Halloween BOO Kit For Pet {+ a free printable}

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Today’s post is a pretty fun one!  I get to share a DIY that Taylor and I created over the weekend involving Halloween and OUR CATS!  (Any day I get to talk about Nico and Jeter is a happy for one for this crazy cat lady!)

Recently, one of my friends received a BOO kit from her neighbor and I was intrigued.  I had never heard of BOO’ing someone before.  Are you guys familiar with this trend?  You put together a kit containing Halloween treats for a friend, family member, neighbor (or in this case pet) and secretly deliver it.  Then, they pay it forward by BOO’ing someone else.  I thought this was such a cute concept and a great way to spread good cheer!  

I know it seems early to be talking Halloween but part of the process of BOO’ing someone is that they then do it to someone else.  So, you have to give them time to receive your BOO kit, make their own and secretly BOO another person.  This is not something you can start the day before Halloween since you want to give it a chance to spread to as many people as possible.  Plus, I thought it would be a nice segue-way into Fall.  It is still hot here but T and I are already getting excited about our Halloween costumes and pumpkin spice everything!

Taylor and I decided to make a little BOO kit from our cats to our best friends’ two cats.  (We joke that the four of them are best friends.)  My bestie’s Daughter is also Taylor’s BFF so it makes sense that our cats would  love each other as well. 

We went to Walmart for our BOO’ing supplies since they have a huge selection of Halloween and pet merchandise. I knew they would have everything we needed.  You can shop at Walmart.com for all your BOO kit essentials, as well.  


We bought Temptations® treats in both chicken flavor and salmon flavor and a few packages of SHEBA® PERFECT PORTIONS™ Chicken Paté for our BOO kit.  My cats are OBSESSED with the Temptations® treats to the extent that if I call out, “Who want a treat?” they come barreling down the hallway!  They LOVE those things!


I also grabbed a package of white tissue paper from American Greetings® to create a base for the cat treat treats and toys within the BOO container.


We decided to use a plastic witch’s cauldron to hold all the goodies since it is big, lightweight and can be re-used.  I figured that Tiff could use it to BOO someone else or put candy for trick or treaters into it if she wanted.

Jeter did a thorough inspection of it.  At first he was suspicious but then he gave his approval.


 I put in a small dish towel and then a few layers of white tissue paper.

#BooItForward #PawfectBOO

Next, I put the Temptations® and SHEBA® treats on top.


I also included two DIY ribbon wand cat toys.  Taylor and I made one for Oliver and one for Nelson.  Here is a little picture tutorial on how to do it:  


After I was done filling the cauldron I attached my BOO card to the front.  I used hole puncher, threaded ribbon through and tied it onto the front.  

You can get your own free printable card and instructions on how to BOO here!

Taylor absolutely loved BOOing Tiffani, Emma and the cats.  She is at the age where bits of mischief are super fun to her.  Running up and leaving the BOO kit, ringing the doorbell and hiding just about made her entire Month.

img_6480 img_6485

Oliver and Nelson loves their treats and toys!

booitforward-pawfectboo-nelson-oliver booitforward-pawfectboo-recipient-cats

 Our first experience in BOO’ing was a great one!  We definitely plan to do it again in the future.  Have you ever BOO’d anyone?

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  1. kristen

    oh my gosh, this is adorable! i have never heard of BOO’ing someone but now i totally want to. i want to boo my own cats lol. any day you get to talk about your cats, or share photos of them, i am down with as well – they are SO pretty!!


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