My Experience At An Escape Room…

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Are you guys familiar with escape rooms like Lockdown Escape Room? In the past year they have become a pretty big trend and are popping up all over the Country and are being increasingly used in team building exercises. I bought a Groupon to try one out with my girlfriends back in November but due to scheduling conflicts and inclement weather we have had to postpone a few times. My friend had visited Paranoia Quest before so I decided I wanted to try out an escape room for myself. We were finally able to go last Saturday night. Here are my thoughts on the experience…

The Groupon I bought was for Escape Games in Tribecca. They have a few different rooms with different plot-lines. We decided to go with the room called Detective Story. Here is a blurb about it from their website:


Answer a call for help from crime-fighters in a case of underworld corruption. Case File No. 8329 is a mystery not every detective can solve! You will chart the connections and investigate clues from the obscure world of syndicated crime.

You’re the detective here! Only your skills and teamwork can make justice prevail, so be all eyes and ears on this one!

I should start off by saying that my best friend was reluctant to go to an escape room because it made her feel claustrophobic. Actually, that was a very common reaction among friends and family members. When I would tell them about our plans they would ask some variation of the following questions:

  • “You’re locked in?”
  • “What if there is an emergency?”

We were relieved when the staffer that showed us the room explained that there was a button to open the door near the light switch and we would be able to exit for any reason without penalty. As scared as my friend thought she would be, she did not have to leave even one time during the game. We all got so into what we were doing that the hour flew by and the knowledge that we COULD get out was enough to quash any claustrophobia.

My biggest issue with the escape room that I attended (and since this was my only experience I can’t be sure if it was due to this Company in particular or applies universally to all escape rooms) was that we were not given a set starting point. This was a problem because things need to be solved in order. We found clue five first (although at the time we had no way of knowing which number clue it was) and spent a lot of time trying to figure it out. We thought we just weren’t getting the answer right and it became incredibly frustrating. What we did not know at the time is that it was not able to be solved without information from clues one through four. Eventually, (after wasting 20 minutes) we gave up and called the front desk for help. Once they gave us a nudge to the direction of clue one and we solved it we were able to move along very quickly. Each task led to the next and we moved at a fast pace. I wish we had known where to begin so that we had not wasted the first twenty minutes but once we started solving riddles we were getting really pumped and enjoyed the game.

We were not able to escape the room this time but we still had a blast! It was a very cool experience and my friends are all eager to do it again.

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Have you done an Escape Room? Were you able to escape?

7 thoughts on “My Experience At An Escape Room…

  1. Nadine

    We have a few of these places here in Birmingham. I haven’t been, but it sure sounds fun! I think I would have been frustrated to not know that the clues needed to be solved in order too. But at least you still had fun and you know now for next time 🙂

  2. kristen

    oh that’s good to know that you can leave at any time. my friends did one locally and they had the same problem, they had no idea where to start. apparently they had a voice over thing though, that eventually gave them a nudge, but i feel like you should at least be given some sort of direction!

  3. Jenn@Going the Distance

    I have a few friends who have done these and had a really good time doing them! My friend I talked to last week who did it said that if she did it again she thought they;d be more successful since they had a better idea now of things to look for and kind of how the whole thing worked.

  4. Andrea Nine

    How fun and what a unique experience! Of course that was my first thought too because I’m very claustrophobic but I love to solve mysteries so I’m in! Glad you guys had a blast!


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