as an ingredient! YUM! I am SO into that “salmon” sausage from TJ’s LOL. Kids are so cute! This looks incredible!! Pancakes every day!!!! I had french toast when we went to the cafe down the street this weekend…ahhhh…breakfast sweets are even better than dessert sweets to me!

  2. Pamela Bannon Post author

    Lisa, you should! They were so good and so easy! My daughter did the majority of the cooking. I just flipped them. Plus you should get the chicken sausage to go with it! MMMMMmmmmmm!

  3. Erin Carey

    I’ve always liked the idea of family traditions/rituals. That being said, I have been attempting to make a habit of cooking a big breakfast every sunday. My Son is young but I figured it is never too early to start. This past sunday I made whole wheat pancakes for the first time. I even put some bananas on top to be fancy, but they were just ok. I was most disappointed in the consistency , Perhaps this weekend I will give your recipe a try. My hope is to introduce both healthy and delicious foods to logan and I am always interested in trying new recipes . Thank You Pam.

    1. Pamela Bannon Post author

      Erin you are the cutest! I’m so glad you are reading my blog! As you know – I am not always the healthiest (I certainly love myself a Cadbury Cream Egg) but lately I have been trying to make the effort. The reason I want to change is really two fold – 1. I feel badly when I eat badly. I get indigestion, heartburn and feel sluggish. I would like to remedy that. 2. Taylor is old enough to be interested in health and nutrition. She really likes healthy eating and working out. (She actually gave up all sweets for lent and has not had anything and will not until Easter. Her willpower is extremely impressive to me.) I am not going to turn this into a total health blog but since I am instituting small and easy to follow changes I think it is okay to share them.


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