February Monthly Cocktail Link Up


Good morning loves!  Today I am linking up with my sparkly besties from The Sequin Notebook to bring you one of my favorite cocktails!

I have mentioned in the past that the hubby and I are not big drinkers.  It is just not our thang. Occasionally, we will share a bottle of wine (which has been happening more lately in an attempt to liven things up during the dull NYC Winter) but it is not a regular occurrence.  Sometimes, I want to drink a glass of champagne or a have fun cocktail with dinner.  Billy doesn’t care for champagne so I have to go it alone.  Therefore, this recipe is for one drink.  

Here are the cast of characters:

Cast of Characters

I used a Sofia Mini as the base for this.  I think they are totally genius.  In case you are unfamiliar with the Sofia Mini, it is an individual can of champagne (complete with it’s own straw).  They are perfect for me so that I can enjoy a glass of champs without having to commit to drinking a whole bottle.  I always have a few on hand in my fridge for when the mood strikes me.  You can use any champagne or prosecco though.

To begin, I filled my glass halfway with champagne.  Then I added a quarter of a glass of pineapple juice and a quarter of Malibu.  I finished with a tiny splash of Grenadine for color.  I had a lemon on hand so I garnished with a slice to make it even more festive.

Champagne Sunrise

The result is light and fruity and makes me feel like I am on a tropical beach somewhere.  If I cant actually bask in the Sunshine at least I can drink like I am able to.

15 thoughts on “February Monthly Cocktail Link Up

  1. Kristen

    a CAN of champagne?!!?! how have i never heard of this before?! genius! i am not a big wine drinker, but sometimes i like a cocktail or a glass of champagne so this is right up my alley. plus, malibu? yum!

  2. lkn106

    For someone who doesn’t drink much, you sure can make a mean cocktail!! This sounds so delicious and will be my next go-to when I am craving a champagne cocktail!!

  3. Kristin

    This is perfect for Valentine’s Day!! A little sexy champagne cocktail! I love it! And it looks super easy to make! I actually have a cocktail linkup going on now, too! I would love for you to stop by and party with us for Thursty Thursday! My drinks are Valentine’s Day themed this week so this is perfect!! Cheers!!


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