DIY Tween Hair Care Gift Basket with Goody!

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DIY Tween Hair Care Gift Basket #GoodyBrushEd #CBias

This year is huge for my daughter.  She is in fifth grade and in the Fall she starts middle school!  She is in that weird transitional “tween” period where she is not yet a teen but she also not a little girl.  She wants to express herself for school and is starting to develop her own unique look.  While Taylor is too young to wear makeup beyond a swipe of sheer pink gloss here and there, I do encourage her to express her style through her clothing and hair.

She has always been very particular about the ‘do.  When she was a toddler she would never let me put it up.  If I tried there would be tears and screams about how she “looked like a boy”.  No braids or ponytails for her – EVER.  She only wore dresses and her hair down.  As a compromise I would buy her tons of headbands and she would wear one each day that matched her outfit.

Walmart #GoodyBrushEd Goody Brushes Collective Bias

Thankfully, she grew out of that.  She now does her hair for school each morning in fun braids, buns, ponytails and soft waves.  The only downside to her new love of hair-styling is that she steals my brushes and takes them in her room or leaves them at her Dad’s house or on the bus.  Then, when I need to use them they are MIA.  The same thing happens with my clips and ponytail holders.

I thought it would be nice to put together a cute gift basket for her containing everything her little tween heart could desire when it comes to her hair (and also prevent the theft of my own products in the process).  

I swung by the hair care aisle at Walmart last week (which has a fabulous selection of my favorite Goody products) and picked up an array of brushes, clips and ponytail holders.

Walmart #GoodyBrushEd Goody Brushes Collective Bias

I picked out three Goody brushes that are perfect for her hair type.  Taylor and I have long, wavy hair that can get tangled easily.


The first brush that I chose for her is the Goody Ouchless Girls Oval Brush.  It gently brushes out her toughest tangles using FlexGlide™ bristles that combine strength with flexibility.  They get through messy hair gently so she won’t feel snags and pulls.  It is perfect for when she gets out of the shower and needs to brush through when putting in detangler. 

#GoodyBrushEd Ouchless Brush

The next brush I put into her basket was the Goody Straight Talk Boar Styler Brush.  The boar bristles will help smooth out her hair and add some polish and shine. This brush is a great choice for finishing a style and works perfectly for putting it into a ponytail or bun.

#GoodyBrushEd Straight Talk BrushThe last brush I chose for her was the Goody Detangle It Oval Cushion Brush.  This is perfect to use after styling.  Fun fact: hair is easier to detangle starting from bottom of hair and working towards top of head.

#GoodyBrushEd DetangleIt BrushNext, I picked out an assortment of hair ties, clips and bands and put them into her basket (along with my favorite hair spray and detangler).  I put the taller items in the back and the smaller items towards the front so she would be able to see them easily.  I finished off the basket by affixing a cute daisy bow to the front.

#GoodyBrushEd AccessoriesDIY Tween Hair Care Basket #GoodyBrushEd

She should be all set now to express her hair in fun styles and hopefully she will leave my hair supplies alone.

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