DIY Glitter Tumbler & The #40Pounds Challenge!

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#40Pounds Challenge Emergen-C DIY Glitter Tumbler

September is one of my favorite months.  The weather cools down and the mellow, lazy days at the beach are replaced by focus on a new school year and the beginning of Fall.  This September was a little bittersweet for me.  My baby went off to Middle School!  Her supplies bummed me out a little.  No more crayons or finger paints.  Instead, she needs a scientific calculator!  The school also provides all the kids with iPads and a lot of their work is done electronically.  Everything feels so mature.  She didn’t even want a lunch box!  Instead, she has opted to buy hot lunch.

She did agree to let me send her with a water tumbler though.  Obviously, I had to go big.  This was the only chance I was going to get to remind her that I love her during her school day (since there is no lunch box and hence no sweet notes from Mom).  I thought about it long and hard and decided that there was no better way to represent myself than GLITTER!

DIY Glitter Water Tumbler #40Pounds

I started out with a clear, double-walled tumbler that twists apart.  


I got mine from Walmart.  I don’t see it online but in store it was about $8.  You also need glue or Modge Podge, a foam brush and glitter.  I used a few colors from this set by Martha Stewart.  I decided to create pink and orange stripes on the cup. Emergen-C diy glitter water bottle #40pounds

I found it easiest to paint on the insert part of the tumbler.  I began by using my foam brush to create a stripe along the bottom that looked about 1/4 of the surface area.  I really didn’t get too technical and chose to just eyeball it.
Emergen-C DIY Glitter Water Bottle #40Pounds

Next, I sprinkled it with the first color of glitter.  I decided to use orange at the bottom.  Once I was done glittering I moved on to the next stripe.


I worked my way to the top of the cup repeating the steps of painting on Modge Podge and sprinkling on glitter.  Afterwards, I let it dry overnight and the next day I applied one more coat of Modge Podge over all the glitter to seal it.  I let it dry another twenty four hours and then screwed the cup back together and voila…a beautiful DIY glitter tumbler!

DIY Glitter Water Tumbler #40Pounds

I was really pleased with how well it turned out for such an inexpensive and quick project!  Now, my Daughter will be well hydrated throughout the day.

DIY Glitter Water Tumbler #40Pounds

While I was at Walmart picking up supplies for school and for Taylor’s new water tumbler I also stocked up on Emergen-C.

Emergen-C Collective Bias #40Pounds Walmart

 With a new school year comes the germs and I want to make sure my immune system is ready.  Emergen-C supports the immune system with 1,000 mg of Vitamin C plus other antioxidants.* It’s available in the following varieties: Super Orange, Tangerine and my personal favorite, Raspberry!  

#40Pounds Challenge Emergen-C DIY Glitter Tumbler#40Pounds Challenge Emergen-C DIY Glitter Tumbler

Another reason that I love Emergen-C is because they have recently partnered with Charity: Water to bring to bring healthy and clean drinking water to communities in Ethiopia.

Even though I am sad that my baby is growing up, I am thankful that she has access to clean water and a great education.  Sometimes, I get so caught up in my own little bubble that I forget how lucky we are.  While we are out there shopping for school supplies there are children in Ethiopia who can not attend school because they have to walk for three hours to fetch fresh water for their families (that’s not even clean or safe to drink.)  The containers of water they have to carry back are forty pounds!  That is the same weight as two tires!  As a Mother, thinking of kids having to spend their days lugging heavy jugs of water is devastating to me.  They should be playing, reading, learning.

emergen-c-water-picture-2 emergen-c-water-picture

The good news is that anyone can help by participating in the #40Pounds Challenge.  For every #40Pounds Challenge picture uploaded to Twitter or Instagram, Emergen-C will donate $5 to charity water.  By simply uploading a photo to Instagram or Twitter, using the hashtag #40Pounds and tagging @Emergenc, you can help make a difference!  You can learn more about the challenge here.


You can check out my #40Pounds Challenge photo on my Instagram, @ALittleGlitter.  Will you participate in this challenge?

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7 thoughts on “DIY Glitter Tumbler & The #40Pounds Challenge!

  1. kristen

    oh, i am the same.. i get wrapped up in my little bubble and there are people who don’t have access to clean water, and i am over here stressing about building or buying our next home.. like i know it’s all relative, but damn. should be more appreciative! love that the company is donating money for instagram pictures.
    love the tumbler you made for Taylor! so fancy.

  2. Lindsay

    First off, you are an awesome mom for making this for Taylor! Second, it breaks my heart that other children in the world aren’t as lucky as our kids are and it is so important to do everything we can to help them. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Nadine

    We all tend to take for granted some of our daily essentials. I think it is great that Emergen-C is teaming up to do this. I have always used Emergen-C when I get the slightest tickle in my throat to keep sickness at bay.

  4. Sierra

    Your tumbler came out great! I know those days of no more crayons and lunch boxes will be here before I know it. Little reminders like this help me to slow down and cherish it a little more now, thank you. It really does break my heart the luxuries we are afforded that are constantly taken for granted. Thank you for sharing and bringing light to this cause.
    Beautifully Candid


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