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Happy Friday Loves!  I always look forward to writing these posts because it means that the weekend is officially upon us!  Even though it was a short week it still felt SUPER long to me for some reason.       

 Today I am linking up with the beautiful bride-to-be AmandaDarci and Della for my Friday faves.  Let’s get right into it…

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Blueberry Bread

How delicious does this Blueberry Vanilla Bread look?  I found it while exploring Pinterest and I think I may make it this weekend.  I always have blueberries in the house because I like them in my pancakes.  Since I am the only one that eats them I wind up with nearly a full container left over every weekend.  This would be a pretty yummy way to use them up.

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I would love to DIY a pretty Easter wreath like the one above.  

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I have had this book for a little while but I am definitely planning to sit down and get into it this weekend.  Do you guys read Sophie Hannah?

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Oh em gee.  Have you guys been watching Better Call Saul?  Obsessed!  If you haven’t watched it yet you should get on it.  There have only been three episodes so far so it shouldn’t be that bad to catch up.

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I just came across this picture of Blake on Pinterest and I am dying.  She is my fave (although I am not sure what happened with the whole naming her baby girl James thing).  I cant wait to be tan again!

Alright you guys…I am going to go whiten my teeth.  (Thanks Blake.)  I hope you all have a fab weekend!  xo

12 thoughts on “Fri-Yay!

  1. jillian

    blake is gorgeous! im actually happy she didnt go with the name violet! im hoping that’ll make it less popular so our daughter doesnt have a ton of other violets running around her class 😉 xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  2. Sara

    That blueberry bread looks SO yummy!! The only thing keeping me from it is thinking man, I wish I looked like Blake!! She’s seriously so gorgeous!!

  3. Jessi Otey

    I LOVE that wreath! You have to do it! Also, once you read that book, if you remember- let me know how you like it! That seems like the genre I would pick up!

    Blake is stunning- that yellow has me wishing for Spring asap! Happy weekend! xoxo


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