Dying For A Change!

So, I am a blonde. 

Blonde Me 2 Blonde Me

I love it.  When I walk into a room my eye automatically gravitates towards a woman with blonde hair.  I am drawn to it.  It is just who I am.  I have light skin.  Pink is my favorite color.  I own it.  That being said, I am not a “natural” blonde.  (At least not a natural platinum blonde.)  I get my hair dyed.  Hence, my roots.  As of late, those bad boys are DRIVING ME CRAZY!  In the Summer they are not as bad because the Sun lightens them and they blend but in the Winter (especially a dark and evil Winter like the one we are currently experiencing) it is a constant battle.  I last got my hair done right before Christmas and right now I have a good inch and a half of brown growing out of my scalp.  (I did just hold up a ruler in case you were wondering.)  Either way, I have to make a change between now and Summer because I cant live like this anymore.  Hence, the title of this post. 

I have been doing a little reconnaissance on Pinterest and have come up with two possible options. 

1.  Go dark.  I have done this before and I kind of liked it.  It felt very rebellious and different.  It definitely makes my eyes pop but if I am not wearing makeup I look a bit washed out.  Here are a few pics from the last time I was a brunette.

MeBrunette Brunette2

Blonde Ombre.  I am kind of leaning towards this.  I have never done ombre before but I think it might solve the root problem and give me a little bit of a change.  I am not sure how dark I want to go but here are some pictures of what I have in mind. 

BlondeOmbre6 BlondeOmbre5 BlondeOmbre4 BlondeOmbre3 BlondeOmbre2 BlondeOmbre1

Truthfully, I am not really sure which direction I am headed in.  I might walk into the salon, really sick of my roots and go extremely dark because I am in that mood.  (It wouldn’t be the first time.)  I might also go ombre because I think that is gorgeous.  We will see how I am feeling on Saturday morning!  I will post some pics over the weekend after I hit up the salon.

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4 thoughts on “Dying For A Change!

  1. Christina Warren

    OK, you look sensational as a blonde but I KNOW what it’s like to be a gal and need some change. You clearly pull off the dark….but those ombre photo examples are killer and if you have a hair stylist who can do that for you-YOU MUST DO IT! 😉 Here’s another wild card-what about an auburn? I think I see some freckles on you so a little red should compliment!


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