DIY: Vinyl Record Dessert Stand

DIY Vinyl Record Dessert Stand

Guess what guys?  Taylor is turning 9 next month!  I don’t know where the time has gone!  I oscillate between feeling like I have never been without her and that I just gave birth to her the other day.

This year she has chosen a Rock Star theme for her birthday party.  Once we settled on that I immediately started browsing for decorations on Etsy (because you KNOW I love a good theme party) and I found some amazing vinyl record dessert stands that would have been perfect! However, most of the sellers were in Australia or London and the shipping was $25.  I couldn’t force myself to pay that much for an item that we would only use for one party, so I started to source materials and realized I could make it for much less than that.  

I ordered this cupcake stand kit for only $3.99 from Etsy.  It came really quickly and I was happy with it.  (Sidenote, you can use this kit to make a dessert tray for many different themes.  For instance, how cute would this be for a tea party or an Alice and Wonderland theme?)

Tea Party Cupcake Stand Next, I scoured Ebay and found my three records.  I used a 7 inch record for the top tier, a 10 inch record for the middle tier and a 12 inch record for the bottom. 7 inch record10 inch record 12 inch record

I invested less than $20 on the whole project (including all records and the cupcake stand kit).

I waited a week for all my supplies to arrive and then one night after work I spread them out my bed (my favorite spot to do non-messy DIY projects) and Taylor and I got to work.


For this project, you will begin by putting the metal washer onto the screw and then a felt washer.  Put the screw though the hole of the 12 inch record from the bottom up.  Put a felt washer over the screw on the top side of the record, and twist on one of the cake stand rods.

Cake Stand Rod

Then, put a felt washer onto the top of that rod and sit your 10 inch record on top.  Follow that with a felt washer and screw on the last middle rod.Editted 7 Again, put another felt washer and then your 7 inch record.  Top with another felt washer and screw on the top of the cake stand.

DIY Vinyl Record Dessert Stand

It took me and Taylor about 5 minutes to put the whole thing together.  Lots of felt washers and screwing but it was very quick.  I am really glad that we made our own stand instead of buying one.  I love to take part in a quick (and non-messy) DIY project with my girl.

I have a lot more exciting things planned for T’s party.  If you follow me on Instagram you may have already seen the invitations we just sent out.  I will have a post up on them next week but here is a preview…Invites


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